The Truth About Gabi's Face Transformation

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Niki and Gabi

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The Truth About Gabi DeMartino’s Face Transformation
In this show, Niki visit youtubers' places, sits down with them, and has a super raw conversation about things they’re dealing with behind the camera. This show is usually on Niki’s channel “NIKI DEMAR” but both of us decided to put this on our shared channel to explain Gabi’s transformation to our entire audience. This show is bringing that wall down, bringing you closer to your favorite youtubers, and spreading awareness to important topics not discussed enough.
The Truth About Sierra Furtado’s Appearance
The Truth About Jessie Paege Coming Out
The Truth About Remi’s Weightloss
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our twins wear boyfriends' clothes for a week video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like for a week, style, beauty, lifestyle, swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, shopping videos, music, and more!

Momina Waseem
Momina Waseem Pred 6 urami
Love you both . You guys are inspiration too to me . Lots of love and prayers.
Terrance Gentry
Terrance Gentry Pred dnevom
hemawati limbu
hemawati limbu Pred dnevom
Gabi said she hated her face that means she hated Niki’s face they are twins
sun & moon
sun & moon Pred 2 dnevi
People are so judgemental about plastic surgery. Here's the thing. You're telling me that if you had the opportunity to get a procedure that would fix a lifelong insecurity, boost your confidence, and make you look 100 times better you wouldn't do it? It's bullshit.
Tori Keim
Tori Keim Pred 5 dnevi
I just started watching and I know it's probably hard having to hear her twin say she "hated her old face" at first but I feel like this was a really mature discussion. Gabi was clear about the fact that it was what made her happy but it shouldn't be what makes everyone happy and I don't think Niki took it personally at all.
Gabi you deserve so much better than that but I love you even more than I did before because you are brave enough to share this. Love you!!!
Shania Quammie
Shania Quammie Pred 8 dnevi
To hear you say you hate the face your sister have it really make me think how can I follow you I need a roll model that loves her self your not it
Julia Moss
Julia Moss Pred 10 dnevi
Hey gabi I like how you look as long as your happy
An San
An San Pred 13 dnevi
These girls are so insecure, its heart breaking, like they really did look beautiful when they were younger, they were just still growing up. I really hope young girls don't look up to them, because self hate and body dysmorphia are really f*cked up mental disorders. Gabi is a cry for help, and her sister is always supporting her (as she should) but it's obvious that she needs help, that is just not okay to feel that way about yourself, ever. I look just like my dad, the exact same face, but I'm a beautiful female version of him, and I look very feminine. for any young girl seeing this, never forget not everyone has to look the same, thin lips are beautiful, so are round noses, and so are small boobs. It's okay to be yourself, and love yourself, and be authentic, because anything that has a value, and you can simply just pay for, it not special because anyone can have it.
Le petit papa
Le petit papa Pred 16 dnevi
And now, two years later, they’re both botched. :/
Carlee Gaytan
Carlee Gaytan Pred 21 dnevom
Alex looks exactly like the mom
April Adam
April Adam Pred 24 dnevi
Watching this in 2020 and laughing because " I'm not trying to be like Arianna" and here she is capitalizing off of this "coincidentally happening" SMH
Al Zahraa Al Jaradi
Al Zahraa Al Jaradi Pred 25 dnevi
I could definitely tell them apart as their younger selves. You dont look 100% identical to me. Ones face is longer and eyes are different.
Matheesha Mcalister
Matheesha Mcalister Pred mesecem
did niki jsut hug gabi WTF
Londyńskie Porady
Londyńskie Porady Pred mesecem
What did she use for getting her tan permament?
Lexi Pred mesecem
21:43 "yuh" When your mom scolds you in public
Crystal Gracie
Crystal Gracie Pred mesecem
" Imitation is the greatest form of flattery"
Esther Bronk
Esther Bronk Pred mesecem
Gabi has such an amazing story! It is so wonderful that she shared it on the channel, and that Nikki has started showing that there is more to people than what we as viewers see and then judge!!
Scribble Pred mesecem
I find this so sad that gabi hated her face so much. She should feel happy either way, nobody will judge you. Anybody else feel bad?
Belle Hockridge
Belle Hockridge Pred mesecem
@niki you so beautiful!!
Eloise Strudwick
Eloise Strudwick Pred mesecem
I understand xxx
Dial M Style
Dial M Style Pred mesecem
Why do they hate their faces when they are both so beautiful? 😢 Niki, don’t ever change your face. Your beauty is so unique!
