Fall Outfits of the Week of Twins with Opposite Styles 🍂 Niki and Gabi

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Niki and Gabi

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WELCOME, it's FALL on the NIKI AND GABI CHANNEL🧡🦇🍂☕️🌫🌙🥀🖤🕸🦉
we're starting off fall 2019, with an opposite twins fashion video, where we show you how opposite twins style fall outfits for a week. since we're twins, and we have opposite styles and personalities, we thought this video would give you guys inspiration depending on which type of girl you are in the fall. Subscribe here ➜ bit.ly/2vxi9ch
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If you see this, comment "those socks on Sunday tho" LOL
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our 14 outfit ideas for fall 2019/ lookbook / outfits of the week video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, drive thru challenges, thrift flips, recreating photos, boyfriend swaps, pranks, twin swaps, shopping challenges 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, life swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

Nadia Serena
Nadia Serena Pred mesecem
We really need something like this more often
Annie Salajan
Annie Salajan Pred mesecem
why was gabi watching herself
becca sheets
becca sheets Pred mesecem
We need another one of these this fall!!
Banufshay Pred mesecem
An idea: 2020 fall outfits from walmart challenge 🙌🏼
Jamie Vanderwilp
Jamie Vanderwilp Pred 2 meseci
Yo gabi looks creepy at 1:54
orla _x
orla _x Pred mesecem
Harmoni Phillips31
Harmoni Phillips31 Pred 2 meseci
This video is so cute I love it! 😍💖💖
megan mara
megan mara Pred 3 meseci
This video warmed my heart so much. Made me miss my sissy. :'(
Erinn Pred 4 meseci
Omg wait why am I only now realising niki was watching charmed, grew up watching that show.
Lee Renceeyy
Lee Renceeyy Pred 5 meseci
Wednesday vibes just came straight out from a netflix movie, niki and gabi should do a movie or a series with both of them together. Like if u agree.
Jenna B
Jenna B Pred 5 meseci
My two alter egos battling out who’s winning for the day
Aaryon Carey Jackson
Aaryon Carey Jackson Pred 5 meseci
My style is more like Niki
Niki’s first three outfits I rlly didn’t like
amelie_ thingz
amelie_ thingz Pred 5 meseci
I am in love with him I'd style🤩
iPanda Girl Playz
iPanda Girl Playz Pred 6 meseci
So I do love you both very much so please don't hate on me but I have Niki's style, so ima say Niki but remember Gabi, I LOVE YOU TOO!❤️❤️❤️
anisa rohoman
anisa rohoman Pred 6 meseci
both outfits are pretty Niki's and gabi's outfits are very gorgeous wish I can buy a Louis Vition boots gabi wore love it
Edith Thompson-Szczyrba
Edith Thompson-Szczyrba Pred 6 meseci
orla _x
orla _x Pred 6 meseci
Gabi’s Chanel hat is the same price as my bathroom robe wtf
kassidy vo
kassidy vo Pred 7 meseci
niki this whole video: dolls kill 😂
Muffin C:
Muffin C: Pred 7 meseci
I have to say I’m more of Niki’s style
AUSTYBEAR 20 Pred 7 meseci
I am very religious and I dont like that nikki stuck her middle finger at the camera. but I still love you guys though❤❤😍
glittersmooches Pred 7 meseci
those socks on sunday tho
thesandersfamliy 1
thesandersfamliy 1 Pred 7 meseci
were do u get fishnets from??
Macy Scharpf
Macy Scharpf Pred 7 meseci
I loved all these outfits! You guys have such amazing fashion tastes! please do another one of these but for spring 2020
Macy Scharpf
Macy Scharpf Pred 7 meseci
I like Gabi’s outfits better. Love you guys ❤️
Princess Angie
Princess Angie Pred 8 meseci
I like niki outfits better I'm a niki
Haylie C
Haylie C Pred 8 meseci
Yeah imma buy the exact same outfits in H&M
Kyal Sin Pyone
Kyal Sin Pyone Pred 8 meseci
Niki 👍 Gabi comments
Moon Rose Muse
Moon Rose Muse Pred 8 meseci
I love you both but, Niki is giving me low key witchy vibes and it is 💜
Laken Ellis
Laken Ellis Pred 8 meseci
I love it when you do videos with clothes
Olivia Tinoco
Olivia Tinoco Pred 8 meseci
Omg how come you guys look cute in everything 🌼🍁🌸
Esther x always
Esther x always Pred 9 meseci
Omg niki I love ur outfit in the intro!
angie hancock
angie hancock Pred 9 meseci
Gabi won
Kynkyn Martin!
