Flowers- Gabi DeMartino (Official Music Video)

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Niki and Gabi

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Gabi DeMartino - Flowers
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té de limón para el corazón
té de limón para el corazón Pred 8 urami
Alguien sabe si el mismo chico q sale aquí es Collin?
Sabina Penava
Sabina Penava Pred 15 urami
Her best song by far ❤️
Syd Money
Syd Money Pred 21 uro
OMG did any one else realize that Colin was in there
Candace Acuff
Candace Acuff Pred 3 dnevi
xhesiika jessica
xhesiika jessica Pred 4 dnevi
Gabi this is what we like not pretty little mind Sorry but true hurts 😌😌😌
xhesiika jessica
xhesiika jessica Pred 4 dnevi
Marisol Christina March July
Marisol Christina March July Pred 4 dnevi
I love your video so much.
Jasmine Chavez
Jasmine Chavez Pred 5 dnevi
Did he really buy that many flowers?! His bank account went YEET
Natalie n
Natalie n Pred 6 dnevi
I love this Gabi and her nose was so cute haha
Willem Fourie
Willem Fourie Pred 6 dnevi
Love this one
Celeste Carroll
Celeste Carroll Pred 7 dnevi
Way better than niki
anaaya Mil
anaaya Mil Pred 7 dnevi
Apart from the cringey lyrics this actually had potential to be a hit song, well, a decent one at least...the tune and production is good, her voice is nice too.
Bella Boo
Bella Boo Pred 7 dnevi
Is this weird I jam to this song when in the shower?? Is that weird??
Yan & yang
Yan & yang Pred 5 dnevi
@Bella Boo thanks
Bella Boo
Bella Boo Pred 5 dnevi
@Yan & yang that makes me feel better Much better
Yan & yang
Yan & yang Pred 6 dnevi
Me too
rainbows cupcakes unicorns and mermaids
rainbows cupcakes unicorns and mermaids Pred 8 dnevi
That actor is really good , where did they find him
Justelene Papacosma
Justelene Papacosma Pred 12 dnevi
Love this song. But if I ever meet Gabi I will not give her flowers; message received 😆
Nàndor Kőrösi fehèr
Nàndor Kőrösi fehèr Pred 13 dnevi
Nàndor Kőrösi fehèr
Nàndor Kőrösi fehèr Pred 13 dnevi
Yes !
Britt Derekx
Britt Derekx Pred 13 dnevi
pls stop commenting this she has gone trough so much she litterly lost her child i get it but please show some respect.!
Julia Piper
Julia Piper Pred 5 dnevi
Allie Pred 13 dnevi
DAAANG she just killed a man. YAS QUEEN YOU SHOW THEM
Clara K - True crime
Clara K - True crime Pred 14 dnevi
This was a bop tho
Itzely Tube
Itzely Tube Pred 14 dnevi
This is gabi’s best song.
Yan & yang
Yan & yang Pred 6 dnevi
madeline Pred 14 dnevi
all the dislikes are from flowers
Savanah Lee
Savanah Lee Pred 14 dnevi
Soooo gooood!!!!!
Blessing Imagination
Blessing Imagination Pred 15 dnevi
I get Lana Del Rey’s vibes from this video especially the opening scene anyway good job Gabi 💗
Xcitlatli Alvarado
Xcitlatli Alvarado Pred 15 dnevi
This gives me AHS vibes 😂 like hotel and murder house😂😂😂 anyways love this song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Aliyah Pred 15 dnevi
the difference between this and pretty little mind... i‘m SHOOK. like what happened
Zoe Martin
Zoe Martin Pred 15 dnevi
I love this song !!
Dhanissta Panirchelvam
Dhanissta Panirchelvam Pred 15 dnevi
Юрий Кобельков
Юрий Кобельков Pred 15 dnevi
dolly parton
ant Pred 15 dnevi
omg the great gastby !!!
