Facing Middle School 10 years After Being Bullied

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Niki and Gabi

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Part 2: Confronting Ex-Bestfriend from Middle School 10 years Later
10 years ago, we were both bullied in 7th grade to the point where we had to transfer schools to overcome it. We never thought we'd step foot in the hallways where it all happened ever again. Now, 10 years later, we challenge ourselves to face our fears and walk the same hallways again.
#bullied #stopbullying

DISCLAIMER: If you are being bullied, or know anyone being bullied, don't hold back from telling a trusted adult and taking action. Speak up. If it's happening to you, please know that this is a temporary situation and there's so much more ahead of you to come. Don't let a small portion of your youth take away your excitement of the future.
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Sinead Winder
Sinead Winder Pred 2 leti
This cliff hanger is getting more excited than most tv shows or movies do
Alivia Rose
Alivia Rose Pred mesecem
@b wolf do not say those words that is really really offensive
Harlan Flores
Harlan Flores Pred 2 meseci
ItsEmily Gacha
ItsEmily Gacha Pred 3 meseci
dang 19k likes!! congratulations!
Itz Daisy
Itz Daisy Pred 4 meseci
When you were sad and talking about what happened it just felt like a punch in the stomach 😔
Shelly Graves
Shelly Graves Pred 4 meseci
Sinead Winder gwEc
Cia Hosamani
Cia Hosamani Pred dnevom
I can relate a lot...but the thing is i was alone...... i dont have a sister, and my brother also thought that i was a creep. I am crying....
FaceTime Hamster
FaceTime Hamster Pred 2 dnevi
Forky Hale
Forky Hale Pred 2 dnevi
Alma Carrillo
Alma Carrillo Pred 4 dnevi
Aww it ok
Elle B
Elle B Pred 5 dnevi
This video had me crying
Jana Mubarak
Jana Mubarak Pred 6 dnevi
i have bulliers and i understand and thats true some girls are very mean
G͜͡a͜͡c͜͡h͜͡a͜͡ l͜͡i͜͡f͜͡e͜͡ L͜͡i͜͡l͜͡y͜͡
G͜͡a͜͡c͜͡h͜͡a͜͡ l͜͡i͜͡f͜͡e͜͡ L͜͡i͜͡l͜͡y͜͡ Pred 6 dnevi
There’s bullying watching this banging there head
Jon Raimondi
Jon Raimondi Pred 8 dnevi
imagine those bullies aren't doing so well in life, watching this while yall are rich-
Royal Hearts
Royal Hearts Pred 9 dnevi
I really feel bad for you I lm literally crying for you guys but see where you know
Your waffling STOP IT
Your waffling STOP IT Pred 11 dnevi
This makes me cry 😭 I fell Sorry for u guys and what had happened
Arabellah Hernandez
Arabellah Hernandez Pred 11 dnevi
Thanks you guys inspire me so much and you taught me that i can be more then what guys think i am. Thanks so much!
Bunnyz gaming hazel
Bunnyz gaming hazel Pred 12 dnevi
I love you guy this makes me feel so much better about my bullying
ItsjustRoloxforllifr Pred 14 dnevi
It’s sad that people go through this and I am in 4th grade right now but oh boy I got builled in 2 1 per k and anything under thoses it’s sad that people get builled
Juan hates LEGO my ego Vs Michael
Juan hates LEGO my ego Vs Michael Pred 14 dnevi
Going back to 2007 2008 year
junglejulia92 Pred 16 dnevi
It's been 12years since I left highschool, since then i've even moved countries... everytime that i'm back to my home town I avoid taking the streets that pass by my then highscool. I am traumatised till this day... I'm 28 years old and I sometimes still fear facing groups of teenagers... Bullying it's been the worst thing that has happened to me....
Ashley ,
Ashley , Pred 17 dnevi
imagine that feeling but at home ...
Kani Gaming
Kani Gaming Pred 20 dnevi
Im in the 5th grade and i am Scared to get Bullied
Kimberly Nguyen
Kimberly Nguyen Pred 23 dnevi
That what happened to me in 7th grade and I didn’t want going to school anymore and I feel so depression and angry and that time I didn’t want go to school anymore that was like 2 day ago.
