The Morning Routines of Opposite Twins as Adults

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Niki and Gabi

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we haven't done a morning routine since 2015.. so 5 years later, we wanted to update you with our current morning routines as opposite twins living the adult life! niki and gabi morning routines!
#morningroutine #nikiandgabi
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our making outfits with things from the dollar store video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, tricking our followers, DIY outfits, making outfits, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

Kailey Martinez
Kailey Martinez Pred 34 minutami
Hi I love you
Hannah Quigley
Hannah Quigley Pred 5 urami
Ily guys
Hannah Quigley
Hannah Quigley Pred 5 urami
I have been subbed since 2014
Alison Pred 22 urami
i have been subscribed since you beautiful ladies started your channel and your separate vlog channels and i have been a huge fan since then !!!! LOVE YA BOTH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
C My
C My Pred dnevom
Love you both ❤️❤️❤️
Emma Pedersen
Emma Pedersen Pred dnevom
Emma Pedersen
Emma Pedersen Pred dnevom
Daaamn Niki had hand sanitizer but her friend didn't bother sanitizing. What a loser
lilacs in my mind
lilacs in my mind Pred 2 dnevi
i've been subscribed since 2016 🥺
Emma Norman
Emma Norman Pred 2 dnevi
I have been a subscriber sconce 2015
Kiley's Life
Kiley's Life Pred 2 dnevi
Hey Gabi, since you live in the woods and away from a lot of light pollution, does that mean you can stargaze/see the stars better in your backyard?😁
Sophie Oronia
Sophie Oronia Pred 3 dnevi
Omfg I’ve been here since 2016 and befor
hemawati limbu
hemawati limbu Pred 3 dnevi
This might not help but when your hair is so notty put a little bit of water and it would be a bit better to comb I do it.Its so good for me.(I have silky hair)
Chloe Scicluna
Chloe Scicluna Pred 3 dnevi
I’ve been subscribed since 2016 I love you guys so much ❤️❤️
Leah Beauty
Leah Beauty Pred 3 dnevi
I miss morning routines and night routines so much TvT they make me wanna be more productive and i love the peacefulness of seeing someone go about their day
Nikki Bryant
Nikki Bryant Pred 5 dnevi
I mean really who sleeps with their phone in their bed?
Shelby Mahan
Shelby Mahan Pred 5 dnevi
Does Gabi have a lock on her closet??The way I saw it she was unlocking it.
Its Me Nicole
Its Me Nicole Pred 5 dnevi
ive been watching yall since kinder and now im in sixth grade
Marica Martens
Marica Martens Pred 5 dnevi
Not only have Niki and gabi glowed up but so has Xena
Olivia Shaul
Olivia Shaul Pred 6 dnevi
me realizing ive been a fan since before 2015 has me shook
•Tegan •
•Tegan • Pred 7 dnevi
When Gabi looks like an angel when she wakes up Me: couldn’t be me Can I just say that both you and niki are so pretty!
ya girl AlyssaMiller
ya girl AlyssaMiller Pred 7 dnevi
me sence 2016
Izabelle Larson
Izabelle Larson Pred 7 dnevi
• I Love Your Video•😉
Izabelle Larson
Izabelle Larson Pred 6 dnevi
HoneyBunny Bunny
HoneyBunny Bunny Pred 8 dnevi
Yay I love smoking a j and watching these videos
Ally Wong
Ally Wong Pred 8 dnevi
I was a fan since 000roomategirls
gurupriya adurthy
gurupriya adurthy Pred 8 dnevi
i love nikis room so freaking much
Ditipriya Chakraborty
Ditipriya Chakraborty Pred 8 dnevi
I am Niki gurl but I also love Gabi's style
Audrey Wile
Audrey Wile Pred 8 dnevi
I love your guises styles by the way love the nails niki
Wilma Huxley
Wilma Huxley Pred 8 dnevi
Niki’s bed it the nearly the same size of my room 🤣
Sara Stephens
Sara Stephens Pred 8 dnevi
i love both there styles soo much
Victoria Ivanova
Victoria Ivanova Pred 9 dnevi
Ok guys but i cant be the only one that thought Niki's butterfly tattoo was a tooth lmao
SugaKookie Spirit
SugaKookie Spirit Pred 9 dnevi
I swear these 2 were born in the wrong era.... Nikki - retro vibes Gabbi - rustic Victorian vibes.
