Hungover Shopping Challenge

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Niki and Gabi

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This is our shopping challenge... hungover. We do a ton of shopping challenges and wanted to do a shopping challenge with a twist. We are always seen going out on Instagram, snapchat, and our reality show with awesomenesstv, so we figured it was time to do a hungover shopping challenge LOL. Whatcha think?
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If you see this, comment "Gabi's reaction to "the book" LOL"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our hungover shopping challenge video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, drive thru challenges, boyfriend swaps, pranks, twin swaps, shopping challenges 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, life swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

Kylee Bell
Kylee Bell Pred dnevom
At 3:29 in the video my headphones said goodbye
Kylee Bell
Kylee Bell Pred dnevom
I couldn’t stop laughing
Lucyyy Mads
Lucyyy Mads Pred 2 dnevi
me in my bedroom in pa: 👁👄👁
Tekoah Abrams
Tekoah Abrams Pred 4 dnevi
Seanz V
Seanz V Pred 4 dnevi
Where did Nikki get her sweatshirt and who’s here in October 2020
Rat _Is_Chill_And_Epic
Rat _Is_Chill_And_Epic Pred 5 dnevi
The alien sleep mask be like: 😼
Morgan Paige
Morgan Paige Pred 5 dnevi
Please do a 5 bellow shopping spree
Morgan Paige
Morgan Paige Pred 5 dnevi
Plz part 2
Hannah Baartman
Hannah Baartman Pred 8 dnevi
This is so weird lol
Lydia mukuria
Lydia mukuria Pred 8 dnevi
Now offence to you guys but you are kinda bummer's with kids toy's
Leslie Blanco
Leslie Blanco Pred 9 dnevi
I feel like gabi at the bar is a softie and niki went hard bro
Princess Ashley
Princess Ashley Pred 10 dnevi
Harry’s Lyrics
Harry’s Lyrics Pred 12 dnevi
Gabi’s a mood 😹
Areonia Selders
Areonia Selders Pred 14 dnevi
niki got 11 things counting the egg and gabi got 10 and gabi spend to spend 👀 strange
Kiley's Life
Kiley's Life Pred 17 dnevi
Oh, to go shopping again. Since March (besides food obviously) I literally bought ONE thing😂
Kutlo Tania Motsei Gaorutwe
Kutlo Tania Motsei Gaorutwe Pred 19 dnevi
Gabi is whole mood and a half
AgasTya SA
AgasTya SA Pred 19 dnevi
Did anyone saw ,what Collins did at the party scene 😅😂💫😁
Celeste DayRider
Celeste DayRider Pred 19 dnevi
try going to class hungover
Jamiya Christine
Jamiya Christine Pred 20 dnevi
They were so amused by playdohhhhhh
Lisa Sticks
Lisa Sticks Pred 20 dnevi
Nicky:I just want sweatpants get me out of here Gabby: look at all the cute Easter stuff I can shop all day Me:😂😂
Lisa Sticks
Lisa Sticks Pred 20 dnevi
That first of all is not a hachimal a hachimal is a children’s toy where you can get a tiny animal toy with wings you put a hacker egg where you can eaither grow or hatch a supsific thing the the thing ok n the wrapper meaning you will hatch something Disney princess
Roblox Shadow Gamer
Roblox Shadow Gamer Pred 20 dnevi
My brother works at the petco next to that five below
Christy Mirai I
Christy Mirai I Pred 21 dnevom
niki dosen't look very hungover
Keiry Rivera
Keiry Rivera Pred 23 dnevi
1:55 did yall see that behind gabi? LMSKNDJKBFJHEBKJSN
John Mcmahon
John Mcmahon Pred 23 dnevi eBay is one of the largest shopping platforms in the world; well-known brand, very attractive product prices. Commission: sale. eBay Inc. is a global commerce leader that connects millions of buyers and sellers around the world. We exist to enable economic opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations of all sizes. Our portfolio of brands includes eBay Marketplace and eBay Classifieds Group, operating in 190 markets around the world.
indygirlie Pred 23 dnevi
I’m going there tomorrow after buying random shit from there with my sister today....
Kendyl Heyer
Kendyl Heyer Pred 24 dnevi
I love your videos so so much
Earnest Haynes
Earnest Haynes Pred 25 dnevi
SHE DOESN'T KNIW WJAT A HATCH A MOLE IS. But it's a toy where it comes in a egg and there's like a toy bird in there
Lisa Mamontova
Lisa Mamontova Pred 25 dnevi
Do you guys live in philly cause if you do l live in philly. That's so amazing.I love you guys even if you don't.
