Who Wore the SPRING 2020 TRENDS Better? Sister vs Sister

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Niki and Gabi

Pred 5 meseci

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we're sisters, and we have opposite styles, so we wanted to style spring 2020 fashion trends and see who styled their outfit better. by having YOU guys vote on our instagram story polls! in this video, we have to style: tie dye, pastel colors, butterflies, and early 2000s trends and styles. WHO WORE IT BETTER?
#SistervsSister #spring2020 #fashiontrends #2020
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watch our reality show! Niki and Gabi TAKE BAHAMAS
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If you see this, comment "THE BUCKET HAT LOL"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our "who wore it better" spring 2020 fashion trends video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, fashion trends, spring 2020, stuck at home, at home videos, celebrities, tricking our followers, DIY outfits, making outfits, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

Take A Guess
Take A Guess Pred 13 urami
Ok but like Niki didn’t even wear the bucket house.....
Lucy Nivison
Lucy Nivison Pred dnevom
hemawati limbu
hemawati limbu Pred dnevom
When it was tie dye is was thinking niki should have Wore jeans!(sorry if I spelt wore wrong I am so bad at spelling lol)but still niki and Gabi u guys are the people I inspire!I am blessed to watch u guys!well...I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH I CANT HOLD IT IN I HAVE THE SAME TIE DYE JUMPER TOO SO YAY TWINS (just joking u and Gabi)
Amanda Wood
Amanda Wood Pred 2 dnevi
The bucket hat lol
Mariana Zárate tovar
Mariana Zárate tovar Pred 4 dnevi
Why can I smell the perfume
Dizz Dizz
Dizz Dizz Pred 5 dnevi
Gabi’s style is “Scream Queens” season one. Seriously. Tell me I’m wrong. LOL. That’s where it stemmed from and it shows. I’m not mocking her; It suits her and she def has her own unique style lol. Niki goes for that link.... alternative artist look... like that very classic ~cool girl who kinda likes punk and emo so my clothes are influenced by it but not so much that I’m not hot anymore~..... LOL ME from 18-24. I feel like every girl goes through that phase of like. ~I’m an edgy girl~ LOLOLOL. I def actually am and I’m sure Niki is too but you know what I mean.... it’s like..... I never lied to myself though. I knew I was wearing it bc I listened to emo and was from the place emo started and was “scene” in hs and all that... like, I wanted to look edgy and cool... but I admitted that to myself. And I knew that it was super, super popular to dress that way (or else you wouldnt be able to go to a mall or shopping center and get those clothes - you’d have to go to a niche little shop or thrift or WHATEVER). I didn’t think I was like... ~not like other girls~. (Which is ironic bc I’m not. I’m a literal weirdo with aspergers who never could get along with girls bc of all the nuances and shit. I cant pick up on that. They always ate me alive lol. Dudes tell you if they’re mad, you deal with it, you move on. Girls will be like hanging out with you everyday BECAUSE they dont like you, collecting intel lol. On some Mean Girls shit.)
Rachel Martin
Rachel Martin Pred 5 dnevi
Nikik you men
taekook x
taekook x Pred 6 dnevi
Gabi looks like a Bratz doll in the first outfit❤️
Alyssa Free
Alyssa Free Pred 6 dnevi
can we just talk abt niki's camera in 5th grade 😳😳
HANNAH BRYANT Pred 6 dnevi
yeah what other letter than b is billion spelt with
Cynthia Pred 6 dnevi
10:35 savage 😳
Sasha German
Sasha German Pred 8 dnevi
Gabi Looks like Ariana Grande
The C squad
The C squad Pred 9 dnevi
Reagan Robeson
Reagan Robeson Pred 10 dnevi
i wanna know where gabs fit is from in the outro when they were on ft :(
Scott Mangold
Scott Mangold Pred 11 dnevi
So cute
TaeTae's Beret
TaeTae's Beret Pred 11 dnevi
Their wardrobes are goals I wish I could afford my style lol
ひんあた Pred 12 dnevi
That honey sponsor sounds like a Mr Beast honey sponser
Islaz gaming
Islaz gaming Pred 13 dnevi
What the song when Gabi was posing for butterflies?
