Who's the Better Girlfriend? Sister vs Sister

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Niki and Gabi

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Who's the Better Girlfriend? You heard correct..
we do a lot of sister vs sister challenges, and boyfriend swaps, and since it was just valentines day, we thought we would do a challenge around our relationships and see who is the better girlfriend! in this video, both of our boyfriends rate us throughout the day! see who won at the end of the video:)
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If you see this, comment "niki was about to hairtie Nate omg"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our who's the better girlfriend video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

livie loo
livie loo Pred dnevom
I love how they both have two different types of relationships. Nate and Niki are more *adorable* and *simple.* While Colin and Gabi are more *romantic* and *fancy.* They’re both cute in different ways.
Maddie Cooper
Maddie Cooper Pred dnevom
Gabi:we gonna have such a good summer Months later Stuck in a pandemic trapped inside 😂
Natalie Carragher
Natalie Carragher Pred 2 dnevi
6:39 and then go back 10 seconds and look at the face Nate maked
Melanie van Eeten
Melanie van Eeten Pred 3 dnevi
Niki writes Nate a "love letter". Nate: "you make me seem like kind of a loner" "it hurts but its true" A love letter isn't supposed to hurt though :')
Summer Snow
Summer Snow Pred 4 dnevi
During the yoga challenge the pants niki was wearing made her look 4 feet tall
yesenia macias jimenez
yesenia macias jimenez Pred 5 dnevi
l love you
Ssavage Olivia
Ssavage Olivia Pred 5 dnevi
Gabi's letter:Sweet and Lovely Niki's letter:Distract and funny
Alyssa Free
Alyssa Free Pred 5 dnevi
um can I live in gabi's house, I feel like some vintage back in the day wife cooking. I would DIE to be her sue chef thooo the cute little aprons YES
Alyssa Free
Alyssa Free Pred 5 dnevi
niki: were going to be doing physical touching me: s**
Taylah Ralston
Taylah Ralston Pred 6 dnevi
Collin and Gabi: yay concert ! Corona virus: yuh,yuh sure
Cassandra Mitchell
Cassandra Mitchell Pred 6 dnevi
Cassandra Mitchell
Cassandra Mitchell Pred 6 dnevi
My love language is 100% physical touch!!!!!
leahgrace 45
leahgrace 45 Pred 6 dnevi
Gabi: “we are gonna have such a great summer” 2020: nah let’s change that
Frankie Begley
Frankie Begley Pred 7 dnevi
Collin makes me laugh so much
Hiya Hussain
Hiya Hussain Pred 7 dnevi
Everybody: *talking about the video* Me: *OMG look at Gabi’s lavender nails!*
Ashley Collins
Ashley Collins Pred 7 dnevi
They didn’t tie cause Nikis if u go back she got two 8’s and 3 10’s not a nine and an 8 plus for gabi S ratings Collin said 7 or 8 which equals to 7.5 so there for Nikis= 46 Gabis=47.5
Ari pootato
Ari pootato Pred 8 dnevi
Gabi has a lovey dovey relationship and niki has a fun and playful relationship
Abigail Shamrell
Abigail Shamrell Pred 8 dnevi
Gabi said "We're gonna have such a good summer!" Nope...
Hale No Beech
Hale No Beech Pred 10 dnevi
Okay i'm obsessed with Gabi and Collin
Sophie Thomas
Sophie Thomas Pred 10 dnevi
I love this vid
Sydney Watson
Sydney Watson Pred 10 dnevi
At 10:19 “we’re going to have such a good summer” then COVID-19 happens 😕☹️😊
Forever Young
Forever Young Pred 10 dnevi
When Niki went flying in the yoga challenge I was like ahhahahahbab
MeemersWorld Pred 12 dnevi
Gabi and Collins relationship is like Ken and Barbie
Emilia Bryce
Emilia Bryce Pred 12 dnevi
Niki always seems to be forcing it it with Nate.
Taco Bell
Taco Bell Pred 15 dnevi
The fact that gabi said “We are going to have the best summer” like legit broke me
Zuha Sajid
Zuha Sajid Pred 15 dnevi
I can relate with nate on this that he cutt marks on that food part because i freaking hate mayonnaise too😂😂
Mei Eileen
Mei Eileen Pred 17 dnevi
This is my favorite hair color I like on them❤️
Soha Shah
Soha Shah Pred 20 dnevi
Collin: ooooooo a candle Me: Gabi is lucky, matter of a fact she doesn’t even need a child she has Collin
Diana Velazquez
Diana Velazquez Pred 21 dnevom
Wow gabi should be a poetic 😂
sisi Pred 22 dnevi
Can someone explain to me how lavender is close to ginger lime?
Kendyl Heyer
Kendyl Heyer Pred 23 dnevi
I love your videos so so much!
orlane amegan
orlane amegan Pred 23 dnevi
Are you sister's?