Kandi Pred 24 dnevi
I can’t think about loosing my bff. I love her so much and I’m starting middle school. This makes me scared
MEGAN MCHUGH Pred 26 dnevi
I’m a twin to. With a boy
MEGAN MCHUGH Pred 26 dnevi
Kaitlyn Johnson
Kaitlyn Johnson Pred 27 dnevi
You can do it guys
Moriah Lydia
Moriah Lydia Pred 28 dnevi
I went through all of that all on😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Delilah Ann
Delilah Ann Pred 28 dnevi
Cyber bullying is worse in Australia because all schools say well it didn’t happen here so we can’t do anything
Hannah Kouadio
Hannah Kouadio Pred 29 dnevi
what about your older sis alex?
Celia Rutledge
Celia Rutledge Pred mesecem
Are you sure a girls are so aggressive
Celia Rutledge
Celia Rutledge Pred mesecem
Love You
nicole jackson
nicole jackson Pred mesecem
What ever happened to girls supporting girls
James Han
James Han Pred mesecem
Middle school can be tough guys... hey for me high school was much harder experience... it was my worst educational times. High school was tougher than college.
Analyn Woolen
Analyn Woolen Pred mesecem
I am crying
Phoebe McLoughlin
Phoebe McLoughlin Pred mesecem
I was bullied but I just keeped it to my self never do that u feel so like there is a hole in your body
Madison Miller
Madison Miller Pred mesecem
This hits really close to home bc I’m now I’m middle school and I got bullied by my best friends ex friend and it hurts me to talk about it but you went through it I know that I can tell you
HelloKaylee Pred mesecem
When the bullies see this video they are gonna regret bullying them because Nikki and gabi are now rich and famous and the bullies aren’t.
melody estrada
melody estrada Pred mesecem
I’m 12 years old so I understand what Nikki is talking about
Secretive Bunny
Secretive Bunny Pred mesecem
Gaby looks like Ariana grande
Bralee VanSkyock
Bralee VanSkyock Pred mesecem
imagine their bullies seeing this and realizing how successful they became
Alannas Channel
Alannas Channel Pred mesecem
Hi niki and ya I This is sad for me because I told my mom I can’t go to middle school I’m doing homeschool and she said yes cause she understands me the most I’m difrent I’m a girl with 22q112dision and I get nervous so I didn’t want to go I rly want a. Sister the same age that’s all I want in my liege right now I also feel that your bullies watch ur SLpost love u I do have an older older sister and 2 bro’s also I am at that age now and I’m doing homeschool I’m so lucky I don’t go because actually everyone doesn’t go now lol
Charlie Cecillia
Charlie Cecillia Pred mesecem
Wish the ppl who bullied you could see u now
NINJU H Pred mesecem
who is laughing now you are rich and famous
Shaun Noelte
Shaun Noelte Pred mesecem
My best friend dumped me because of a dream 😢
Shaun Noelte
Shaun Noelte Pred mesecem
This is the sadness thing to watch
1k Subscribers Challenge
1k Subscribers Challenge Pred mesecem
I have a feeling after knowing they're famous now they'll become suck up social climbers on her she gotta be careful
Sophie Hills
Sophie Hills Pred mesecem
Wow! This is inspiring.😉
Muqadas Khan
Muqadas Khan Pred mesecem
You dont know what I have been through you know this means a lot to me
Willie Scott
Willie Scott Pred mesecem
Peachy Dom
Peachy Dom Pred mesecem
i figured shit out Gabi posts a lot when chanel workers judge her, THATS THE BULLIES!!!