Mia Macklin
Mia Macklin Pred 14 dnevi
Tasha Julian
Tasha Julian Pred 14 dnevi
love you gabi your my fav
Tasha Julian
Tasha Julian Pred 14 dnevi
i like gabi's the most i like because it is my look nikis is gest not my look
Cody Lambert
Cody Lambert Pred 16 dnevi
You guys are 2 of the prettiest people I’ve ever seen WOWOWOOW y’all gorgeous
CvddIeyBear _
CvddIeyBear _ Pred 16 dnevi
Anyone vote for the outfits that they rather wear? Bc they both make them cute I just pick what I would rather wear
Stephanie Boggs
Stephanie Boggs Pred 17 dnevi
So the Max Roux hoodie that she has is $125 and sweatpants that she has is $115 so his brand isn’t cheap
j a b r e a r o d r i g u e z
j a b r e a r o d r i g u e z Pred 20 dnevi
omg gabi’s facial expression are always so freakin funny 😅 i love them lol
Tanishtha Sai
Tanishtha Sai Pred 21 dnevom
when i used honey it saved my 5 cent
Jae Cae
Jae Cae Pred mesecem
She needs to take the filter off the pictures would be way better without the filter
Jae Cae
Jae Cae Pred mesecem
They should not compete it’s prolly not good for their mental health
Lee Pred mesecem
😂 Did nobody hear how Gabi said “Niche” it’s pronounced like knee-sh, and she said nitch
Lesliechowxo Pred mesecem
I actually love the separate videos just cause it shows two separate homes and two separate locations idk it’s neat.
Kirsten Davidsen
Kirsten Davidsen Pred mesecem
Jenna Miller
Jenna Miller Pred mesecem
i wish them doing videos together in person
varshini ananth
varshini ananth Pred mesecem
I'm so used to the phrase , joinhoney.com/views😂😂
Eva Records
Eva Records Pred mesecem
i love these fits!!
Lacie Newcombe
Lacie Newcombe Pred mesecem
I really do like the FaceTime at the end recently but I much prefer you guys together!! Also I loved all of the outfits, I love how both of your styles are so opposite but you make them so cool and they look so nice😍✨ you guys kill it every time 👏🏼
Mya Rae
Mya Rae Pred mesecem
Niki as a 2005 fashion icon is iconic
yang chen
yang chen Pred mesecem
gabi won du
Shaye Schmidt
Shaye Schmidt Pred mesecem
I like Niki's bedspread 😍
Shaye Schmidt
Shaye Schmidt Pred mesecem
I love bucket hats. Nate don't get it😳💁‍♀️ 😂lmao
Alfredo Borras
Alfredo Borras Pred mesecem
I have t'he same shirt t'hat you theone t'hat ses nasa
Sicily Jacobs
Sicily Jacobs Pred mesecem
niki is like the other girls..
XxwilsonURBADxX Pred mesecem
I love your videos
Linda Thor
Linda Thor Pred mesecem
some times i like to be like Niki Gabi is my second favoriet
Team Catherine
Team Catherine Pred mesecem
Omg hey y’all
Kelsie Elizabeth
Kelsie Elizabeth Pred mesecem
I like when you guys aren't together
I’m sour candy so sweet That i get little angry
I’m sour candy so sweet That i get little angry Pred mesecem
1st one: Gabi 2nd one: Nikki 3rd one: Nikki 4th one: Gabi
Maliyah Anderson
Maliyah Anderson Pred mesecem
U should do more and also Gabi your so couraging against niki I love it 🥰 so kind
Josh Duncan
Josh Duncan Pred mesecem
3:54 how low can she make those jeans go?!
Junshook Pred mesecem
Am I the only one that noticed that Nikki has the same crochet pink flower sweater that Jennie had in the ice cream MV. Just me okay
MADELINE CRUZ Pred mesecem
you guys should try roblox
GnaMarie Xo
GnaMarie Xo Pred mesecem
Can someone please tell me where Gabi got her Paris shirt
Leila Sandelid
Leila Sandelid Pred mesecem
Niki was better
marwa Abduljabar
marwa Abduljabar Pred mesecem
Gabi wins hands down I love pastel colors
Melaney Pearl
Melaney Pearl Pred mesecem
Its impossible to choose between you two half the time. Both of your styles are amazing!!
Pretty In Pastels
Pretty In Pastels Pred mesecem
wtf happened to Gabi’s makeup
Ann But
Ann But Pred mesecem
You Girl right❤️❤️❤️
Ann But
Ann But Pred mesecem
Doing good👍🏾👍🏾😚❤️❤️❤️
Janiyah Palmos
Janiyah Palmos Pred mesecem
I love both of their styles
Tashi Dolma
Tashi Dolma Pred mesecem
Why is Gabi always filtering her pictures it looks bad
Crystal Family
Crystal Family Pred mesecem
Omg pls do a tie breaker of The Who is the best girlfriend pls everyone pls let Gabi and niki see this comment
Melissa Estevez
Melissa Estevez Pred mesecem
I'm not like other moms I'm a cool mom~Niki Can you adopt me already!🌹❤
Eloise Stimmler
Eloise Stimmler Pred mesecem
Gabi is like the better version of me subscribe to my SLpost channel it’s a beauty SLpost channel I just filmed my first video
M.A.D ART Pred 2 meseci
Plz reaction bts vedio song name is boy with love🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Isabella Aban
Isabella Aban Pred 2 meseci
i like it better when you guess be together not facetime
Ok Nice
Ok Nice Pred 2 meseci
Gabi is like Ariana Grande and Niki is like Billie eilish
Larissa Ordorica
Larissa Ordorica Pred 2 meseci
Can we just appreciate how Niki took her own photos
Sara Lissa
Sara Lissa Pred 2 meseci
Nikki you killed the!