ShadySpaghetti Pred mesecem
The way she compared her lip filler to trans people getting gender confirmation surgery uhhhhhh
Sisters Tri
Sisters Tri Pred mesecem
We support you Niki and Gabi
Minerva Ocasio
Minerva Ocasio Pred mesecem
U look good you do not need surgery to look beautiful u are beautiful gust the way u are
Gabi you were so beautiful before but if it makes you happy then good
Cassliftss Pred mesecem
Oh wow this was so deep, good girl talk!
Cassliftss Pred mesecem
I feel so sad that Nikki has to hear this 😭 niki is so pretty tho! Gabby should of just stayed Gabby. This Ariana beauty look alike thing wares off really fast. There’s something about niki that is just so authentically gorgeous
aed thekidd
aed thekidd Pred mesecem
22:19 now gabi has went under the knife 😢😢 I hope she’s okay
Lia Kim
Lia Kim Pred 2 meseci
That so messed up, saying "i see my old face on my twin sister" 🤦‍♀️
Nika Pred 2 meseci
How does being Cuban justify using an unnatural and unhealthy procedure like tanning beds? Would be the same as if I would justify getting lip fillers cause my dad has big lips but I don't. so I am allowed to enhance the feature I did not get from him lol This is not how it works girl you were born pale, being Cuban does not change that
Kelsey Lynn
Kelsey Lynn Pred 2 meseci
Omg I wish this was longer! Going to binge watch them! Pls never stop making theseee
Russ D
Russ D Pred 2 meseci
Does cheating on a girl make her like you more ! o thanks for that.
Russ D
Russ D Pred 2 meseci
I’m liking you both equally! 🏧please don’t change a thing! You are both gorgeous girls. ☯️💕💔☮️♋️
Andrea Montecer
Andrea Montecer Pred 2 meseci
Her thin lips are like Kylie Jenner's og lips.
N Z Pred 2 meseci
I get what you girls are talking about but who is Ariane Grande?
_ Garabaldi
_ Garabaldi Pred 2 meseci
I couldn’t imagine being a twin... and hating the way I look, I’m a twinless twin and lost my sister when I was young, I wish so badly that I had her still in my life.
03. Iram Ali Sanego
03. Iram Ali Sanego Pred 2 meseci
Nikki's voice💙
Amelia Butler
Amelia Butler Pred 2 meseci
People are saying how shes saying complaining about her face with her identical twin right there but this is a clear representation of body dysmorphia. You see things in yourself that others don’t see and you can see on other people.
Billie Jean
Billie Jean Pred 2 meseci
I miss the way this Gabi looked but idc as long as she's happy
NN - 09WS 704710 Brampton Centennial SS
NN - 09WS 704710 Brampton Centennial SS Pred 2 meseci
Oh and I had a hard time watching this because I actually just finish middle school and it is hard and I feel the same way she feels but he difference is the I hate my body 😞 but I am just happy that she is happy and that she is here making great content with Nikki I love u guys and I know u guys will get me through high school
;3 Pred 2 meseci
saying i hated my face in front of your twin............. fcked up
chanel princess
chanel princess Pred 2 meseci
It made me so sad when she said she lost weight because her boyfriend liked other girls thin/arianas body!! I just wanted to hug her :(
Britney Love
Britney Love Pred 3 meseci
Then after saying she won't change a thing she changed her eyes and did a brow lift. Poor girl.
LongLiveKay Pred 3 meseci
Gabi is kinda cringey
Sarah Lewis
Sarah Lewis Pred 3 meseci
Aluralice Pred 3 meseci
How did you get a tan? p.s. You are both SO SO beautiful you dont need to change!!!!
Linds Ryan
Linds Ryan Pred 3 meseci
Is if just me or is gabis face suuuuuper round here?
Linds Ryan
Linds Ryan Pred 3 meseci
Jeez. You guys have so much growing to do and you’ve had sooooo much work done. Don’t be a Heidi montag! Wait, be patient!
I am milan
I am milan Pred 3 meseci
They're so young but they're so bright & mature for their age. This was an awesome video.
[AP-STUDENT] Angel Eunice Matulac
[AP-STUDENT] Angel Eunice Matulac Pred 3 meseci
I i don't know why i don't like people who do plastic surgery, I mean come on they look beautiful even before the surgery why need it?
