Strangers Shop for Us Based Off First Impressions Challenge

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Niki and Gabi

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DISCLAIMER: when asked, roxanne decided to go by "she/her" pronouns :)
first impressions are important... so we wanted to put it to the test and see how strangers would shop for us BASED OFF their first impressions of us. watch to see strangers shop for us based of their first impressions!
#Challenge #ShoppingChallenge
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If you see this, comment "the art teacher look LOL"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our strangers shop for us based off first impressions challenge video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

Maya Ragona
Maya Ragona Pred dnevom
👇Click here for if you are watching this in Covid-19
Amber Kryy
Amber Kryy Pred 2 dnevi
I like niki’s 2nd outfit and then I like gabi’s 1st outfit
Scott Mangold
Scott Mangold Pred 2 dnevi
So cool yan do it to
あなひん Pred 3 dnevi
This is how many times niki said *”Roxanne’s outfit was a vibe and I’m sure this will be a vibe”* 👇🏻
Anyssa Downes
Anyssa Downes Pred 4 dnevi
I want a grandma geegee
Gaming with Gemini
Gaming with Gemini Pred 4 dnevi
Nikki actually looks very cool in a bow🎀. I think she should do think about it. Gabi looks super fabulous in the cheetah outfit, just like a real cheetah.🐆
rishika sharma
rishika sharma Pred 7 dnevi
Niki was looking so good in second outfit🤤💖
Hana Oyama
Hana Oyama Pred 7 dnevi
Omg they should do 24 hour of shopping for there bfs
Leary Johnson
Leary Johnson Pred 7 dnevi
Inky looks like Billy ellish
Kita Suna Shinsuke Rintarou
Kita Suna Shinsuke Rintarou Pred 9 dnevi
I actually think the first girl helping Niki was making her an anime girl by the looks of her she looks like an anime fan
Jordyn Singer
Jordyn Singer Pred 10 dnevi
do spending the night in walmart
HVTV #13
HVTV #13 Pred 11 dnevi
Go to the store and copy what a stranger says
Elissa Brock
Elissa Brock Pred 11 dnevi
can u do stragers pick my makeup
Dina Mehmeti
Dina Mehmeti Pred 11 dnevi
Who else noticed when niki was shopping for outfit 3 the Jenny grandma was there LOL
Emilia Bryce
Emilia Bryce Pred 12 dnevi
Niki really was pushing options.
Abbie Wilcox
Abbie Wilcox Pred 12 dnevi
I love niki and gabi they are just the best I have been watching since forever Niki and gabi can you pls give me a shout out I am your number one fan
Lex Rubia
Lex Rubia Pred 14 dnevi
The guy literally copied the colors of the manikin
Lex Rubia
Lex Rubia Pred 14 dnevi
Outfit *
Dylan Lesure
Dylan Lesure Pred 15 dnevi
IMAGINE niki giving you her number. I would faint
Sam S
Sam S Pred 15 dnevi
Niki: ur so cute Guy(thinks ur hitting on him )
Olivia SHARKEY Pred 16 dnevi
Grandma genie is literally my mum in 20 years
Jenny Plays
Jenny Plays Pred 17 dnevi
Sorry niki I like gabis better
Areonia Selders
Areonia Selders Pred 18 dnevi
niki and roxanna
Fernanda Alcala De La Torre
Fernanda Alcala De La Torre Pred 19 dnevi
I’ve been watching you guys sense u started SLpost I’m a really big fan and I like to watch your videos all over again😄☺️
Kiikii Bruh
Kiikii Bruh Pred 19 dnevi
i actually have green hair
Kylie Mulder
Kylie Mulder Pred 22 dnevi
Who else saw the grandma who picked out Gabi’s outfit in the background when niki was talking
Kat M
Kat M Pred 25 dnevi
Lola Dunn
Lola Dunn Pred 25 dnevi
Lily Marie
Lily Marie Pred 25 dnevi
I would do the top four the second outfit with some jeans
Gacha Cherry_blossome
Gacha Cherry_blossome Pred 25 dnevi
10:32 we see gabi pick in the backroads
Gacha Cherry_blossome
Gacha Cherry_blossome Pred 25 dnevi
Background sorry
Elodie Gill
Elodie Gill Pred 26 dnevi
10:31 there's grandma jeeny
Alaina Gladden
Alaina Gladden Pred 26 dnevi
roxannes fit was soooo cute oml espesally with her hair
Bessie Owen
Bessie Owen Pred 27 dnevi
Can u do only shopping for 24 hours but for each other
Stephanie Boggs
Stephanie Boggs Pred 27 dnevi
I bought a shirt with what looks like Marie Antoinette on it..... that’s not Marie Antoinette it doesn’t even look like her Gabi 🙄
Meme Queen
Meme Queen Pred 27 dnevi
We stan grandma jeenie
Crystal Gracie
Crystal Gracie Pred 28 dnevi
You guys should go shopping blindfolded and pick out make up and outfits and make them work. Do a couple stores and make the best look you can.
