Opposite Twin Luxury Haul

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Niki and Gabi

Pred letom

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So we're twins, and we're opposite. We have opposite styles, opposite personalities, so we wanted to show you how opposite twins luxury shop, what brands fit what styles, and ALSO show you guys how to luxury shop *FOR CHEAP*
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If you see this, comment "Gabi's secretly a troll channel" LOL
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our opposite twin luxury haul video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, drive thru challenges, boyfriend swaps, pranks, twin swaps, shopping challenges 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, life swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

shortgirlhere01 Pred dnevom
5:57 she sounded like Alex so hard right their
The Smith Family
The Smith Family Pred 4 dnevi
Nikki and gabis luxery: designer clothing Mine: name brand doritos 😎
Abby Henderson
Abby Henderson Pred 4 dnevi
Lol they were saying you know it’s real cause the smell and I’m like and because it’s called the real real 😂😂😂😂
McKenzie Hillis
McKenzie Hillis Pred 8 dnevi
Is it just me or are you in the middle like one day you will want to be girly and then the other day you will want to be like niki
Samanta Ālere
Samanta Ālere Pred 12 dnevi
both are fat/ skinny shaming their bags🤣🤣🤣
Heisy Torres
Heisy Torres Pred 17 dnevi
Poor Niki 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mackenzie Landry
Mackenzie Landry Pred 17 dnevi
Gabis highlighter though.
KOUVR ANNON Pred 24 dnevi
Hi ily!
Aisla walker-Hylton
Aisla walker-Hylton Pred 29 dnevi
Looking back at these from a year ago niki’s style is so good but people always hated it but now it so nice
Lama khaled
Lama khaled Pred mesecem
wow gabi's tan is so BAD
Tyrai Cooke
Tyrai Cooke Pred mesecem
She said a laptop tho 😂😂😂
Bianca Michelle
Bianca Michelle Pred mesecem
Y’all are hating on them for having money? This is litterly they’re job it’s been a year since they posted this video leave them alone
Sara Boltz Campos
Sara Boltz Campos Pred mesecem
i wold be niki
Fizzybell Pop
Fizzybell Pop Pred mesecem
Niki shades the bow then gets really upset 🤣🤣
kasey Pred mesecem
Araya Janvier
Araya Janvier Pred mesecem
When gaby said what's the point of it because of the purse she sounded like Ariana granday
aly Vee
aly Vee Pred mesecem
Niki smelling the leather XD
Kendall Gore
Kendall Gore Pred mesecem
Niki: *shades gabi constantly* Also Niki: GABI KEEPS SHADING ME
Just 2 Sisters
Just 2 Sisters Pred mesecem
Did you make thatShirt
sᴀɴᴘʟᴠsʜɪᴇ 。
sᴀɴᴘʟᴠsʜɪᴇ 。 Pred mesecem
Olivia Schlaphoff
Olivia Schlaphoff Pred mesecem
I am defiantly more like Gabi, and when I am older I hope I am like her. She is one of my favorite youtubers on youtube. I love how she is so confident and she is so gorgeous!
Bella Ruddell
Bella Ruddell Pred mesecem
10 minutes of Niki and Gabi saying “girly” and “retro”
cortney imes
cortney imes Pred mesecem
niki trying to be different and shade her sister out of jealousy for 10 minutes:
Rosie Wadderz
Rosie Wadderz Pred mesecem
4:25 Niki sounded like Gabi....Chile anyways 😂😂
Shanyle Naushahi
Shanyle Naushahi Pred mesecem
when you litterly have to shop at chanel cuz your name is pronounced like that ;-;
Annie Forever
Annie Forever Pred mesecem
I feel like Niki's style has changed a lot but Gabi's has stayed the same the whole time x
Yi Pred mesecem
Her style doesn’t change it’s just the colors
Amna Hammad
Amna Hammad Pred mesecem
“There’s many ways to spend money”, Niki. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Julie Carter
Julie Carter Pred mesecem
Niki is so judgemental to gabi leave her alone
A&E Silly sisters!!!