LetySepticEye Pred 25 dnevi
Me to
Emma Virostek
Emma Virostek Pred 27 dnevi
Who else was dying when niki and Gabi were like fascinated and confused over the hatchimole
Just Ari
Just Ari Pred 28 dnevi
People say only kids make a mess in the store Gabi: 4:19
Iris Shaull
Iris Shaull Pred 29 dnevi
That won’t even fit her phone, lol
Just Jue
Just Jue Pred mesecem
Niki:*start reading book about dishes* Gabi mind:wa-aht -why do you need that
Sandya Official
Sandya Official Pred mesecem
Gabis reaction to "the book" tho lol
mandee busbee
mandee busbee Pred mesecem
Them just mesmerized by the playdoh "oooooooh"
Heather Brooks
Heather Brooks Pred mesecem
Shaye Schmidt
Shaye Schmidt Pred mesecem
What's their snap chat usernames?
S and AJ
S and AJ Pred mesecem
Gabi I literally have the same scarf
Girls Basketball 7 STM
Girls Basketball 7 STM Pred mesecem
What 5 below were you at, looks very similar to the one near me?
Riley Boen
Riley Boen Pred mesecem
Niki where did you get your sweatshirt its so cute!
Kameeyah Ash
Kameeyah Ash Pred mesecem
Hey Nikki Gabi try a Food challenge it so much fun
sᴀɴᴘʟᴠsʜɪᴇ 。
sᴀɴᴘʟᴠsʜɪᴇ 。 Pred mesecem
Niki struggling with the basket at five below is everything-
bhavagna sallangula
bhavagna sallangula Pred mesecem
Ngl they legit look so cute even like this 🥺🤧
Bree Rodriguez
Bree Rodriguez Pred mesecem
BAHAHAHAHHA it’s not a hamster it’s a freakin rat look at the Tail are we sure Gabi isn’t drunk
Rowan Tufte
Rowan Tufte Pred mesecem
The day you posted it was my mom's birthday 🤣
Abigail Jamieson
Abigail Jamieson Pred mesecem
what is the tv show called
Cali Lindauer
Cali Lindauer Pred mesecem
I love 5 below its my favorite store
# Peekapower
# Peekapower Pred mesecem
I shop like Gabi but act and want to shop like Gabi
i have a voice
i have a voice Pred mesecem
3:22 cOoOoMfY
Kathy Orellana rivas
Kathy Orellana rivas Pred mesecem
Omg the blue stuffed animal that Gabi got I have it!!!!!
Issey Eaton
Issey Eaton Pred mesecem
I love how Gabi says mukbang 😂
Natlove Ace123
Natlove Ace123 Pred mesecem
I like how Gabby just says I’d like to buy one of these but I need to keep the evil spirit bears away Nikki throws the cart is just like oh they’re both drunk I seriously
Justice Rodriguez
Justice Rodriguez Pred mesecem
You probably just need to video just to get drunk
KARINA UK Pred mesecem
Xx_Anime Trash_xX
Xx_Anime Trash_xX Pred mesecem
1:50 bad collin
shay ?
shay ? Pred mesecem
크크크크크크크크 Pred mesecem
gabbi is such a mood in hangover
OMGS Pred 2 meseci
when you have an iphone seven 😅
Kuhayla K
Kuhayla K Pred 2 meseci
Gadi shoped like a 5 year old
Melissa Chowdhury
Melissa Chowdhury Pred 2 meseci
Master Mulan-Pierre
Master Mulan-Pierre Pred 2 meseci
i feel bad for nate he was hungover too
TheBarbOf _Roblox
TheBarbOf _Roblox Pred 2 meseci
The play doh on gabi, was Kylie Jenners new skin line xD
Chaz rioz
Chaz rioz Pred 2 meseci
*Me breathing* Niki throwing her little cart half way across the 5 below
Larissa Torres
Larissa Torres Pred 2 meseci
Gab that wasn't a hatchimal😂
charlotte timme
charlotte timme Pred 2 meseci
Gabis shopping Outfit looks like the outfit of the overachieving and stayathome mom of a horse riding daughter
Hannah Vestal
Hannah Vestal Pred 2 meseci
I sometimes tend to act a bit like the vibe I watch so now I'm acting like a tired grump lol
Brighton Swart
Brighton Swart Pred 2 meseci
Nikki: I feel like we shop like five yr olds when we’re tired Me: and u just noticed that?😂😂
Grace Machado
Grace Machado Pred 2 meseci
Niki your homophobic 😱😥
magnificent mare
magnificent mare Pred mesecem
Roblox Shadow Gamer
Roblox Shadow Gamer Pred 2 meseci
I live where nikki and Gabi live I’ve been to that five below
Isabella Pelayo
Isabella Pelayo Pred 2 meseci
I love this video
Mia Redmond
Mia Redmond Pred 2 meseci
I can relate to this when im hungover, i love it.😭😂
Sienna Howard
Sienna Howard Pred 2 meseci
they got so excited over play doh and then niki is like I got a lava lamp and lolllll gabi "cool."
