Living Like Celebrities Stuck at Home for a Day

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Niki and Gabi

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celebrities are stuck at home the same way we are right now, except they're living it a little bit differently.. so we decided to find celebrities' posts on instagram of what THEY'RE doing while stuck at home, and try it ourselves! watch to see how ridiculous this is lol
#celebrities #stuckathome #athome #livinglike
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our "living like celebrities stuck at home" video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, stuck at home, at home videos, celebrities, tricking our followers, DIY outfits, making outfits, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

Natasha Mullins
Natasha Mullins Pred 2 dnevi
Nikis tiktok was savage love (just saying)
Kamone Thorne
Kamone Thorne Pred 2 dnevi
your videos and sisters videos I like that suit💇👿🌹🌷🌻😍😀😃❤💙
Kalyani K
Kalyani K Pred 3 dnevi
ME:*watching this on 17/10/2020 video posted: march 14 202 me: how did i miss thiss?
Lesley Martinez
Lesley Martinez Pred 4 dnevi
do a mini movie like drama .-.
Issy Ex
Issy Ex Pred 4 dnevi
9:40 😂
Addison mason
Addison mason Pred 4 dnevi
colin is soooooooooooooooooo cut
Desmond A
Desmond A Pred 4 dnevi
Love Ashley but she is not the queen of TikTok literally she only has 5.M followers theres way more girls with more followers then that
Xø _Marisa_ Xø
Xø _Marisa_ Xø Pred 4 dnevi
Am i the only one who googled there old videos to see if you can see Gabi’s baby bump Get better Gabi 😭
Megan Hartman
Megan Hartman Pred 5 dnevi
Gabi: sits on a comfy couch while doin an intro Niki: I prefer the floor
Hala Lolo
Hala Lolo Pred 6 dnevi
Niki: The best tiktoker is Ashlee Charli Damelio has left the chat
Annalise Marie
Annalise Marie Pred 7 dnevi
My bff : omg I wish I was a celebrity I would love all my fans and they would love me 😊 Me: I- I just want their stuff....
Sleepy Kitty
Sleepy Kitty Pred 7 dnevi
Gabi sings really well :D👍
Abigail Vigueras
Abigail Vigueras Pred 7 dnevi
Can we just talk about how Gabi sings just like a disney princess😁
Bell Bell
Bell Bell Pred 7 dnevi
Wow your singing is 🔥🔥🔥
Ari pootato
Ari pootato Pred 8 dnevi
Winnie is so behaved😂
Ale CN
Ale CN Pred 8 dnevi
Gabi sings so beautifully 😍
Vanvanrose Pred 8 dnevi
Becca Barna
Becca Barna Pred 10 dnevi
i love sims
Gigi L
Gigi L Pred 11 dnevi
Omg I just realized how good gabs vocals are omg hit it
Ashleigh Galletes
Ashleigh Galletes Pred 11 dnevi
When Gabi was singing like I was obsessed she sounded so good
Desmond A
Desmond A Pred 11 dnevi
“Living like celebrities”....💀y’all are celebrities ✨
jenzter L
jenzter L Pred 12 dnevi
Today we are going to recreate some celebs photo’s Me:YOU ARE A CELEB!!!
mia_ n
mia_ n Pred 12 dnevi
nobody: Collin: "drill a hole in a marble and shove a toothpick in it"
jayden hearn
jayden hearn Pred 15 dnevi
i have stanned niki and gabi for a long time now and i really dont like the ginger look
Darya-are Philburn
Darya-are Philburn Pred 15 dnevi
I love u both
Layla Combs
Layla Combs Pred 16 dnevi
Why are they trying to act like celebs when they already are????