Kynkyn Martin! Pred 9 meseci
2019 2020🔚i am here
AJ Trejo
AJ Trejo Pred 9 meseci
I love nikis sense of fashion MUCH better than gabi’s not that hers is bad just not like me
Mia Taylor
Mia Taylor Pred 9 meseci
Was the library in the beginning where Gabi left the doll when she did that 24 hour challenge
Amelia Grenz
Amelia Grenz Pred 10 meseci
everybody stop hating Niki and Gabi are amazing
Amelia Grenz
Amelia Grenz Pred 10 meseci
Niki has the best style
Junewind Needham
Junewind Needham Pred 10 meseci
I love these fall outfits!!
Camila Perez
Camila Perez Pred 10 meseci
Nikis lips are wierd I love you guys
Kat Xoxo
Kat Xoxo Pred 10 meseci
The way this was shot gives me motion sickness
Another_Human ._.
Another_Human ._. Pred 10 meseci
Love them all
Mahiyat Alam
Mahiyat Alam Pred 10 meseci
I like gabi’s outfits on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, both of yours on Saturday and the Sunday one. I liked nikis from Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
Iman’s Outlet
Iman’s Outlet Pred 10 meseci
Love niki
cinderella gulf
cinderella gulf Pred 10 meseci
Miss Carla Ailyn
Miss Carla Ailyn Pred 10 meseci
Thursday nikis boots?! They’re so adorable
The Mysterious Gamer
The Mysterious Gamer Pred 10 meseci
I love Niki's clothes so much. Niki love ur style ❤🌍🌍🔒🔒
Cece King
Cece King Pred 11 meseci
i always forget americans don't know what autumn or 'fall' actually is lol
Emily Brown
Emily Brown Pred 11 meseci
But do love Nokia 90 percent devil tee
Emily Brown
Emily Brown Pred 11 meseci
Love gabis outfits 💖
Sophie Jaxx
Sophie Jaxx Pred 11 meseci
Y’all slay
• Barbs
• Barbs Pred 11 meseci
watching this video made me feel broke on a different level
Nevaeh Robles
Nevaeh Robles Pred 11 meseci
Hey love you guys
The Mysterious Gamer
The Mysterious Gamer Pred 11 meseci
I like Niki's outfits so muchhhh. She is the besttttt. ❤❤
Farha Nabilla
Farha Nabilla Pred 11 meseci
Their firday outfit tho 😍😍😍
Samantha Skye
Samantha Skye Pred 11 meseci
The amount of money spent on clothes in this could put me through the message school I want to go through. 'tuition is $6,800 plus a $150 book fee per semester'. Its only 1 semester if you pass. So, that's just a bit crazy to me.
Jaime Johnson
Jaime Johnson Pred 11 meseci
Oh hi
Mackenzie Burke
Mackenzie Burke Pred 11 meseci
I love Gabi’s! But niki’s are SO CUTE AHhHhHh
Angela Kenrick
Angela Kenrick Pred 11 meseci
Your so pretty 😍❤️😊😉💕😘💐🌹🦄🐕
xoxo_msp.vids_xoxo Pred 11 meseci
Brooke Wale
Brooke Wale Pred 11 meseci
Both of you girls are so beautiful!!!😍
C Shipley
C Shipley Pred 11 meseci
Niki wore pink Me: remembering the video when she had to wear pink for a week!!