taco lane366
taco lane366 Pred 9 dnevi
You guys are so beautiful btw love you
Siena Pred 9 dnevi
I just got an account but I’ve been watching your vids for a while
am 0822
am 0822 Pred 10 dnevi
I’ve been here for so long it doesn’t feel like it’s been this long
Willow D
Willow D Pred 10 dnevi
did anyone other than me not know that gabi was a vegan
Christina Joseph
Christina Joseph Pred 10 dnevi
Gabbi:wakes up hair fully done,showers,cute clothes when she wakes up: me wakes up at 11:30 watches youtube eats lunch and sleeps till dinner 👁 👄 👁
Franco Devitor
Franco Devitor Pred 11 dnevi
Since when did she go vegan? Or is she just being sarcastic?
Grande love
Grande love Pred 6 dnevi
I love that she's vegan its a much better way to live #Vegan💞
Franco Devitor
Franco Devitor Pred 7 dnevi
@Gabbie and Brittany Ohh thank you💓
Gabbie and Brittany
Gabbie and Brittany Pred 9 dnevi
she’s been keto/vegan for a while to help ease symptoms of PCOS :)
Natalie Carragher
Natalie Carragher Pred 11 dnevi
4:38 is when she refers to Nate to something and it takes me second to realize what it means
Scarlett Lozano
Scarlett Lozano Pred 11 dnevi
Omg will Gabi ever stop promoting that dumb skin brush? I swear it’s mad tiring
cecilia saavedra
cecilia saavedra Pred 11 dnevi
Gabbi literally lives like a fairy😂✨
aamina r
aamina r Pred 11 dnevi
Marsh Random
Marsh Random Pred 11 dnevi
How many times do you shower in a day?
Liliana Arnold
Liliana Arnold Pred 12 dnevi
HOW DO YOU HAVE A CLOSET AS BIG AS THE ROOM I SHARE WITH MY LITTLE BROTHER?! and I love how you do your routine Gabi its so awesome and I love all of your animals
Take A Guess
Take A Guess Pred 12 dnevi
Ok but like did you see Gabi’s lips transform after she lined them.
Audrey's Outlet
Audrey's Outlet Pred 12 dnevi
I hate gabi she acts so entitled and has such a big ego
alana kahl
alana kahl Pred 13 dnevi
Gabi’s routine is so extra😂
Gabi Love Craft
Gabi Love Craft Pred 13 dnevi
Yess I’m since 2016!
Triniti Holt
Triniti Holt Pred 13 dnevi
omggg 2016 niki and gabby hit soo different, makes me those days lol! Love your videos till this day!
Reese’s Pieces Vlog’s
Reese’s Pieces Vlog’s Pred 13 dnevi
Both of there Rooms is a Hole Asthetic✨💖
lucie brazier
lucie brazier Pred 13 dnevi
omg gabi has a fairytale life
Miranda Santana
Miranda Santana Pred 13 dnevi
I wanna know here gabby lives. Like def not in a creepy way but like I wanna live where she lives like SHES LIVING LIKE A PRINCESS LIKE I DONT EVEN THINK SHE LIVES IN A NEIGHBORHOOD ITS SO CUTE AHHH
Alex Donathan
Alex Donathan Pred 13 dnevi
We have the same teddy bear slippers
chelsea brookman
chelsea brookman Pred 13 dnevi
i have been subscribed since 2016 !!!!
Debra Meece
Debra Meece Pred 13 dnevi
House tour
Debra Meece
Debra Meece Pred 13 dnevi
Do a house tour
Athina Mantzari
Athina Mantzari Pred 14 dnevi
gabi is living in a fairytail
Sydni Boyet
Sydni Boyet Pred 14 dnevi
omg I've been subscribed for so long
Kennedy Cox
Kennedy Cox Pred 14 dnevi
Niki waking up is literally me everyday
Amy Mifsud
Amy Mifsud Pred 14 dnevi
I could never be vegan because I love cheese so much but I feel like I might go vegan because I might be lactose intolerant
neha selva
neha selva Pred 15 dnevi
I saw this video like 1000000000 times
Cathy Leung
Cathy Leung Pred 15 dnevi
So..., you didn’t brush your teeth? That’s gross
lisey maronne
lisey maronne Pred 15 dnevi
Lol how she w@tches
Anna Trimboli
Anna Trimboli Pred 15 dnevi
Love your nails
Regina yun
Regina yun Pred 16 dnevi
Hey Gabi :) have you considered dissolving your lip fillers and then putting new ones in??