Sofia-Grace games The First
Sofia-Grace games The First Pred 16 dnevi
The song called Savage love
Sofia-Grace games The First
Sofia-Grace games The First Pred 16 dnevi
Savage love
Parul Tripathi
Parul Tripathi Pred 17 dnevi
Ya mean a hot year 的的的的的 XD
Inez Gonsalves
Inez Gonsalves Pred 17 dnevi
I miss them all friends going to Bahamas and Miami 😟
Lauren G
Lauren G Pred 17 dnevi
Niki and Gabi are already celebrities
5sos fan page
5sos fan page Pred 18 dnevi
love how they forgot they are famous lol
Ciara Lewis
Ciara Lewis Pred 18 dnevi
Who is watching this when they are still in quar😂😂😂
Key Keough
Key Keough Pred 18 dnevi
Omg. Niki you do not need a mask outside with your friend
kira mahosky
kira mahosky Pred 19 dnevi
How did I not know Gabby could sing
Stephen Kong
Stephen Kong Pred 21 dnevom
This is dresses are fancy👩🏻‍🦰😍🐋🍩🏖🏝⏹
Ellen Moore
Ellen Moore Pred 23 dnevi
i would espouse your self
I love rabbits 101
I love rabbits 101 Pred 24 dnevi
Jeez Evan with friends #notme
I love rabbits 101
I love rabbits 101 Pred 24 dnevi
Are you'll social distancing each other
Tania Mendez
Tania Mendez Pred 25 dnevi
My ocd is bothering me. The fact she’s doing her skincare with eye makeup is disrespectful.
Grace Pred 26 dnevi
Ok let’s be real. What friends wear masks when hanging out together 😂
Stacy lily Stevens
Stacy lily Stevens Pred mesecem
am i the only one that noticed that niki and gabi both chose celebrities from high school musical and the person gabi picked from high school musicals name was gabi just me okay
Pink Cake
Pink Cake Pred mesecem
I thought Gubby will choose Ariana Grande(
Delaney Pred mesecem
hi Niki and Gabi
Samantha Jimenez
Samantha Jimenez Pred mesecem
I know the music Niki did for tik tok but I won’t say it tehe
dove cason
dove cason Pred mesecem
your fine i want u guys to go near eachother yall know yall dont have it ]
Kamiya Engram
Kamiya Engram Pred mesecem
Aleesya maisara
Aleesya maisara Pred mesecem
Gabi has an amazing voice I love it😍
Johnlauernsintheplacetobe_1 Pred mesecem
Can we just talk about how they both did People from HSM?!
Linda Thor
Linda Thor Pred mesecem
i don't even have to say a win it is Niki Gabi your second
Marlie Breen
Marlie Breen Pred mesecem
imagine gabi as a mom singing u to sleep. she has such a good voice and it was sooo cute seeing her with a little kid!!
Little Mouse
Little Mouse Pred mesecem
Gabi voice is beautiful ❤️💙💙
the bean
the bean Pred mesecem
what is up buddies
ItsJustSavannahYT Pred mesecem
me to !
Amar Ztr
Amar Ztr Pred mesecem
You’re voice is gooooooooooood and Beautiful so much gabi
Tej Patel
Tej Patel Pred mesecem
She is 39 is
Jazabella Design
Jazabella Design Pred mesecem
That pic of Gabi and wynter is sooo cute 🥺😍🥰
iiSimply_Sugar !
iiSimply_Sugar ! Pred mesecem
Low Key Niki should actually where purple more often
Rachael Daughters
Rachael Daughters Pred mesecem
I play sims
Twistie Lyons
Twistie Lyons Pred mesecem
Jesus Gabo is an AMAZING singer
Mario Jaure
Mario Jaure Pred mesecem
Gabi did’nt care about masks niki: go 6 feet apart to drink
Jazabella Design
Jazabella Design Pred mesecem
She didn't even go out of her house or meet anyone .Allie and wynter are quarantine with her
Marcell Scott
Marcell Scott Pred mesecem
Video idea: DIYing boy clothes into something you would wear
Heidi Edgington
Heidi Edgington Pred mesecem
You go Niki love the sims
Calm Cats
Calm Cats Pred mesecem
You should try on Shein and rowme and compare the too Like if you agree
lijendra maharzen
lijendra maharzen Pred mesecem
I wish i could sound like gabi~_~
monique06281988 Pred mesecem
srishti Pred mesecem
arent they celebrities?