A&E Silly sisters!!! Pred mesecem
So different yet so compatible x
Cupcake Roblox
Cupcake Roblox Pred mesecem
The shade that was thrown in this video and Niki bought shades 😂😂🤣🤣
Lei Nagac
Lei Nagac Pred 2 meseci
I kinda felt bad for gabi because i just saw her like emberrassed and i know that niki is emberassed to because of gabis shade but we cannot acctually see or hear the shade. Im not hating im just sayn cause that happen to me too u know
A clown commented on your video
A clown commented on your video Pred 2 meseci
5:10 did they change minds or something??
srushti bn
srushti bn Pred 2 meseci
u know guys gabi can just stick a pom pom on any one her heels instead of prada or other costaly stuff like if u agree
Daelyn Bishop
Daelyn Bishop Pred 2 meseci
i love them
Skye Tyson
Skye Tyson Pred 2 meseci
Niki is so annoying , she’s saying that gabi is shading her but Niki does it twice as much 🙄
Littleangel 731
Littleangel 731 Pred 2 meseci
Notice nikis braclet and bag match
ShiroXDandi Pred 2 meseci
i don't know why niki thinks its an accomplishment to buy designer brands.... like you can buy nice things in h&m
Elease Pred 2 meseci
They are both retro in their own styles
Mhalo Pred 2 meseci
Gabi looks like niki’s mom 😌
gloria Pred 2 meseci
gabi’s secretly a troll channel
I am milan
I am milan Pred 2 meseci
Somedays I like Gabi and somedays she's so obnoxious 🙄
Ava Kate
Ava Kate Pred 2 meseci
Niki buying $500 sunglasses- Me vibing with my $2 glasses😎
TheBarbOf _Roblox
TheBarbOf _Roblox Pred 2 meseci
“Gabi creating ads for Coco Chanel for 1 minute straight”
Alana Brick
Alana Brick Pred 2 meseci
Niki is here saying "Gabi shading Nik for 10 minutes" but in reality it's Niki shading Gabi like girl fr😂
Miranda L
Miranda L Pred 2 meseci
I hate that they say I needed a designer bag. Just makes me hate them. I still love the video.
Andrea Castro
Andrea Castro Pred 3 meseci
you can tell in this video that niki iS nOT lIke THe oTHeR gIRLs
Amina Richards
Amina Richards Pred 3 meseci
At heart imma Gabi but I dress like a Niki
Brittany Ortiz
Brittany Ortiz Pred 3 meseci
I love nikis and gabi style I feel like everyone has both sides tomboy and rlly girly which is me & they both know how to style and dress up well ❤️
Habeebath Farzeen
Habeebath Farzeen Pred 3 meseci
Gabi is secretly a troll channel
abi Pred 3 meseci
blue babes?? did she copy gabis fancy babies or did she have it before bc i’ve never heard her say that??
Kenzie Slikker
Kenzie Slikker Pred 3 meseci
I love them my favourite is the snake one
Kenzie Slikker
Kenzie Slikker Pred 3 meseci
I want nikis purses:(((((((((((((
Lina Kaster
Lina Kaster Pred 3 meseci
I love Gabi give
KimYeontan’s Fav Uncle XoXo
KimYeontan’s Fav Uncle XoXo Pred 3 meseci
Niki keeps on saying Gabi’s the one shading on her but it’s the exact opposite 😂
Chloe Chandler
Chloe Chandler Pred 3 meseci
gabi: breathes ..... niki: cause she’s girly
Elizabeth Parr
Elizabeth Parr Pred 3 meseci
Everyone is so upset that Nikki is changing her style from like grunge to retro, like bruh I change my style every day, it's not a big deal-
Jane Tan
Jane Tan Pred 3 meseci
Are all the things sold on there used?
Elena Enriquez
Elena Enriquez Pred 3 meseci
why are they so freakin beautiful
ShiroXDandi Pred 3 meseci
niki: a fendi girl gabi: everyother luxury brand i love both of them btw #longlivequeenbeegabi
Millie Andrews
Millie Andrews Pred 3 meseci
Nicky u rock ur hair I love it even I'm thinking of getting that color
Spy Kids TV
Spy Kids TV Pred 3 meseci
I have the coco chanel book and the adurey hepburn book to
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown Pred 3 meseci
I hate that it is snake skin 😭
Brianna Maya
Brianna Maya Pred 3 meseci
When this was posted it was my birthday
Lolo bear gacha Goals
Lolo bear gacha Goals Pred 3 meseci
Both of the girls styles
Ranee Jacobs
Ranee Jacobs Pred 3 meseci
Nikki looked like Billie in this video
Hailey's fan fictions
Hailey's fan fictions Pred 3 meseci
niki and gabi: 700 bag bought! over 60 dollar purse bought! me and my sis: dollar store, paper plate way too out of budget
Cup of Tea
Cup of Tea Pred 3 meseci
What are Niki's fans called?
Ayesha Emaan
Ayesha Emaan Pred 3 meseci
Why does niki takes the spotlight i know i am more niki vibe i like her more then gabi but like um 😶
Mariely Garcia
Mariely Garcia Pred 3 meseci
Anyone have 5 dollars only?