Celebwetti Pred 29 dnevi
I love the vid
Charmpam Pred mesecem
Omg.. I adore Gabis baby blue sweater/cardigan. Where did you get it??
Adriana Mendieta
Adriana Mendieta Pred mesecem
Have you guys done a CLEARANCE RACK challenge yet?! Find outfits for a whole week🤣🤣🤣🤣 we ALL know how CRAZY CLEARANCE CLOTHES are
Glamorous Tabitha
Glamorous Tabitha Pred mesecem
6:50 HAHA she tucks in her tummy lmao im dead
Shaye Schmidt
Shaye Schmidt Pred mesecem
That guy who picked Niki's third outfit was so cute🤤😍
Shaye Schmidt
Shaye Schmidt Pred mesecem
Are you allowed to film im malls?
Shaye Schmidt
Shaye Schmidt Pred mesecem
At least you guys got to use your acting skills. To be nice to people who pick your outfits lmao. 😂
_KhimCristy Pred mesecem
Oh my God now that Gabi mentioned it she really does look like "Rose from Titanic in Jack's coat"
Jennielyn Vlog
Jennielyn Vlog Pred mesecem
Lol niki says at the guy: omg ur so cute
Joy is the answer
Joy is the answer Pred mesecem
Loved this video. I would love more videos like this.
Jarrar Ahmed
Jarrar Ahmed Pred mesecem
"the art teacher look LOL"
Lillian j
Lillian j Pred mesecem
Nikki is so pretty!!
Nadia Lover
Nadia Lover Pred mesecem
I am totaly doing this chalenge when I get a chanel
Nadia Lover
Nadia Lover Pred mesecem
clap clap clap
Ayanix Pred mesecem
It’sYourGirlEmmi Pred mesecem
Y’all can we pls talk about niki’s outfit at the beginning 🥺❤️
Charles Ebo
Charles Ebo Pred mesecem
Is it just me or in outfit three for Niki I saw grandma jeanie in the background like if you saw her.
junkmoon 》
junkmoon 》 Pred mesecem
Dang Niki looked great in everything. The pinup was a fun look!!
aestheticdolls Pred mesecem
Courageously Cali
Courageously Cali Pred mesecem
I am so happy that Niki & Gabi made sure they put the disclaimer for Roxanne’s pronouns. I also loved this video! ❤️
Cerise Pred mesecem
The first person who picked her outfit was a guy u could see his beard and his wearing a bra nasty bra who god created u to be not copy others
Simone Jadoun
Simone Jadoun Pred mesecem
Guys you have to know that they only spend money to buy outfits they would only wear once 😂😂
Gabrielle Garza
Gabrielle Garza Pred mesecem
I am more gabby lol my name is gabby
Gabrielle Garza
Gabrielle Garza Pred mesecem
lol me
Millie Rose
Millie Rose Pred mesecem
I liked Gabi in the second outfit
Abigail Johnsrud
Abigail Johnsrud Pred mesecem
Nikki you looked really hot in the skirt
Jade the spade Xoxoxoxo
Jade the spade Xoxoxoxo Pred mesecem
Grandma genie walks past niki at 10:31
Kate Heikes
Kate Heikes Pred mesecem
10:32 You can see the grandma from Gabi’s turn
Cassandra Mitchell
Cassandra Mitchell Pred mesecem
I'm in love with grandma jeanie
Kaylynn Hunt
Kaylynn Hunt Pred mesecem
Also the stylist girl with the blue hair was amazing🙌🏽
Kaylynn Hunt
Kaylynn Hunt Pred mesecem
2 seconds into grandma Jeanie and I love her 😍
Ava Pye
Ava Pye Pred mesecem
Gabi is a girly girl&Nikki is like baddie Choice would me like my style is both of your guys style combined!!!!!!btw I love you gabi and Nikki
Emmalee Parker
Emmalee Parker Pred mesecem
Imagine the shock of everyone seeing this now!! 2020 has ruined our social life 😖
Karen Perez
Karen Perez Pred mesecem
I love gabis second outfit that's like my style I would wear that love it
becca sullivan
becca sullivan Pred mesecem
Tater Tot
Tater Tot Pred mesecem
11:36 looks like he is checking her out
Taylor xo
Taylor xo Pred mesecem
additi darmentra
additi darmentra Pred mesecem
