EMPTY HOUSE TOUR 2019! Niki and Gabi

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Niki and Gabi

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the Niki and Gabi Empty House Tour 2019! New year, new NG.
yes, we got a house. but it's not for the reason you think.. watch to find out and see the new place!
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Niki's room tour 2019!
Gabi's buying a house!
If you see this, comment "Gabi hates showers lol"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our Empty House Tour video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

Ronan Paclibar
Ronan Paclibar Pred 23 dnevi
Gabi is like cat Valentine🖤
Lola Acosta
Lola Acosta Pred mesecem
Ok I love babies hair but Nikis hair😍😍🤩🤩 my favorite EVERRRR
The World of KBLS
The World of KBLS Pred 2 meseci
Yeah should do a updated house for
T A Pred 2 meseci
Do we have an updated full house tour? With interiors?
A L M Pred 2 meseci
i love niki's hair
M Bradley
M Bradley Pred 2 meseci
You should do a house tour after it’s fully decorated
Giselle Murillo
Giselle Murillo Pred 2 meseci
hi gabi i love you o much i wach your video and im proud that all you work hard to get a hous
Billie Fan
Billie Fan Pred 2 meseci
It's so weird seeing Gabi in jeans
Stranger Pilots
Stranger Pilots Pred 2 meseci
I also hate showers I wished I had a bathtub
Madison Marsh
Madison Marsh Pred 2 meseci
Who else thinks that Niki is wearing a wig? Love you Niki and gabi
Deisy Platanero
Deisy Platanero Pred 2 meseci
Do you still use this house?
Will Pred 2 meseci
does anyone know why niki was wearing a wig here?
R.E.M Pred 3 meseci
Ok how have I not seen this
Ingebjørg Kvistad
Ingebjørg Kvistad Pred 4 meseci
can you guys do a updated house tour?
James Lattig
James Lattig Pred 4 meseci
Can you guys do an updated house tour?.
Wade Pred 4 meseci
them shiny spandexxx :)
Gritts Mess
Gritts Mess Pred 4 meseci
Wait why didn't they do a house tour
okxybeth Pred 4 meseci
What happened to this house
Mia’s Happy Farm!
Mia’s Happy Farm! Pred 5 meseci
I don’t think I am but I will live in the master bedroom save me that room! Lol! 😆
Meena Pawar
Meena Pawar Pred 5 meseci
Niki and Gabi are looking pregnant
London Elizabeth
London Elizabeth Pred 5 meseci
Why is niki wearing a wig? still love u though😊💕
Pairslover 831
Pairslover 831 Pred 6 meseci
I thought niki was pregnant 🤰
japanesewh0re Pred 6 meseci
That hair color looks rlly nice on niki (the light blue.)
NickPlayz Pred 6 meseci
Are you guys gonna partially live in here?? 🤔
Allison Olson
Allison Olson Pred 6 meseci
How fake can niki get
Allison Olson
Allison Olson Pred 6 meseci
Niki probably gets the master bedroom
•Cløudy• Pred 6 meseci
can you do a tour with funiture Plzzzzzzzz i LOVEEEE your vids there awesome!! subscibers:i dont think there twins AT ALL niki & gabi: in videos they say i know we dont look like twins but gabi sun tans a lot subscribers:oh nevermind you are twins me:-_-girl are you kidding me you changing yo mind right now!!!??! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS :3 :3:3:3:3 SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !_! !_!
Hannah Bero
Hannah Bero Pred 6 meseci
Wait how do they film together, if they live in different states?
Lynz Rachel
Lynz Rachel Pred 7 meseci
I was searching thru your guys videos to see which ones I haven’t watched and this is like the only one 😂😭❤️❤️❤️
DEXXUUU Pred 7 meseci
You guys are so happy so cute💓
k&c Nation YT
k&c Nation YT Pred 7 meseci
#pimple squad
Prisha Batra
Prisha Batra Pred 7 meseci
The sorry girls
Jennifer Pred 7 meseci
And they never did another vid
Kimberly Benavides
Kimberly Benavides Pred 8 meseci
Are you guys sisters
maisa nessa
maisa nessa Pred 8 meseci
Gabi is so generous and the love she has for niki is obviously known, letting her sister take the master bedroom
Lily Mia
Lily Mia Pred 8 meseci
niki needs to change her hair to that in 2020 because its so pretty
Tanisha Gulati
Tanisha Gulati Pred 8 meseci
Nikki looks like a snow princess 🥶
Tenzin Yangchen
Tenzin Yangchen Pred 8 meseci
Has anyone notice niki's hair is soo nice.
SunnySkii Pred 9 meseci
Omg I love Nikkis hair and gabis
Happily Charie
Happily Charie Pred 10 meseci
Can’t wait!
Sophie Fitzgerald Dooley
Sophie Fitzgerald Dooley Pred 10 meseci
niki is wearing a wig
Fab T
Fab T Pred 10 meseci
Am I the only one who saw a basement wonder why they didn’t show that
Lauren_ Playz
Lauren_ Playz Pred 10 meseci
Been in your house for 7 years but this is 7 minutes
Anika Toretto
Anika Toretto Pred 10 meseci
Is Niki wearing a wig !?
Phillip Quenga
Phillip Quenga Pred 11 meseci