Lauren gregg
Lauren gregg Pred 3 meseci
I knew which of u was Niki and which was Gabi because of your rooms in your old videos
Hi Y
Hi Y Pred 3 meseci
They don't act like sisters or even twins for that matter because they don't like hugging each other weird and also if Gabi hated her face growing up sm doesn't that mean she hates Niki's face too?
hala adel
hala adel Pred 3 meseci
I hope they can stop before their plastic surgeries go out of hand. They were already beautiful from the start. We shouldn't allow people to shame us for our looks. Even if we weren't beautiful they just gotta put up with us, like we do them.
Titi Radziwill
Titi Radziwill Pred 3 meseci
Marisa Harswick
Marisa Harswick Pred 3 meseci
literally now in 2020 she did a face surgery meanwhile she said she was done she is beautiful and she should know that
Rameen A
Rameen A Pred 3 meseci
that ex boyfriend is sooo evil i hope he changed
Animal Crew
Animal Crew Pred 3 meseci
niki and gabi you are so beautiful you guys are amazing, and gabi if people say you look like ariana grande and there hating on you about it just don't listen to them because they obviously can see that your so much more than just looks your kind beautiful and an amazing sister to niki and alex
TheDiaryofDove Pred 3 meseci
I always wanted to look like mom, but we grew up looking like dad "
Marissa Kelly
Marissa Kelly Pred 3 meseci
Niki looks nothing like Halsey..
Ely M-B
Ely M-B Pred 3 meseci
Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty Pred 3 meseci
The awkward hug is just like me and my twin 😄... Not all sisters grow up being affectionate and lovey to each other... But we still love each other tho❤️
Laila Andrews
Laila Andrews Pred 3 meseci
Wow. I loved this video.. nikki and gabi are so pretty.. Sad that Now nikki is different too. :(
PlatinumxLove Pred 3 meseci
she really out here telling her identical twin she hates their face LMAO good bye
Maggie Branch
Maggie Branch Pred 3 meseci
Hey Niki
helena doherty
helena doherty Pred 3 meseci
lol now niki is now the one full of shit ass lookin filler
Kaity Douglass
Kaity Douglass Pred 3 meseci
this video should tell all you people out there that are having doubts and are going through depression because of what they look like you should know that you are a beautiful strong young person that is so perfect and you don't ever have to change yourself for anybody and if you are getting bullied because of how you look tell those guys to shut the f*ck up because you are beautiful just the way you are
LifeofQueen Cee
LifeofQueen Cee Pred 3 meseci
She doesnt realize how fucking gorgeous she was. Reminds me of vanessa Hudgens back in the day.
LifeofQueen Cee
LifeofQueen Cee Pred 3 meseci
Wow she was super cute
Desilu M.
Desilu M. Pred 3 meseci
Watching this again after viewing Gabi's new FancyVlog regarding her New New Face. One year ago she said she'd never go under the knife, was not making any more changes and she was so so happy with her face... Now she had her nose done, and four procedures to her face...and says really happy about her face and not doing anything else... Let's see what 2021 Gabi's words will be
_like_the_Grape_Juice_ Pred 3 meseci
She’s not bashing her sister by hating her old face. The alterations are matching the person she sees when she looks in the mirror. They maybe twins but they are their own persons, and have their own definitions of beautiful in relation to their own personality and own body. They are identical twins but not identical people.
Red Is BOSS Pred 3 meseci
who else is re watching this video while Madison beer is cancelled because she tried hiding her plastic surgery: we stan a queen who is truthful.
Elizabeth Vaughn
Elizabeth Vaughn Pred 3 meseci
Gabi saying she hated her nose and lips and face. Does she not realize she's bashing the shit out of her sister. It's sad.
cristxlized Pred 4 meseci
every face is a make up face :/
Shayla Evans
Shayla Evans Pred 4 meseci
I use to weight 220 I’m 5’3 and it didn’t look good on my body type I hated my self then I got down to 138 in a year of super hard work I did it mainly for my health because my doctor said I couldn’t get pregnant with out major risk to me and my baby and it made it harder to conceive I’m now pregnant with a daughter and I can’t wait to meet her I know how it feel to hate the way you look most of us can agree to that keep your heads up
Vy Tran
Vy Tran Pred 4 meseci
i love gaby transformation she is so beautiful im so jealous i wish i was like her
Claire Rodriguez
Claire Rodriguez Pred 4 meseci
Gabi, your lips were fine without the fillers. They were not Kylie Jenner thin!!! You actually looked more approachable, likable, and less pretentious (some judge others who get work done and assume that they're fake inside).