Aisha Rehan
Aisha Rehan Pred 15 dnevi
now this is bomb
michaela calip
michaela calip Pred 15 dnevi
my fav song by you gabi !
Bhumi Singh
Bhumi Singh Pred 15 dnevi
I absolutely adored this song, the lyrics were so catchy I wanted more of this
Anna Trimboli
Anna Trimboli Pred 15 dnevi
Love her outfit this song is so cool I love her makeup Gabi is very pretty
LaToya Reginald
LaToya Reginald Pred 16 dnevi
Who's here after keep it pretty
Elizabeth Henry
Elizabeth Henry Pred 16 dnevi
The guy is super cute😳
Katelynn j
Katelynn j Pred 16 dnevi
best song shes ever made
Don't call me angel
Don't call me angel Pred 17 dnevi
GG vibes
Ana V
Ana V Pred 14 dnevi
Tanvi Sureka
Tanvi Sureka Pred 17 dnevi
i just heard this song after champagne dreams and pretty little mind and im literally crying? what the hell happened? how can someone go from this stunning song to "aLL oF mY fAnCy FriEnDS hELpiNg mE sPeNd ThEsE eNdS" and from this production quality, outfits, makeup, stage designs to that cheap ass wig and humiliating leotard thingy is such an embarrassment.
Tanvi Sureka
Tanvi Sureka Pred 5 urami
@MalPal. 13 i respect your opinion. everybody has a different taste in music and if you like the song then that's great. i hope im not coming off as rude or entitled because that isn't my intention. from my point of view and music taste, champagne dreams and pretty little mind isn't gabi's best work and is pretty disappointing.
Juliet plays
Juliet plays Pred dnevom
@MalPal. 13 right it was so good
MalPal. 13
MalPal. 13 Pred dnevom
Champagne dreams was a mess. I can admit that. But pretty little mind was so good. It had way more meaning than champagne dreams, better lyrics, video, etc.
Tanvi Sureka
Tanvi Sureka Pred 9 dnevi
@Juliet plays that doesnt make sense. the restrictions in her area and where she filmed the music videos are really flexible and the music videos aren't half as bad as her songs which she has been recording for more than a year now. gabi has the financial means for her outfits and hair so you would think she would do great in that field but she didn't. im majorly talking about her lyric writing, singing, and song choice. her music videos would be 10x better if the music itself was good.
Juliet plays
Juliet plays Pred 16 dnevi
She probably didn't have much possibility for beautiful mess its covid bruh
Sarah King
Sarah King Pred 17 dnevi
this one!!
Leena Pred 17 dnevi
Anyone here after Pretty Little Mind? I love this song.. i wish she makes more music like this. THIS IS NOT A HATE COMMENT, i just prefer this song more
Juliet plays
Juliet plays Pred 16 dnevi
@leena I liked the colour but I feel like they should have gotten a nicer wig but I personally liked pretty little mind way better than champagne dreams tho I feel like outfits in champagne dreams were better
Leena Pred 16 dnevi
@Juliet plays i love gabi but that wig HONEY PLEASE HER TEAM DID HER SO DIRTY WITH THAT CRUSTY WIG
Juliet plays
Juliet plays Pred 16 dnevi
Agree but we also have to keep in mind back then she literally could do anything but in this covid time her options are limited
happycheeto Pred 17 dnevi
Who’s here after pretty little mind?
Tessa Ellie
Tessa Ellie Pred 18 dnevi
I wanted those type of songs for her album 😫
Julia Amazing vlogs
Julia Amazing vlogs Pred 18 dnevi
I’m being so honest gabi’s music is 100xxx better then niki’s!!!!!!!
Karina Wijaya Lie
Karina Wijaya Lie Pred 18 dnevi
Shes perfect in this type of songs.
jingwen soh
jingwen soh Pred 19 dnevi
Is that lady Paris Hilton?!