Lopez Fan
Lopez Fan Pred mesecem
To the people who bullied them hhahaha you mad or nah they turned into nice butiful people
Dean Lindsey
Dean Lindsey Pred mesecem
at my old school there was a lot of kids that had to sit alone and I asked if they weren't wanted me to stay with them and some of them are crying but I have been get the running as you know what you're just jealous
Dean Lindsey
Dean Lindsey Pred mesecem
And I'm sorry for what happened
Dean Lindsey
Dean Lindsey Pred mesecem
I went through the same thing at my at my other school but good thing I transferred
Nora Krave
Nora Krave Pred mesecem
im so sorry
Aspyn Dupuis
Aspyn Dupuis Pred 2 meseci
I feel so bad for you two this is really sad and I hope all your friends who did that are watching this
Alivia Rose
Alivia Rose Pred 2 meseci
This video is very help full because I am going to my school in the fith grade and all my friends don't talk to me anymore and they are all the same class and I already know I'm gonna be a alone and this video helped cause now I know that things will get better 😔🥺😊😐
Alivia Rose
Alivia Rose Pred mesecem
@Astridthegem ohh I live in Idaho
Astridthegem Pred mesecem
@Alivia Rose Oh I live in Florida
Astridthegem Pred mesecem
@Alivia Rose What
Alivia Rose
Alivia Rose Pred mesecem
@Astridthegem I know what state do you live in
Astridthegem Pred mesecem
@Alivia Rose Ik it will be harder bc of social distancing and stuff
Bella Play’s
Bella Play’s Pred 2 meseci
I almost cried ఌ by joci
Soleil Heersping
Soleil Heersping Pred 2 meseci
I don't get the point of this video
Jane Kara Marie Q. Catbagan
Jane Kara Marie Q. Catbagan Pred 2 meseci
I-i wanna visit my old school its been 3 years😭😭😭i miss my teachers and my old bff
Frostii_ Pred 2 meseci
I’m binge watching all ur videos, andthe school I used to be at Hurt Me so much I left the school and moved to another city and a new house.
The Doll Family 1
The Doll Family 1 Pred 2 meseci
When ever bullied you I don't like them you girl s are amazing
i feel so bad for you i wish you don't ever go through this pain love you
Norma Desantiago
Norma Desantiago Pred 2 meseci
Everytime i get bullied i dont care cause at the end of the day im not going to know them and i just need to focus on Myself .
AG Maddie 4ever
AG Maddie 4ever Pred 2 meseci
Niki “4 and 6 were my favorite numbers for some reason” Me”OMG SAAAAAAAAME
BlueBerry Plays
BlueBerry Plays Pred 2 meseci
imagine if there bullies where watching this.
Destiny Wright
Destiny Wright Pred 2 meseci
The fact that I have circle tables now it always gives me bad feelings
UwUOwOlo0ol :3
UwUOwOlo0ol :3 Pred 2 meseci
Scarred ;3
Sunshine Playz games
Sunshine Playz games Pred 2 meseci
I'm so sorry this happened to you you for sure didnt deserve this and I hope you are ok
xXMklky _TeaXx
xXMklky _TeaXx Pred 2 meseci
I’m sorry for what u went tho and sorry for what happen I really wish it didn’t but if it makes u feel better I subscribed and just comment and liked!! Love your channel btw! I’m
Brooke Scott
Brooke Scott Pred 2 meseci
I know how it feels in now 11 years old and was bullied for 8 years straight ... I got bullied because my brother has disabilitys and because my dad's dead.... It was the saddest time... I moved schools 5 years into being bullied and still it continued but this time worse... I was told to kill myself I was swore at and made fun off I know how it feels but you guys have to remember that you are lucky to have each othet because I didn't have anyone... You would make my dad if you could share my short in a video and show people that this is what Goes on in the world because people need to hear what goes on.😭😭😭😭😭
livingthelifewithholly x
livingthelifewithholly x Pred 2 meseci
Awww I'm sorry xx 😔😭🙏
Jared Lawson
Jared Lawson Pred 2 meseci
I was going through all that alone my friend was still my friend but just she is shy and isn’t stick up for me
Jared Lawson
Jared Lawson Pred 2 meseci
Do you have any advice I’m going in to middle and that haappend to me In fifth grade
Sophie Kelly
Sophie Kelly Pred 2 meseci
I am just going into middle school. So this is getting me nervous but empowering if that makes sense. Luv u guys!❤️😬😁
Büşra Pred 2 meseci
Omg this is so sad. This video reminds me im bullyed in the high school. Im bullyed because of my weight. Teenage boys suck and bully is suck! Its been 3 years since i have been bullyed but i still feel the same. I cant get over it but im trying.
Deema Altheebah
Deema Altheebah Pred 2 meseci
I’m entering seventh grade and I’m really scared right now
Donald Clement
Donald Clement Pred 2 meseci
Where can i watch the video at 22:51
Liefo Lily
Liefo Lily Pred 2 meseci
I would tell my mom and stepdad and thankfully they know jiu jitsu soooo bye bye to them
anesa Pred 2 meseci
niki and gabi are so pretty, ilygsm! 💕💕
dobby's bae
dobby's bae Pred 2 meseci
This video made me feel very bad for them because im going through that situation and i know how much pain it causes.