Raven Stephens
Raven Stephens Pred 16 dnevi
id love to see what you guys eat in a day!! and how different it is
Gabriella Thomas
Gabriella Thomas Pred 16 dnevi
I'm more like Nikki and my roommate is more like Gabi lol
Leary Johnson
Leary Johnson Pred 16 dnevi
I was since 2016
Jaida Nicole
Jaida Nicole Pred 17 dnevi
I’ve been subscribed since 2015 🥺
Sam Mimes
Sam Mimes Pred 17 dnevi
yes hid see it
Bristol Butler
Bristol Butler Pred 17 dnevi
Hiii I love u guys
Italy_plays Pred 17 dnevi
Omg I was here since 2016🥺 you guys were my childhood
Sophie Fowler
Sophie Fowler Pred 17 dnevi
This girl really waking up with chains and a watch🧐🤨
Keira Gibson
Keira Gibson Pred 18 dnevi
Gabbi’s hairstyle reminds me of Allison’s from the umbrella academy
Elizabeth Carol
Elizabeth Carol Pred 19 dnevi
Who else thinks that Gabi could pass as Ariana Grande??
Julissa Soto
Julissa Soto Pred 19 dnevi
Do you (Niki) sleep with jewelry??
April Mitchell
April Mitchell Pred 19 dnevi
Gabby did that brush help u clear up your skin or not
_Rachel_ Blackpinklover
_Rachel_ Blackpinklover Pred 19 dnevi
I've subscribed since 2016 lysm!
Bethany Fisher
Bethany Fisher Pred 20 dnevi
Aanya Bates
Aanya Bates Pred 20 dnevi
who has been here since 2015
Rylee Hunt
Rylee Hunt Pred 20 dnevi
lol i remember this 😂
Amelia Hinds
Amelia Hinds Pred 20 dnevi
Niki routine more realistic
Olivia Tricker
Olivia Tricker Pred 21 dnevom
Gab’s life-picking her floor length pink floral dress out of her pink closet Me-picking joggers and a hoodie of my tiny room that I share with my twin brother and younger stepbrother 😩
OhNoItsNoe Pred 21 dnevom
When did that girl call niki out
Raina Datta
Raina Datta Pred 21 dnevom
When you've been here since the begginning?
Olivia Tricker
Olivia Tricker Pred 21 dnevom
2016 gang😂
Layla Rafferty
Layla Rafferty Pred 21 dnevom
Me and niki like the same coffee lol
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Pred 21 dnevom
Why is Nikki waring jewelry in bed lol
Elle Chamomile
Elle Chamomile Pred 21 dnevom
is my impression or gabi just looks more like plastic everyday?
Samantha Hilderhof
Samantha Hilderhof Pred 21 dnevom
I've been subscribed since 2016! LOVE YOU GUYS
Abdelkader Cherouan
Abdelkader Cherouan Pred 22 dnevi
Sofia Gatineau
Sofia Gatineau Pred 22 dnevi
Gabi complains when she wakes up at 10 am?? Bruh what
Chelsea Mae
Chelsea Mae Pred 22 dnevi
I’m so jealous of nikis plants, are they real? 🌱🤣
Eleonora Dejana
Eleonora Dejana Pred 22 dnevi
OK os anybody else scared her lips are gonna blow up ?
Avery Fallon
Avery Fallon Pred 22 dnevi
when gabi said she loved the mario badescu spray i FLEW to the comments lmfao
Kayla Dreher
Kayla Dreher Pred 22 dnevi
Niki and Gabi I have been here longer than the 2016 phase lmaoooo
Ashlee Bautista
Ashlee Bautista Pred 22 dnevi
Imagine when Niki and Gabi become moms and they're pregnant.
Emeril Johnson
Emeril Johnson Pred 23 dnevi
Me I’ve been subscribed but then I got a new phone so I followed u guys again
aryani devi
aryani devi Pred 23 dnevi
Gabi, the wire flooring is not good for your bunny feet...
am Pred 23 dnevi
omg that video was 4yrs ago.....time flies man
Amanda Knott
Amanda Knott Pred 23 dnevi
What cameras are they using to film?
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