Bianca Finesse
Bianca Finesse Pred 2 meseci
Pranks would be funny too
Bianca Finesse
Bianca Finesse Pred 2 meseci
5 minute makeup challenge
Calm Cats
Calm Cats Pred 2 meseci
You should try on Shein and rowme and compare the too Like if you agree
Tranja Vanadbia
Tranja Vanadbia Pred 2 meseci
She looks good in purple.
Bertus Olivier
Bertus Olivier Pred 2 meseci
Does it work in south afrika
R M Pred 2 meseci
I feel like I used to like gabis style more in the past but their style has changed significantly in the past years and so has my own and now I relate more with niki
Lovepeaceandshine Pred 2 meseci
I was really hoping Gabi would’ve won, Niki did good though and deserves it ❤️
mangoana Pred 2 meseci
anyone know where niki's ripped jeans are from?
Pratiksha Pun
Pratiksha Pun Pred 2 meseci
yayay I am 5th grade and now I am soo into fashion too I love u niki
Amanda Rodriguez
Amanda Rodriguez Pred 2 meseci
I love how you girls both are so different style wise but you still had the same ideas! 🤣
Amber Ayers
Amber Ayers Pred 2 meseci
How are they twins but completely different. Also how are they so beautiful 😍
chrissy laird
chrissy laird Pred 2 meseci
I love you guys so much none stop watching your videos when you do a give away I always try to win but I don't have much luck this year 😢💔
Shahar 19
Shahar 19 Pred 2 meseci
Omg Please make a video of your boyfriends competing when you do their styling
AMRIT KONWAR Pred 2 meseci
12:38 I died. 🤣
Audrey C
Audrey C Pred 2 meseci
yes, I like seprate
funny time
funny time Pred 2 meseci
_Duh_Its_ Natalie._.
_Duh_Its_ Natalie._. Pred 2 meseci
Gabi and I have a lot in common!💖🦋
artbyzozo_ Pred 2 meseci
You should do another closet swap
Amna Hammad
Amna Hammad Pred 2 meseci
I will be honest Gabi’s butterfly one was sooooooo cute
Rita Sousa
Rita Sousa Pred 2 meseci
Miller Adrianna
Miller Adrianna Pred 2 meseci
Nate: i have a strong hatred for bucket hats Me: YOU READ MY MIND THROUGH THE SCREEN
Lynzie Schwartz
Lynzie Schwartz Pred 2 meseci
Ya’ll always get on SLpost and cry about being compared but do stuff like this? I’ll never understand lmfao.
Mary Saotome
Mary Saotome Pred 2 meseci
Yall r both queens 👑
D D Pred 2 meseci
I’ll never vote for niki until she stops with that “I’m not like other girls” bullshit. She needs to realize she’s basic af but that’s okay cause people are gonna have the same style.
Naria Me
Naria Me Pred 2 meseci
I feel like Niki is saying "i'm not like the other girls" for real and very seriously and all... And it is super cringy man, like, she is the basic girl of the duo lol
SHRADHA Jain Pred 2 meseci
Stop this it's just a joke .
Lilly Fisher
Lilly Fisher Pred 2 meseci
U guys r so nice and beautiful and I love how yalls styles are completely different.
Angel Roberts
Angel Roberts Pred 2 meseci
You should do another 24 hour shopping challenge !!
Sifmehr Pred 2 meseci
hiii.. anybody knows which software or app they use for the split screen editing? it’ll be reallyyy helpful thankss❤️
Bts Army
Bts Army Pred 2 meseci
Emma M
Emma M Pred 2 meseci
where is gabi's pairs top from?
Keira Young
Keira Young Pred 2 meseci
niki your pastel outfit was way to much
Kate Pred 2 meseci
Don't be sad actually I love your butterfly outfit more. But tbh in the picture it look kinda pale due to the filter. So even though it a fasion competition the skill of talking a picture also count.
Aesthetic editing
Aesthetic editing Pred 2 meseci
Niki and gabi are so pretty like i wish i was half as pretty as them
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