Peter Mburu
Peter Mburu Pred mesecem
Love your singing gaby
Kait Bagwell
Kait Bagwell Pred mesecem
Niki bring back the blue hair! 😍
Ellegaitor Pred mesecem
Lol Collin talking about drilling a hole in a marble is literally my man when watching me do skincare 😂
Ellegaitor Pred mesecem
Lol tbh I class you two as celebrities well SLpost celebrities lol xx
Eloise Strudwick
Eloise Strudwick Pred mesecem
Gabi is a really good singer she can do everything
Dany Mineva
Dany Mineva Pred 2 meseci
So cute video with Collin and Gabi I’m wondering why they’re not posting this
Emily Vance
Emily Vance Pred 2 meseci
Gabi has such a Disney princess singing voice
Emily Vance
Emily Vance Pred mesecem
yasser j.m I’m confused
yasser j.m
yasser j.m Pred mesecem
You have whatsapp give me..You is your country
KLB_ Gacha
KLB_ Gacha Pred 2 meseci
I love how they have more subs than most of the celebrities
Elizabeth Nelson
Elizabeth Nelson Pred 2 meseci
I personally think niki and gabi are already are millionaires but they say there not😂
Sara Alhussini
Sara Alhussini Pred 2 meseci
sandy salguero
sandy salguero Pred 2 meseci
Cassie lilz
Cassie lilz Pred 2 meseci
Dont understand why celebes are acting like its sooo hard to stay in the 9,000000000.00 dollar house like they need to go out they have pool's theaters closets bigger then my house courts air b&b's and everything i could never afford like why they have everyhing they need at home and i love that niki and gabi arent like that l8ve y'all and the outro music
Grenadian lovely
Grenadian lovely Pred 2 meseci
For those people who thinks that charli Addison avani are celebrities they are not just to like you know
- ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
- ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Pred 2 meseci
ok but like gabis voice SHE IS ANGEL LIKE OMGG
Rodolfo Acosta
Rodolfo Acosta Pred 2 meseci
Bella and ha did and Zayo omg one direction rules love you guys
Joelle Torres Reay
Joelle Torres Reay Pred 2 meseci
I swear if either of them breaks up i'm going to cry for a 2 weeks straight . You guys are sooooo so so so so so cute together technically they cant cause they are videographers they are like instagram boyfriends lol
Sunny Ari
Sunny Ari Pred 2 meseci
Gabi is so good with kids and she so he like an angel
janesa's fun YouTube videos
janesa's fun YouTube videos Pred 2 meseci
Do not stay in your rooms do things together ❤
Gracy Sinchuri
Gracy Sinchuri Pred 2 meseci
Niki has same phone cover like charli d'amelio
Lauren Berger
Lauren Berger Pred 2 meseci
Ok niki plays TS4? WE STAN.
Valentina Cubas
Valentina Cubas Pred 2 meseci
Umm the queen of tik tok is charli d’amelio
Magic Shop
Magic Shop Pred 2 meseci
That “cheeeeeese” @ 8:28 😭😭
Debbzz Cabanizas
Debbzz Cabanizas Pred 2 meseci
Rosemary Martinez
Rosemary Martinez Pred 2 meseci
Im a big fan
Vee Pred 2 meseci
What’s the name of this filter Niki always uses? It makes her pictures look soo vibrant
katnizx Pred 2 meseci
is gabi doing a skin routine with makeup on?
haylee dutoit
haylee dutoit Pred mesecem
nope her skin is just perfect
Hazel and Eliza 4 ever
Hazel and Eliza 4 ever Pred 2 meseci
She has such a beautiful voice wow gabi ! Niki looks like such a good cook
Russ D
Russ D Pred 2 meseci
Real wife’y goals fuk that’s hot sweetheart 🐞🦄
Russ D
Russ D Pred 2 meseci
Gabby is a catch as you know. 🌌
Russ D
Russ D Pred 2 meseci
I love 💓 your work ladies 🐞🦄👌😎
ellie b
ellie b Pred 2 meseci
We stan a sims4 queen
Jānis R
Jānis R Pred 2 meseci
But gabis voice is realy good
Lisa Jacobson
Lisa Jacobson Pred 2 meseci
well the child is wearing a fendi skirt so she is basically stormy
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