Boni Lrza
Boni Lrza Pred 2 meseci
They did gabi dirty with that thumbnail..
Jay & Gen
Jay & Gen Pred 2 meseci
gabi’s hair looks so cute with curly hair
Emily Pred 2 meseci
Hahahahahaha! Gabi said, "Keep the evil spirits away! I should use this on Niki."
-ooOoo Ghostly Gacha ooOoo-
-ooOoo Ghostly Gacha ooOoo- Pred 2 meseci
For anyone looking, shopping starts at 2:04
meshari ・ミシャーリ
meshari ・ミシャーリ Pred 2 meseci
Emma Virostek
Emma Virostek Pred 2 meseci
Gabi being a mood for 10 minutes straight😂
Olivia Golding
Olivia Golding Pred 2 meseci
Who watching this in quarantine 👀
Kaylee Marceau
Kaylee Marceau Pred 2 meseci
I love you guys but i feel like Gabi is always trying to look like the fun/happy one to other friends when rlly she judges niki and brings her down all the time... my best friend is like that so i relate😂
Doughnut Alliance
Doughnut Alliance Pred 2 meseci
Uhm im tramatized xD what is gabi doing with her bf- 1:58
Alien Pred 3 meseci
Niki: shows off her Reese’s* also niki: kicks basket around* Gabri: buys the most randomness stuff ever*
Elliette Jordan
Elliette Jordan Pred 3 meseci
“looks like a few things i could name”
Elliette Jordan
Elliette Jordan Pred 3 meseci
sundae *** slime gloop lol
Anna Guetti
Anna Guetti Pred 3 meseci
Anna Guetti
Anna Guetti Pred 3 meseci
2 :50 & 3:00 Niki with the 5 below cart laughed so hard work up parents at 3am
sumanah Rizvi
sumanah Rizvi Pred 3 meseci
I loveeeeeeeee nikkkkki she is myyyyyy favorite
Semine Kaastrup
Semine Kaastrup Pred 3 meseci
What were Collin doing while they dansed😂
Sssniperwolf Stan
Sssniperwolf Stan Pred 3 meseci
eva elliott
eva elliott Pred 3 meseci
And I the only one that saw that Gabby got a so called "hamster" And it was a RAT
full sun_
full sun_ Pred 3 meseci
Me and my last two brain cells everyday .
Mar’s Channel
Mar’s Channel Pred 3 meseci
When they were playing with the play-Doh I literally said out loud “are they ok?”
• smileex •
• smileex • Pred 3 meseci
Anyone here during QUARENTINEEEE? lol
Jacky. world
Jacky. world Pred 3 meseci
Love blue to
Raffy K
Raffy K Pred 3 meseci
Do a room tour
Teresa Cruz
Teresa Cruz Pred 3 meseci
7:11 At That Moment She Know She Messed Up
Yoyoyo What’s up
Yoyoyo What’s up Pred 3 meseci
Niamh Murphy
Niamh Murphy Pred 3 meseci
8:02 gabi's face 😂😂🤣🤣
Hazel Mellisa
Hazel Mellisa Pred 3 meseci
Omg I didn't recognized her without makeup on...
Molly Dee
Molly Dee Pred 3 meseci
Were you at the 5 below because I don’t believe you
Molly Dee
Molly Dee Pred 3 meseci
Lucy 1
Lucy 1 Pred 3 meseci
Cute 'n' Colourful
Cute 'n' Colourful Pred 3 meseci
I got that mindful journal thingy for my birthday last year
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