Just 2 Sisters
Just 2 Sisters Pred 26 dnevi
How old are you Gabby
ella schoder
ella schoder Pred 26 dnevi
little did gabi know they wouldn’t be going to that concert 😳😳
Aditi Das
Aditi Das Pred 27 dnevi
Niki and Nate 🔥.. sassy 🔥🔥
Cali Mooney
Cali Mooney Pred 27 dnevi
You guys be bad what's one to do with another so if you have a tie then that's awesome it's perfect
Gacha Cherry_blossome
Gacha Cherry_blossome Pred 27 dnevi
Why is Collin the happiest person?
Zoey Len
Zoey Len Pred 29 dnevi
I don’t think that don’t worry about the hate
Rutuja Gour
Rutuja Gour Pred mesecem
in every sister vs sister video niki gets so much hate for being herself like cmon guys,i know you love gabi but niki is not nabi she is niki and we have lo love her the way she is
raahim Humayun malik
raahim Humayun malik Pred mesecem
Tie breaker
Ellie Mckay
Ellie Mckay Pred mesecem
gabi and collin are so cute💗
Koalaelli Pred mesecem
Actually he gave Niki a 7
Koalaelli Pred mesecem
Nvm it was an 8
Koalaelli Pred mesecem
And an 8
Kaitlyn Tran
Kaitlyn Tran Pred mesecem
ok ik y'all don't see it but niki and gabi are actually good sisters to each other. like y'all think they're toxic but that's lowkey ALL sibling relationships. it's normal. that's basically me and my brother. so like... i don't see the problem lol.
Tabia Mohammadi
Tabia Mohammadi Pred mesecem
Tie breakeeerr
Tabia Mohammadi
Tabia Mohammadi Pred mesecem
According to me l think gabi won she put so much effort on it
Zoya Ahmed
Zoya Ahmed Pred mesecem
haha gabi said they’re gonna have such a good summer I love her but like that was funny watching this later with corona
Madison Stevens
Madison Stevens Pred mesecem
Do a tiy breaker
The Hazel Verse
The Hazel Verse Pred mesecem
How is lavender similar to ginger?
Skye_ Drama queen
Skye_ Drama queen Pred mesecem
Who what’s a tie breaker ➡️
Alyssa Zavie
Alyssa Zavie Pred mesecem
Chapstick unless it says flavored isn’t flavored to taste it’s a scent , what are you guys doing trying to taste each other’s chapstick?? 🤣🤣🤣
Alyssa Zavie
Alyssa Zavie Pred mesecem
Wait COLIN PLAYS THE SIMS?!?!? I want a guy like that omg 🤣
Noora Qureshi
Noora Qureshi Pred mesecem
are u guys twins? i am also a twin! I am trying to make a challenge channel and i take so many ideas from yall! thank you! so excited! :)
Danny Dinosaur
Danny Dinosaur Pred mesecem
niki was about to hairtie Nate omg
Maggie Anglin
Maggie Anglin Pred mesecem
Collin is my favoriteeeee!!!!
Mexican Crackheads
Mexican Crackheads Pred mesecem
Collin:10 10 10 10 Nate : being honest
Scarlett Tyler
Scarlett Tyler Pred mesecem
They are scared to say anything but 10😆
iiquxra Pred mesecem
*watches this during corona a lil after summer ended* gaby: “were gonna have such a great summer” me um corona happened lol good luck
Gaea Pred mesecem
Oh i get a 7 for hot tube date ? Yeah its mainly 10 for because im pretty much naked 😂
Maria Manzo
Maria Manzo Pred mesecem
Nate is me I hate mayo too
Canadian QueenBee
Canadian QueenBee Pred mesecem
gamer paddy
gamer paddy Pred mesecem
The love Letters are completely different
Cherry BTS
Cherry BTS Pred mesecem
The camera man would have felt third wheeler
It’sMe Dana
It’sMe Dana Pred mesecem
I’ve never been one to compare Niki and Gabi, just due to them both being so different style wise and personality wise, and adore them both. Along with they’re both just as equally wonderful as each other just in completely different ways, generally I don’t like to compare people, it’s negative and unnecessary. I’m completely aware everyone’s relationship has its own dynamic for what works for them, and you do you. But in the same breath Niki always gets so dang salty towards poor Nate and just in general, I feel bad. I’m aware nobody’s perfect, I’m not. But when Gabi receives anything that isn’t a ten she seems fine with it, a little bummed but fine, Niki on the other hand takes it so personally as if it’s a personal attack on her as a person. I feel bad for Nate... Either he’s honest and she’s kinda salty towards him or he lies and she’s like it don’t want a sympathy vote, like the poor guy can’t win.