Yan & yang
Yan & yang Pred 6 dnevi
Eli Van Eck
Eli Van Eck Pred 19 dnevi
This is everything, still love it!!💖
Anabell Gonzalez
Anabell Gonzalez Pred 19 dnevi
The quality in this is soooooo good the producing the video 😍
he llo
he llo Pred 21 dnevom
TO ON X FACTOR NOW that's what I said TO your sister to super stars
Ayesha Christiaan
Ayesha Christiaan Pred 23 dnevi
Is that Paris Hilton okkkkkk wait a dam minute It’s been a hot minute Paris
daniela Pred 23 dnevi
me realizing she’s wearing an outfit related to Ariana grande at 1:38 and the same “theme” as dangerous woman at 2:13
Fancy Music By Gab
Fancy Music By Gab Pred 19 dnevi
Girl fuck off with the Ariana thing, just because a one second scene looked like Ariana’s it doesn’t make it ‘inspired’ by her
Afra Fathima
Afra Fathima Pred 23 dnevi
This song really portray her potential.... She has a great voice idk what happened to her while singing champagne dreams... Love you gabs 🌝🌺🌷
Justelene Papacosma
Justelene Papacosma Pred 23 dnevi
Ariana grande should listen to this
Justelene Papacosma
Justelene Papacosma Pred 23 dnevi
This video is so under rated
XX Tess
XX Tess Pred 23 dnevi
im really hoping she has similar songs like flowers in her album cause her voice in this is beautiful
RILEIGH OSBORNE 2028 WCHR 5 Pred 23 dnevi
never herd your guys song till now and this is the first song of your guys song that i listen to awesome
JUNE MAY Pred 17 dnevi
english please
Lizard Wizard
Lizard Wizard Pred 26 dnevi
Damn she didn’t even write this song
Fancy Music By Gab
Fancy Music By Gab Pred 19 dnevi
She actually did...
łauren josic
łauren josic Pred 27 dnevi
this is so much better than champagne dreams periodT
K. L. B
K. L. B Pred 27 dnevi
After this song, champagne dreams was a big let down😔
Laasya Pullabhotla
Laasya Pullabhotla Pred 27 dnevi
How can someone be so talented???
cloudy. mocha
cloudy. mocha Pred 28 dnevi
This compare to champagne dreams .... I knew you could do better this is amazing!! 💖
Avni Villuri
Avni Villuri Pred 28 dnevi
Bruh. How is the body gonna smell bad if you poisoned him? It's literally only gonna smell bad if she actually killed him with a weapon you ding dong
Sabina Penava
Sabina Penava Pred 29 dnevi
At least Paris said her name right ( also this song is fire )
meridith m
meridith m Pred mesecem
so much better than champagne dreams on so many levels
Tima Pred mesecem
here to cleanse my pallet after champagne dreams
kiley hall
kiley hall Pred mesecem
Very excited for her album❕
Addison Redmon
Addison Redmon Pred mesecem
You and niki should go on America‘s got talent again
bby moonlight
bby moonlight Pred mesecem
the fact that people are coming here just to comment this is way better than champagne dreams are fucking dumb i swear lol they're two completely different songs that both sound good in my opinion
Michael Wwe1998
Michael Wwe1998 Pred mesecem
the fact that this is better than champagne dreams is fucking insane its sad
diane doherty
diane doherty Pred mesecem
is that paris hilton who intorduces her on the stage?
Switchin Positions For Ari
Switchin Positions For Ari Pred 29 dnevi
martha mary
martha mary Pred mesecem
remains her best song
Cat Valentine
Cat Valentine Pred mesecem
The beat pulled this song together, but her voice ruins it but the beat is AMAZING
Switchin Positions For Ari
Switchin Positions For Ari Pred 29 dnevi
I like her voice
Maya Gough
Maya Gough Pred mesecem
Only Gabi can make a song called Flowers into a murder.
Maya Gough
Maya Gough Pred mesecem
love this song so much I wish she could make a song more like this instead of Champaign dreams.
