Opposite Twins Style Eachother for Back to School

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Niki and Gabi

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We're twins, and we have opposite styles, looks, ways of spending, and personalities. We wanted to do a back to school challenge where we style each other!
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If you see this, comment "the matching shirts" LOL
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our opposite twins style each other for back to school video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, drive thru challenges, boyfriend swaps, pranks, twin swaps, shopping challenges 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, life swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

Fearless 89
Fearless 89 Pred 20 urami
I love the first outfit you got for Gabri and love the last outfit she got for you so in my opinion y’all tied
Nupur Sharma
Nupur Sharma Pred 4 dnevi
I won't wear anything you bought
Natalia Guerrero
Natalia Guerrero Pred 5 dnevi
Sandra Flores
Sandra Flores Pred 8 dnevi
The first one was the best both of them
Matthew Auger
Matthew Auger Pred 13 dnevi
I LOVE your vids!!!
Yamaaa Pred 15 dnevi
9:25 lmao😂
Viv Playz
Viv Playz Pred 16 dnevi
They say they can’t wear hoodies with short or Gucci and people in my school wear that stuff when I am in 5th grade and 3d graders wear this stuff
Haley Blackburn
Haley Blackburn Pred 16 dnevi
Accessories, shoes and a backpack
Kennedy Hamlin
Kennedy Hamlin Pred 19 dnevi
Your The Best ☺️ ever 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👽🎃🎃✌️✌️
Kendyl Heyer
Kendyl Heyer Pred 23 dnevi
I love your videos so so much!
megan C
megan C Pred 27 dnevi
The first outfit looks like gabis the mom taking niki her daughter to school😂😂😂 especially with that bag
Kenneth TIME
Kenneth TIME Pred 27 dnevi
Nicki: looks luxurious Gabi : this looks like for. Halloween Me:dies
Ashley Scharpf
Ashley Scharpf Pred 27 dnevi
K even if Niki has the base style of “basic” she makes it her own! She is amazing stop hating on her!
Rosalie Kennedy
Rosalie Kennedy Pred 29 dnevi
You can to wear heels to school I do it all the time
Leah Tavares
Leah Tavares Pred 29 dnevi
Gabi: I’m not good a shopping Tom boy Grammer: Am I a joke to you
Autumn Swope
Autumn Swope Pred mesecem
U guys help me so much bc ur different styles and it helps me a lot thank u so much ps ILY guys ❤️
Akira Smith
Akira Smith Pred mesecem
Was it just me or did 0:50 cut out when niki spoke then came back when Gabi spoke
Anisca Dalal
Anisca Dalal Pred mesecem
I would wear the first outfit Gabi picked for Niki
T A E Y H U N G G Pred mesecem
Lexi Kaylani
Lexi Kaylani Pred mesecem
niki “i hate uggs” also niki wears uggs in 24 hour shopping challenge 😂❤️
Fizzybell Pop
Fizzybell Pop Pred mesecem
Loved the outfits but would have paired the Victoria Secret outfit with white but still like it a lot
Chloe Riley
Chloe Riley Pred mesecem
Emily Lee
Emily Lee Pred mesecem
Pajamas for school? Lol
Isla Miller Saucedo
Isla Miller Saucedo Pred mesecem
skylee schad
skylee schad Pred mesecem
i’m in love with the hoodie fit gabi put nikki in
Lucy Aber
Lucy Aber Pred mesecem
“the matching shirts” lol
Alexandra Rojas
Alexandra Rojas Pred mesecem
Remember when we could go to school
aly Vee
aly Vee Pred mesecem
Wow Niki was shook when she shopped at the one place
sierra Coins
sierra Coins Pred mesecem
Can we just talk about how gabby and nicky style had got so much better since we had to stay inside
Ruger Welding
Ruger Welding Pred mesecem
You’re my favorite youtuberin the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you are rich$$$$$$$$$$$❤️😍😻
Martha Beales
Martha Beales Pred mesecem
Id wear Gabis first outfit
Lilli Wright
Lilli Wright Pred mesecem
Both of u did good love u guys so much
Anastasia Ovashvili
Anastasia Ovashvili Pred mesecem
addii Pred mesecem
Yo I just watched the luxury real real haul thing so after I clicked on the video.....I got a real real add........