I love Niki's Hair color in this video! Like if u agree!!
xx . cilla
xx . cilla Pred 11 meseci
I love niki’s hair❤️😂
Bea Aesthetics
Bea Aesthetics Pred 11 meseci
wait sooooo you have a house for just filming and another house for living?!
MissLizaLoo 15
MissLizaLoo 15 Pred 11 meseci
Sarah and Anna
Sarah and Anna Pred 11 meseci
Soha Ahmed
Soha Ahmed Pred 11 meseci
Gabi is wearing jeans....btw gabi u look btr with blonde hair
Allyson Descala
Allyson Descala Pred 11 meseci
Do a tour with funiture plz
you gay
you gay Pred 11 meseci
Who realized that niki is wearing a wig
Sophie Oilveira
Sophie Oilveira Pred 11 meseci
Niki did you dye your hair that colour blue or did you put a wig on idk
Chelsea Bush
Chelsea Bush Pred letom
I love your hair niki!
MissLizaLoo 15
MissLizaLoo 15 Pred letom
Mr. Kate
Paula Remierez
Paula Remierez Pred letom
Mr. Kate?
leslie larios
leslie larios Pred letom
anyone else watching in season 4 of blood queens
Joanna Reynaga
Joanna Reynaga Pred letom
Nikki and Gabby are starting to look a little Pringles
Hope Roedl
Hope Roedl Pred letom
They should each get a small room and make a girl cave or just a comfy room with a bunch of blankets and pillows
Siena Shillinger
Siena Shillinger Pred letom
Try to do some tick-tock videos
Pam Beesly
Pam Beesly Pred letom
okay but for real that kitchen is GOALS!!!
M & M
M & M Pred letom
OMG, Gabi is actually wearing jeans
Karen Smith
Karen Smith Pred letom
To everybody asking Niki si wearing a wig
Karen Smith
Karen Smith Pred letom
Pleace make a uptated house tour
Silje R
Silje R Pred letom
It's cute how you'll complete each other's sentences and say the same things. I've grown up with family members that are identical twins, and it feels very familiar to see you guys interact.
Ananya Das Sharma
Ananya Das Sharma Pred letom
I hope Mr. Kate is gonna decorate and now I can't wait!!
TheTalkingTara Pred letom
I love how happy you both seem in this video 💕
X4NNY Pred letom
SunflOwer Pred letom
Who else LOVES niki's hair
Yvonne Lozano
Yvonne Lozano Pred letom
Is niki wearing a wig???
Shaa Xo
Shaa Xo Pred letom
Wait is niki wearing a wig
Sophiya A
Sophiya A Pred letom
I love how Niki’s hair is blonde to light blue 💙💛
Mackenzie Gootjes
Mackenzie Gootjes Pred letom
yes I am exsited
Sugandha Ghosh
Sugandha Ghosh Pred letom
I want a house of my own too
maeva mabeka
maeva mabeka Pred letom
HeyitsJenna! Pred letom
Oh my gosh that house is so pretty. Also, Gabi looks so freaking good in this video, like, even better than usual. I love Gabi’s socks especially, and her shirt, too. I also love both of their hair colors so so so much in this video. Love you Niki and Gabi!! 💙💕😘😘
Karen’s Keepin it real
Karen’s Keepin it real Pred letom
Yay I’m so excited for y’all. It would be a blessing to have a new home. It’s beautiful. Congratulations
Simone Galang
Simone Galang Pred letom
Hii!!! Can you guys do a video of a updated version plss!!
Laurie Fang
Laurie Fang Pred letom
Nick I almost thought you were pregnant
Baditude Xo
Baditude Xo Pred letom
Damn these girls got moneyyyyyyy. I need to start a youtube channel lol
Pink avocado
Pink avocado Pred letom
For a sec I thought is put a Vogue vid
Amy M
Amy M Pred letom
Share the master bedroom
Yahaira Vazquez
Yahaira Vazquez Pred letom
Niki looks pregnant
Ysa Belle
Ysa Belle Pred letom
Rima My
Rima My Pred letom
i wanna Mr.KAte to do ur house sooooo baddd
lasonya curry
lasonya curry Pred letom
For the master bedroom, Nicki can get a half and Gabi can get a half
Brisa Munoz
Brisa Munoz Pred letom
Lasonya Curry bad idea.
Bailey Grace
Bailey Grace Pred letom
I don’t like showers either
Itz Galaxy Gacha
Itz Galaxy Gacha Pred letom
Wish I had niki’s style were she looks so good but yet so comfy
Fin Wolfhard gf
Fin Wolfhard gf Pred letom
It’s was sooooo cute how gabi was so happy and when will you show the basement I saw dat🧐🤨🤪
Brandon Lloyd
Brandon Lloyd Pred letom
Get it l Love the House so much it is gorgeous😍😄
Roxy Colegrove
Roxy Colegrove Pred letom
who else is obbsessing with nikis hair?
Cora’s Adventures
Cora’s Adventures Pred letom
You are the best gabi and niki
Karen Smith
Karen Smith Pred letom
Please make a updated house tour!!!
Élodie Robillard
Élodie Robillard Pred letom
Are you sister?
Sofija Povše
Sofija Povše Pred letom
What abaut basemant
Angle L’amour
Angle L’amour Pred letom
Mazi Grace
Mazi Grace Pred letom
Mr Kate
Genesis Canas
Genesis Canas Pred letom
Gabi should have the master bedroom
angeeelabaaby Pred letom
Nikis hair and outfit is so beautiful 😭
Lulu Johnson
Lulu Johnson Pred letom
the sorry girls
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