Lyna Gamer
Lyna Gamer Pred mesecem
Nathaniel is hard on niki not gonna lie
Issey Eaton
Issey Eaton Pred mesecem
Nate : I can’t give you a ten Niki: how can I make it a ten Nate : I can’t give you a ten for everythinggg Niki : starts singing hair tie Me : okayyyyyyyyyyy 😳😳😳
Justin Guthrie
Justin Guthrie Pred mesecem
I love your videos but you need to be in a different relationship Gabby and Colin should get Niki and Nate should get married
Bzks Jsisososo
Bzks Jsisososo Pred mesecem
18:36 u are the flexible twin
Bzks Jsisososo
Bzks Jsisososo Pred mesecem
7:17 to 7:38 ari vibes
Bzks Jsisososo
Bzks Jsisososo Pred mesecem
7:12 ariana vibes
ツXxÉłłáxX Pred mesecem
There shouldn’t be a tie breaker cuz both niki and gabi are both good girlfriends :3
Saar Said
Saar Said Pred mesecem
pls do part 2 pls
Elizabeth Nelson
Elizabeth Nelson Pred mesecem
roseanna walker
roseanna walker Pred mesecem
6:43 awwwe group hug
Xxkpop_lovelyxX Pred mesecem
8:01 I've never seen nate be so smiley it's so cute lol
Steve Harness
Steve Harness Pred mesecem
Yes do a part 2 please!
Valentyna Nanarova
Valentyna Nanarova Pred mesecem
Colin and gabi are so cute together
Isabella Escoto
Isabella Escoto Pred mesecem
Gabi seriously needs to get married
marissa Pred mesecem
I absolutely love your videos
R.A.H Hauls
R.A.H Hauls Pred mesecem
Gianna Santangelo
Gianna Santangelo Pred mesecem
tie breaker!!
Gianna Santangelo
Gianna Santangelo Pred mesecem
i love the color of your hair
nicole tatiana
nicole tatiana Pred mesecem
they have to get marry
I want a tie breaker.
Toni Dreste
Toni Dreste Pred mesecem
8:43 in video if you see the tea pot my mom has the same one
a g
a g Pred mesecem
Idk why ppl like to compare both the relationship......all of them are four different personalities.. ppl just like to say niki wanna prove herself better than gabi and vice versa ....if you are a fan gabi praise her and leave or if you are a fan of niki praise and leave why the f you wanna compare both sisters...... it's you fans who are throwing their own toxicity into their relationship... I mean why ......both their boyfriends are hellaaaaaaa cuuutttee ..... in a 20 min video ppl like to judge and criticise their relationship and who they are as a person which is a ultimate bullshit.... get a life plz
Carey Dingsdale
Carey Dingsdale Pred mesecem
They should do this again but with each others boyfriends so it’s fair.
Mieke Cousins
Mieke Cousins Pred mesecem
whats valentwin
Stephanie Anderson
Stephanie Anderson Pred mesecem
I would love to see another one of these videos because it's interesting to see how different both girls are with their boyfriends
Lizzy Peach
Lizzy Peach Pred 2 meseci
tie breaker idea: selfie challenge
No Name
No Name Pred 2 meseci
niki picks on collin for saying 10 for everything when really gabi just had better things and knew what collin likes
Alexandra Delacruz
Alexandra Delacruz Pred 2 meseci
Why is Niki saying Collin is just saying 10 when Nate literally gives her 10s when they are like a 7
Phoebe Murgatroyd
Phoebe Murgatroyd Pred 2 meseci
Who else is waiting for gabi and Collin to get married and niki and Nate to have a baby
Sophia Moreno
Sophia Moreno Pred 2 meseci
Gabi : we are going to have a good summer Covid: think again
Madi & Kaylee BFF
Madi & Kaylee BFF Pred 2 meseci
They thought they were going to have a good summer but then corona comes in
Mery Hernandez
Mery Hernandez Pred mesecem
Alexa Aguilera
Alexa Aguilera Pred 2 meseci
gabi looks like a model
Carat Trash
Carat Trash Pred 2 meseci
Poems? I had a boyfriend who I first met by reading his depression poems. When we were together, he wrote me something weekly, and they were always cute and sweet! He usually had a drink or dessert he gave me as an excuse. I still love him to this day as my dorky friend. I don’t call him ex cause of the stupid stigma, and he is still genuinely one of my favorite people.
Riley Argyle
Riley Argyle Pred 2 meseci
“We’re gonna have such a good summer” oh how times have changed...😔
Signe Ostenburg
Signe Ostenburg Pred 2 meseci
JenniferPlays Roblox
JenniferPlays Roblox Pred 2 meseci
There channel would be so different without Collin and nate
NurDeanna Idayah
NurDeanna Idayah Pred 2 meseci
Niki’s poem is BOMB hahahaha
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