Laura Cuba
Laura Cuba Pred 4 meseci
This girl is the epitome of materialism and hollowness
Νικολέττα Μ.
Νικολέττα Μ. Pred 4 meseci
Niki please dont change, you have "tyoe" and you are unique.
Laura Ramalho
Laura Ramalho Pred 4 meseci
some Gabi insecurities are so much like mine, I'm latina and that part about trying to achieve a body that wouldn't be yours naturally... that hit me HARD
Tasha B
Tasha B Pred 4 meseci
Nose teeth lips skin ...
Breezy Bronze
Breezy Bronze Pred 4 meseci
NIKKI girl u seem so salty and bitter ur sis literally said she’s so happy with the changes and that at the end u still said changing ur face doesn’t bring happiness LOL girl it does bring happiness go try it
Kathy D
Kathy D Pred 4 meseci
Okay but Gabi looked beautiful even if she looked more like her dad .
Güera's World
Güera's World Pred 4 meseci
I want more the truth videos
Kecia Fairley
Kecia Fairley Pred 4 meseci
you should not be ashamed of who you are or what you look like you should love your self and i bet plenty of people thought you were very beautiful before you changed and you should not change just to look like some one else every body looks different in there own ways and you don't need to change Because you think your not beautiful it's OK to look different
Em And
Em And Pred 4 meseci
Anyone here after gabi’s eye surgery video
Hola Girl
Hola Girl Pred 3 meseci
Purple Sorcerer just search “Gabi eye surgery”
Purple Sorcerer
Purple Sorcerer Pred 3 meseci
I can’t find the video :(
Lupe Pred 4 meseci
Wait was this really 1year ago?? You guys look so young here!
Taylor Laumer
Taylor Laumer Pred 4 meseci
"Maybe you should start saving up so you could be happier" - Gabi DeMartino
Katerina Georgiadi
Katerina Georgiadi Pred 4 meseci
How obssessed is the modern human with looks... This is so sad and greedy, if not irresponsible
LOL LOL Pred 4 meseci
watching this now and peeing at where Gabi says she wont get any more modifications and wont EVER go under the knife for a cosmetic surgery. she literally JUST DID LOOOOOOOOL 💀
LOL LOL Pred 3 meseci
Peach Tea YES !
Peach Tea
Peach Tea Pred 3 meseci
im glad someone else noticed this vid she said she wont get any more stuff done bc the only things she hated all her life were here lips nose & teeth and she'd never get anything done unless she hated it all her life..... 0_0 shes a textbook example of the beginning of a plastic surgery addiction
LOL LOL Pred 3 meseci
Maera Pred 3 meseci
123Maaal Pred 4 meseci
I love u guys Italians are also pretty dark as well so it would make sense that she wants to showcase her background and bring out those features! do what makes YOU happy girls!!
Sarah Lim
Sarah Lim Pred 4 meseci
Oh boy... Poor Niki, she is an interviewer haha
Rajasree Savidham
Rajasree Savidham Pred 4 meseci
i never knew they were identical twins. maybe because i'm new to the fandom. i'm such a dumbass
konstantina kollia
konstantina kollia Pred 4 meseci
I feel sad that her boyfriend cheated on her so many times and for so long
Loukssi Love
Loukssi Love Pred 4 meseci
I feel bad now that I said that Gabie was copping Ariana
Ariana Grande videos
Ariana Grande videos Pred 4 meseci
If you were an identical twin, you wouldn’t be able to say anything about your looks without offending them.
Kerri Simonsen
Kerri Simonsen Pred 4 meseci
This is old and I know but Nikki can you please go back to the mint green hair color? Or the darker blue color that had some vibrancy in it? Lol. I love it! 💙💙💙
Ellie H
Ellie H Pred 4 meseci
If you guys send any hate to niki and Gabri you should feel ashamed☹️☹️☹️
Isabel Kovolo
Isabel Kovolo Pred 4 meseci
That is very brave it is very brave of her to talk about this
Christina hale
Christina hale Pred 4 meseci
Bruh I used to get made fun of for my big lips because I’m a white girl. I didn’t know people actually wanted them lol
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