is it just me or is niki becoming a "cute girl" from the "bruh girl"
Priyantha Mahawatta
Priyantha Mahawatta Pred mesecem
In Niki outfit 3 gabi stranger in outfit 3 was behind niki
Unicorn Daniela Ramirez
Unicorn Daniela Ramirez Pred mesecem
I like those outfits are super cute
Isabella Pred mesecem
Pls tell me you didn't sing Roxanne, Roxanne all she wanna do is party all night lol 😂
Elizabeth Nelson
Elizabeth Nelson Pred mesecem
Niki: I see this beakin of light?😂
Evelyn Carl
Evelyn Carl Pred mesecem
I have the same air buds Roxanne has
Ankita Sahoo
Ankita Sahoo Pred mesecem
It's really cute seeing gabi walking dancingly with her new bff🥰
Malin Stimson
Malin Stimson Pred mesecem
What the heck I love grandma Jeannie 😂❤️
Lauren Kocher
Lauren Kocher Pred mesecem
My grandma with he flip phone: How do you take a photo on you device thing? The Grandma shopping for Gabi: Let’s take a pic gurl!
Ellegaitor Pred mesecem
See the pin up girl look was cute it’s something my friend would adore and look amazing in she’s very into that era x I liked roxannes outfit best her style is lush loved her cap she had on. The mini skirt and sunflower 🌻 bodysuit on Gab looked very 80s with her high side ponytail x
Chloe Hermanson
Chloe Hermanson Pred mesecem
who else saw grandma genie at 10:31 xD
Becky Allen
Becky Allen Pred 2 meseci
*niki and Rebecca hugging* Me: SOCIAL DISTANCING
Ummm Hi
Ummm Hi Pred mesecem
Becky Allen it was in March....
Susan Little
Susan Little Pred 2 meseci
Hey Niki, I absolutely love the Camo outfit look it's so Awesome & Cute on You !!!!!!! 😁 😊 💕 and You look like Lindsay Lohan from the The Parent Trap or Freaky Friday movie too !!!!!! 😊 💖 Also Gabi that outfit is simply Adorable, Cute !!!!!! 😁 💖 💕 and I absolutely love watching all of your SLpost video's everyday and please Subscribe to my SLpost channel too ! 😁👍 👍 👍 👍 Also you girls are such great role models to every girls, even me and I'm glad to be your fan! Love Susan Little
Common Sense
Common Sense Pred 2 meseci
bruv i found this funny: the guy went in 4 the hug while lookin at the camera but im pretty sure he has a gf bc when she approached him he was looking for womans clothes LOL 11:58
A clown commented on your video
A clown commented on your video Pred 2 meseci
Okay who Is the First one Niki is talking to? Like, she is just the sweetest cupcake. I want to know her
Rebecca E.
Rebecca E. Pred 2 meseci
RIP Forever 21!
03. Iram Ali Sanego
03. Iram Ali Sanego Pred 2 meseci
Niki is the sweetest💙
Cali Club
Cali Club Pred 2 meseci
Grandma Jeanie was amazing!! x
Gracie Moyes
Gracie Moyes Pred 2 meseci
Kristina D.
Kristina D. Pred 2 meseci
You are both so beautiful, I absolutely love this hair color on Nikki omg!!
Fable Pred 2 meseci
Shrek is #1 anime fight me
Shrek is #1 anime fight me Pred 2 meseci
Payton Szabo
Payton Szabo Pred 2 meseci
DO A PART 2!!! PLEASE!!!!!
TRIANNA ROZE Pred 2 meseci
When Nikki needed a man to pick out her outfit the girl that was with Gabby she passed Nikki behind her
Bunn3i Pred 2 meseci
My fav was 2 gabi
Shaira Lee
Shaira Lee Pred 2 meseci
I love how kind is niki to a stranger:3
Phoebe Edwards
Phoebe Edwards Pred 2 meseci
I now LOVE grandma giene shes amazing!
laidbackgirly Pred 2 meseci
Niki in outfit 3 looks like Lindsey Lohan in some movie that I cannot remember which one
Jacy Beaver
Jacy Beaver Pred 2 meseci
I’m sorry but in my opinion they did niki wrong but anyway I would love to be in a video with you guys 😀💜💜💜💜
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