Jayla Woods
Jayla Woods Pred 2 meseci
Doriane Fiave
Doriane Fiave Pred 2 meseci
That was..... So emotional and beatiful
Yuedts Pred 2 meseci
I wish i have a twin so i wo't be alone
Hayley the Fraternal Twin
Hayley the Fraternal Twin Pred 2 meseci
Why is it always the youtubers that were bullied? Why did they have such a bad life? I feel so bad for them!
Nadalia Kizirian
Nadalia Kizirian Pred 2 meseci
You guys never deserved to have to go through that kind of stuff you guess seem so nice
Sofia Asuncion
Sofia Asuncion Pred 2 meseci
This video can relate to many others watching sometimes even including me this helps a lot!:)
XxJaxlyxX Plays roblox
XxJaxlyxX Plays roblox Pred 2 meseci
Yeah I get bullied I’m 10 and I’m kinda over Weight and like it’s hard for me😭
TheCowSquad Pred 2 meseci
I got bullied in school at 1st grade I was getting pushed and blamed so I always got in trouble I was going through a really hard time and I was close to having depression I let it out at some point so I’m better I’m really close to Middle school so I hope I don’t get bullied lucky I’m in a better place and better time but from a result of getting bullied and going through a rough time I’m really sensitive but I’m better
Oliplays roblox
Oliplays roblox Pred 2 meseci
Omg if I was in middle school with you I would be your friend and fight for you move schools with you I would love you 😘
Leia Cariappa
Leia Cariappa Pred 2 meseci
Luckily I'm having 7th grade online, nice to have a break from those idiotic mean girls 😥
Manuel Zacariaz
Manuel Zacariaz Pred 2 meseci
Who cares about those girls they were mean and look at you know youve come so far and have sucesses and who knows maybe they were jelous and you dont need them anymore you fans got you girl and have your back and i get i get bullied for being fat and im sometimes depressed ! ❤
Noodles 2311
Noodles 2311 Pred 2 meseci
@Manuel Zacariaz np
Manuel Zacariaz
Manuel Zacariaz Pred 2 meseci
@Noodles 2311 thx
Noodles 2311
Noodles 2311 Pred 2 meseci
Don't worry you will be happy one day and I bet you are beautiful 💕
Alicia Ceravolo
Alicia Ceravolo Pred 2 meseci
Niki where did you get that outfit it's so cute!!!
Evelyn Polak
Evelyn Polak Pred 2 meseci
i went and still going threw this alone that's why i watch you
Jayla Middleton
Jayla Middleton Pred 2 meseci
Same that make me wanna kms
isabella pacheco Plss sub
isabella pacheco Plss sub Pred 2 meseci
I hope them people that bullied understand how far you are in life And you should be proud of yourself
Nora B
Nora B Pred 2 meseci
This is a really touching video and so well done but I can’t get over gabi’s pant/skirt thing I need it❤️❤️
ImEmmaLuv Pred 2 meseci
Oh god should i be scared for middle school?? 😓 Edit: omg those outfits are so cute! Also, this is why I WANT A TWIN SISTER. I would always have someone to talk to that way! I have two brothers but they aint sisters 😆
Harlan Flores
Harlan Flores Pred 2 meseci
OMG hi if you see this comment. 😥👉👈 can you be my best friend.
alyssa villalobos
alyssa villalobos Pred 2 meseci
I started getting bullied in kindergarten I would cry ever day up till this day I’m 14 and I am scared to go to school crying every day I love summer break cause I don’t see people 10 I almost felt like I just want to end me cause I didn’t have any one
Tha Games
Tha Games Pred 2 meseci
In my school even tho it has long tables it still has the clique clownery, the girls just make a square in a part of the table and sit there, I have nobody to sit with so I just sit alone next to random people and watch your videos
Italia Cruz
Italia Cruz Pred 2 meseci
sorry i ment so
Italia Cruz
Italia Cruz Pred 2 meseci
i fill do bad for niki and gabi there so mean how ever was your bully
Maysoon Abdalla
Maysoon Abdalla Pred 2 meseci
Yo I used to go there before I came to Australia
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