Ari _R12
Ari _R12 Pred 11 meseci
Omg these outfits are so cute I would wear Gabi’s tho because it’s my style but I love Niki’s to also you guys are so pretty
barbara Pred 11 meseci
where were gabis thigh high boots from smhhhhh
liz ‘
liz ‘ Pred 11 meseci
i love nikis sense of style i really want doc martens and the fuck off socks that’s so cute
დიმიტრი გორგიძე
დიმიტრი გორგიძე Pred 11 meseci
Niki your messy bun is everything.you look so pretty and cute in messy bun.it just screams Niki
Rameenas Culinary Style
Rameenas Culinary Style Pred 11 meseci
Niki has my style ❤Like the mostly Tom boyish one ! Haha love her !
Daniela Hernandez
Daniela Hernandez Pred 11 meseci
Ok you guys need to chill it's there money that they work hard for so leave them be and mind your own business on what they wear.
lizzie peskett
lizzie peskett Pred 11 meseci
I love Nikki’s vibess
Faith.B❤️ Pred 11 meseci
Guys this video was about the outfits not the price omg😔
Park Raemi
Park Raemi Pred 11 meseci
Kristie Chambers
Kristie Chambers Pred 11 meseci
I love both of your styles i would mix your styles
Livia Mccaffrey
Livia Mccaffrey Pred 11 meseci
You guys should turn into viscous girls
Kimberly Colon
Kimberly Colon Pred 11 meseci
You should do a video to see if your identical
Jade Welch
Jade Welch Pred 11 meseci
*ONE of Gabby’s outfits (when waking the dog) legit cost $2855 total! The hat was $775. I know it was Chanel but really?* It’s just a woolly hat. I could never spend that amount on a full outfit. Let alone just one hat lol. She did look great. It’s her money so she can spend it how she wants. Good on her I suppose. I would love to be able to have the money to be able to justify spending that much on an outfit. You looked great in it though girl. You BOTH looked beautiful in all the outfits!
Bratty Bee
Bratty Bee Pred 11 meseci
Niki you're style is amazing, i fell in love with you're style💙💙💙❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍
Nicole DiGiulio
Nicole DiGiulio Pred 11 meseci
Omg on Wednesday Gabi looks like she is from the Adams famaily
Hanna Lisec
Hanna Lisec Pred 11 meseci
I’m such a mix of both of them when it comes to style 😂 it’s crazy. Love you girls ❤️
Jordan Parker
Jordan Parker Pred 11 meseci
When the whole week of nikis outfits are dolls kill 🤦🏻‍♀️
yuri yanes
yuri yanes Pred 11 meseci
Angel Gaytan
Angel Gaytan Pred letom
Winterrrrr outfits next bbys💞✨
Mahogany Snipes
Mahogany Snipes Pred letom
I wanna see a winter one now
ARI LEE Pred letom
I loves Gabby's outfits
Roxana Jaquez
Roxana Jaquez Pred letom
i love gabbis
Tayspace Pred letom
Niki: everything $20-40 Me: ope Gabi: $50+ Me:OPE
Justine H
Justine H Pred 11 meseci
Tayspace More like Niki: everything 30-50 Gabi:300+
lucy weed
lucy weed Pred letom
i love the owowcow background
AndrewGaming Pred letom
Shamella Escano
Shamella Escano Pred letom
Wewwww u two are such fashionistassss
Samantha E
Samantha E Pred letom
Those socks on Sunday tho lol
Megan Mcleod
Megan Mcleod Pred letom
Gabi looking like Wednesday from the Addams family
James Mitchell
James Mitchell Pred letom
Y'all snappedT!
123ryleigh Pred letom
On Wednesday gabby looks like Wednesday from the Adams family
kennedy kelly
kennedy kelly Pred letom
i really liked both of your outfits
Kacey lynn
Kacey lynn Pred letom
Hmmm I wounded what Niki’s favorite store is...
MariahNotCarey Pred letom
Yeah these clothes are cute but too expensive us normal people can’t afford most of this please make an affordable video ?
Kayla Perrin
Kayla Perrin Pred letom
Wish the outfits were more affordable for us
Ale Gilberto
Ale Gilberto Pred letom
Jodie Gildenhuys
Jodie Gildenhuys Pred letom
CyferReleamFlix Pred letom
why would i love my actual life to be like this
jungshook Pred letom
Osiris Brizuela
Osiris Brizuela Pred letom
I literally have both of your styles
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