Lemony Snicket
Lemony Snicket Pred mesecem
I prefer this song wayy more ut i love champagne dreams
bitch lasagna
bitch lasagna Pred mesecem
The fact that Paris Hilton is in this makes it so much more iconic
Aluvelin Pred mesecem
I love the Gatsby theme :)
Luka P.
Luka P. Pred mesecem
she got paris hilton in this dang
Storm Vu
Storm Vu Pred mesecem
I prefer this one better but the tempo could’ve been sped up a little and it would’ve been good
Emily Steel
Emily Steel Pred mesecem
U guys are saying that Champaign dreams was bad quality but she had to do it like this pandemic so-
Francesdanae Pred mesecem
I made nails for her CHAMPAGNE DREAMS 🍾 song in my tiktok @nailsbybaby PLEASE show love ♡
Chéri Pred mesecem
This was her peak. The blonde hair, the before nose, she looked so effortlessly beautiful and this song was actually good. Idk what happened to her.
Julia Piper
Julia Piper Pred 5 dnevi
i don’t even like her, but who tf are you? you don’t know her to say that’s her peak 😂 even if it was or is, keep your rude comment to yourself. who raised you?
S K Pred 13 dnevi
@Rowan And I'm really, really sorry if I came off as rude in my reply! :)
Rowan Pred 13 dnevi
What do you mean she’s literally gorgeous. Nothing has happened to her she’s just growing up and being the best version of herself. If you can’t be happy for her through all the things she goes through then get off of her page.
S K Pred mesecem
I know... :(
mishchellerrr Pred mesecem
wow this is actually good
Sophie Jane
Sophie Jane Pred mesecem
I’m sorry everyone’s talking about how this song “proves” she has talent and can make good songs, but that’s because she didn’t write this :/
Pip Pred mesecem
Is that paris at the beginning 😳
ta’nya Pred mesecem
yup 😋😋
My Peace of Reality
My Peace of Reality Pred mesecem
People need to stop comparing this song to champagne dreams because they're literally just 2 completely different styles😂 She was clearly in a much better, happier, light-hearted, care-free state of mind when she wrote champagne dreams, and I know that's not relatable to most of us, but take the song for what it is meant to be, just light and fun. And yes, this song is deeper with a darker/bad ass style, but you really can't compare.
Brenda Ferreira
Brenda Ferreira Pred 26 dnevi
My Peace of Reality EXACTLYYY
Rabz Karim
Rabz Karim Pred mesecem
Can’t believe she went from this to champagne dreams 🤦🏻‍♀️
Sraya Sanjay
Sraya Sanjay Pred mesecem
I get LITERAL chills hearing this song.... One of my fav songs of ALL TIMEEE
Stella Stroud
Stella Stroud Pred mesecem
she looks like a different person to rn
BEST STORIES Pred mesecem
Salphira Pred mesecem
I love this song so much more than champagne dreams :(
MagicLady PR
MagicLady PR Pred mesecem
I just came here from Champagne dreams. And let me tell you I love both I’m obsessed with both.
Hogwarts Is home
Hogwarts Is home Pred mesecem
This is actually amazing omg
jingwen soh
jingwen soh Pred mesecem
This video’s quality is good
Sasha Swami
Sasha Swami Pred mesecem
Is anyone here after the real champagne dreams song if you are leave a like
Sasha Swami
Sasha Swami Pred mesecem
That was Paris Hilton in the beginning
Vitan Judit
Vitan Judit Pred mesecem
Wow! ‘Flowers’ has much better quality than ‘Champaign Dreams.’
Susie French
Susie French Pred mesecem
I feel like this is her most ‘professional looking’ music video. Ya know? Also this is such an underrated song
Alize Savim
Alize Savim Pred mesecem
Who's here after Champagne Dreams? I personally think Flowers is wayy better than Champagne Dreams
Lauren Colangelo
Lauren Colangelo Pred mesecem
Still my fav song so far of hers
ta’nya Pred mesecem
this is so much better than champagne dreams goodbye-
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