AYAN ABDI Pred mesecem
Lindsey Gins
Lindsey Gins Pred mesecem
nikki won
Keyleigh Dawson
Keyleigh Dawson Pred mesecem
1g 2n
musicforthefrogs Pred mesecem
3:10 um how is that an issue I get my stuff from Walmart and target girl 😭
Alyssa PlayzMincraft
Alyssa PlayzMincraft Pred mesecem
Ima be gabis kid I love that outfit
Hailey watson
Hailey watson Pred mesecem
I wear heels all the time to school... 😂
khizra farhan
khizra farhan Pred mesecem
Niki is not following gabi on twitter 😂
Tiffany Sims
Tiffany Sims Pred mesecem
omg i love you guy so bad gabi looks like Arianna granda im so dead
becca sullivan
becca sullivan Pred mesecem
I heard "the accessories, shoes, and backpack" hmmmm
lena van den akker
lena van den akker Pred mesecem
In outfit one Gabi looked like a mom and Niki looked like a little kid so it looked gabi was a mom styling niki
E.L. L.E
E.L. L.E Pred mesecem
The editing is shady towards Gabi not Niki, and Niki keeps being rude to Gabi
Izzy Rose
Izzy Rose Pred mesecem
I would wear gabi's first outfit and nikki's second outfit. I actually have an outfit very similar to nikki's. It's a white leotard for under, a red jean jacket, and jeggings.
Izzy Rose
Izzy Rose Pred mesecem
The accessories, shoes, a backpack. That's what I heard.
Eloise Strudwick
Eloise Strudwick Pred 2 meseci
Niki is being a spoiled brat bye saying that 🤣!!!!
Lakshita Popli
Lakshita Popli Pred 2 meseci
I hate how the thumbnail said niki is cheap and gabi is rich. I mean I am too like Gabi, all about pink and fur and satin, but that doesn't mean Niki is cheap. Wearing regular clothes is not cheap. They both I am sure earn equally, they both have vlog channels, they both work equally hard for this channel.. And to think Niki approved this 🙄
Nikella zoe Amparo
Nikella zoe Amparo Pred 2 meseci
In their first outfit niki is like the lazy student and gabi is the pretty/bougie teacher or mom Like if you agree
Amanda G
Amanda G Pred 2 meseci
Gabi: Why does everything smell like farts?” LMAAO
Rick Garib
Rick Garib Pred 2 meseci
Niki said accessories shoes a backpack
lavanya sankerneni
lavanya sankerneni Pred 2 meseci
Miss Madison Rose
Miss Madison Rose Pred 2 meseci
Lol Gabi is gonna be such a cool mom
Lindy Phelps
Lindy Phelps Pred 2 meseci
niki I love your style
Aqua luna Slimes
Aqua luna Slimes Pred 2 meseci
Matching shirts
Sia Kapoor
Sia Kapoor Pred 2 meseci
not me binging on old vlogs lmaooooo!!! never imagine niki going to victorias secret shopping w gabs style!!
eva shabelsky
eva shabelsky Pred 2 meseci
aww :( poor gabi! I feel bad niki called gabi basic
Avery Stewart
Avery Stewart Pred 2 meseci
Just because Niki like basic things doesn’t mean she’s basic. Y’all are like I’m not basic but I’ma scrunchie girl. That’s not basic 😂 it’s just a accessory
Charles Brumfield
Charles Brumfield Pred 2 meseci
and btw im a girl the photo is weird
Charles Brumfield
Charles Brumfield Pred 2 meseci
both won because yall are pretty :)
Libby Sanford
Libby Sanford Pred 2 meseci
Gabi : this leotard thing Me: you mean a body suit. Lmaooo
Sarah Samman
Sarah Samman Pred 2 meseci
i feel like niki is always so rude in every single video
Alana Brick
Alana Brick Pred 2 meseci
You can wear heels to school lol
Narc Anon
Narc Anon Pred 2 meseci
# opposite twins
Mariya Ukrainskaya
Mariya Ukrainskaya Pred 2 meseci
i just noticed but i feel like gabi kinda sounds like Selena Gomez
kaylee unicorns and rainbows
kaylee unicorns and rainbows Pred 2 meseci
U can were high heels to school
Lakeshia Gaines
Lakeshia Gaines Pred 3 meseci
ariana grande fan
ariana grande fan Pred 3 meseci
Niki didnt say " the accessories she use a backpack " she said " the accessories shoes and backpack "
Lila the Queenie weenie
Lila the Queenie weenie Pred 3 meseci
0:32 Fiona is here
Maz Ali
Maz Ali Pred 3 meseci
colin is shrec
Chloe Chow
Chloe Chow Pred 3 meseci