Coffee_ TikTok
Coffee_ TikTok Pred 3 meseci
Story time -i was outside swinging on a swing (im 10 years old) then a felt a headache i went back inside 10 mins later i felt like i wanted to wamit then i wamited in the toilet and then i wamited and felt so bad because of heat and sun and i live in Lithuania then i was watching this video and saw Niki with pants i was is it colder for them?
Allie Thurlby
Allie Thurlby Pred 3 meseci
I’m watching this after their this is why we don’t get along vid and you can tell the whooolleee time that something’s not right. The you keep shading me and I can’t do this because you’ll shade me is so annoying and unneeded I know in their getting along vid they said it was neither of their faults nikis not bad gabis not bad but come on niki stop being like that you can tell gabi was getting upset
kaylove.h Pred 3 meseci
nikkis so bitter towards gabi and it makes me sad
Vea Babies
Vea Babies Pred 3 meseci
Gabi is just coming for nicki neck
Paul Beesley
Paul Beesley Pred 4 meseci
is it real snake skin?
Liza Dat Videos
Liza Dat Videos Pred 4 meseci
Is the Givenchy bag still available?????? Please answer!?❤🔥
Liza Dat Videos
Liza Dat Videos Pred 4 meseci
If it's available can you link the bag from the site
Helen giffin
Helen giffin Pred 4 meseci
ok at 7:04 when Gabi said "wow" and Niki wrote "so excited" she was genuinely excited but she was putting her bag and thats why she couldnt see it BUT at 6:46 Niki said "wow" which you clearly see that she isnot interested and excited but she is saying Gabi isnot. What the fuck?
Addie Pancoast
Addie Pancoast Pred 4 meseci
4:24 and you aren't?..
Will Munro
Will Munro Pred 4 meseci
Nadia Lopez
Nadia Lopez Pred 4 meseci
I like pink but I love niki’s Style
Nadia Lopez
Nadia Lopez Pred 4 meseci
When I grow up I want clothes like niki
No Name
No Name Pred 4 meseci
gabi’s gotta point tho like if i got something designer i would 100% want everyone to be able to know it is😂
Leslie Funtime2
Leslie Funtime2 Pred 4 meseci
Niki: I have a lot of vacations coming up 3:41 ... sure niki sure - btw I’m not trying to be rude or shady love you guys 🙂😇😚
Delia Joyce
Delia Joyce Pred 4 meseci
The thing is even though niki is ‘not like the other the girls’ she has the more popular style Gabi is actually really unique in the way she dresses
Mohammed Sillah
Mohammed Sillah Pred 4 meseci
Go to 1:27. 😂
Gurleen Dhillon
Gurleen Dhillon Pred 4 meseci
remember when niki thought she was edgy LOL
j h i a m a n i
j h i a m a n i Pred 4 meseci
Me watching with my retro and girly side
MUCIEK BY MEGAN Pred 4 meseci
I like the style of Niki and Gabi booth
Illiana McConkey
Illiana McConkey Pred 4 meseci
Amaia Izquierdo
Amaia Izquierdo Pred 4 meseci
It is so cheap!! From 3,500$ to 895$ Wtf?!
Maycie Beasley
Maycie Beasley Pred 4 meseci
Who is here from gabi video
Hailey Lee
Hailey Lee Pred 4 meseci
I am more of a Gabi
Olivia Bell
Olivia Bell Pred 4 meseci
I’m very much like niki (style wise) but her personality I’m not lol
Grace.irwin123 Pred 4 meseci
everyone who says you have to be girly to shop expensive try dressing in 60s clothes. look up stoned immaculate and then you can say that
Grace Hughes
Grace Hughes Pred 4 meseci
This is so cute
Jasmin's Chanel
Jasmin's Chanel Pred 4 meseci
Niki: this video is going to be Gabi shading me What it really is: Niki shading Gabi for being girly
Isabella Santos Year 8
Isabella Santos Year 8 Pred 5 meseci
it doesn’t matter if they’re cheaper, it’s still 800 $ !!!! 😆
Gwen Merrett
Gwen Merrett Pred 5 meseci
At 54
Gwen Merrett
Gwen Merrett Pred 5 meseci
A pUsSy bOw at 0.54
Sameeha Rayana
Sameeha Rayana Pred 5 meseci
I put captions on this video,when she said I’m Niki it came I’m naked.
Sofi Bricnet
Sofi Bricnet Pred 5 meseci
this video is the best like see different styles and the haul but niki is my favrtor beacuase we have same in comment like color hair and styles and we both like coffie i love you niki
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