"Shes just to bougie to go to school"
Just Kim
Just Kim Pred 3 meseci
another green look from gabby that I loveeeee
Richard Solorzano
Richard Solorzano Pred 3 meseci
L. Aboelwafa
L. Aboelwafa Pred 3 meseci
Gabi got niki freaking uggs and niki was like “um i dont like uggs” lmao if my sister bought me uggs i’d like throw her a party or something lmaoo
poppy hillier
poppy hillier Pred 3 meseci
gabi is so dramatic like lowkey jsut chill like gabi just laugh it off
Roblox-playz -
Roblox-playz - Pred 3 meseci
Love u guys XX
Violet Calder
Violet Calder Pred 3 meseci
0:49 who else couldn't hear them
Violet Calder
Violet Calder Pred 3 meseci
@AS - 08JJ 766472 Thomas Street MS oh ok
AS - 08JJ 766472 Thomas Street MS
AS - 08JJ 766472 Thomas Street MS Pred 3 meseci
Violet Calder i saw a comment that said they muted it so you don’t know the mall they went to
Toni Pavlovick
Toni Pavlovick Pred 3 meseci
Gabi talking about farts is hilarious 😂😂😂
New York Girl
New York Girl Pred 3 meseci
They would NOT make it in the doors to school
Gladys Erekefe
Gladys Erekefe Pred 3 meseci
Jiya Sharma
Jiya Sharma Pred 3 meseci
Niki thinks she is unique but Gabi is a luxury baby
Evelin Alvarez
Evelin Alvarez Pred 3 meseci
I would wear gabbi's first and nikkis second so both onw
Elizabeth Nguyen
Elizabeth Nguyen Pred 3 meseci
Imagine buying any jeans in your size and them always fitting
Katie Mcbride
Katie Mcbride Pred 3 meseci
I would definitely wear that hoodie with the shorts and boots if it weren't pink!
Vanvanrose Pred 3 meseci
Gabi: why does everything smell like farts 💨? 😂🤣lol
Sophie MacInnes
Sophie MacInnes Pred 3 meseci
From 9:42 to 10:20 it looks like Gabi is the mom and Niki is the kid Just me? Just me ok
Layla Grey
Layla Grey Pred 3 meseci
Team gabi
Maria Weaver
Maria Weaver Pred 3 meseci
Gabi: "It's hard shopping for a tomboy." Me: Bruh, Nikis not a tomboy. What tomboy wears crop tops and short shirts like her. I'm a tomboy and HATE crop tops and most stuff Niki wears. I mean her colors are tomboy, but shes not a tomboy.
Nabiha Omar
Nabiha Omar Pred 19 dnevi
To tru i mean I am a girly girly but like she is not a a tomboy
Emmalee Dalman
Emmalee Dalman Pred 3 meseci
what gabi picked out doesn’t even look like pyjamas it’s a hoodie and shorts i wear those to school all the time😂 nikis was legit pyjamas
luhvly Pred mesecem
I mean- they both do. I can't imagine going out in a hoodie and shorts let alone school
Arielle Kutz
Arielle Kutz Pred 3 meseci
Did anyone here one last time playing in the background of the store at 1:17
Chloe Freund
Chloe Freund Pred 3 meseci
Finally nothing that’s LV or Chanel welcome to my my world I love coach
Xhxney laverne
Xhxney laverne Pred 3 meseci
To bad that i cant see u in person🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺❤🧡💛💚💙💜🔮🌈🏳️‍🌈
Nyxdoa r
Nyxdoa r Pred 4 meseci
Tye dye an outfit for school edition: Formal Test Sports day Normal Also do a tye dye seasoned edition Fall, winter, spring, summer
Sina Anthony
Sina Anthony Pred 4 meseci
Dawm I literally felt bad for gabi
Kiley Bear
Kiley Bear Pred 4 meseci
0:50 do you guys hear what she us saying? The audio just turns off for a few seconds
AS - 08JJ 766472 Thomas Street MS
AS - 08JJ 766472 Thomas Street MS Pred 3 meseci
Kiley Bear i saw a comment that said they muted it so you don’t know the mall they went to
Mary Cruz Calderón
Mary Cruz Calderón Pred 4 meseci
0:49 😭🤣
AS - 08JJ 766472 Thomas Street MS
AS - 08JJ 766472 Thomas Street MS Pred 3 meseci
Mary Cruz Calderón i saw a comment that said they muted it so you don’t know the mall they went to
Alex Pred 4 meseci
Haha saaame
Juliette Downer
Juliette Downer Pred 4 meseci
I love your guys vids u guys should do a one colour vid
Amna Haleem
Amna Haleem Pred 4 meseci
I thought she said accessories shoes and bagpack
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