Making-Over my "Alternative" Sister to the Girly Side

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Niki and Gabi

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this is a 2-part makeover series where we give eachother EXTREME maksovers into each other's styles. in this makeover video, I transform my *EMO* sister to the girly side ;)
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If you see this, comment "NIKI WAS JEALOUS"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our Answering Assumptions About Us video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

Pink.princess10 Pred 7 urami
How did niki not try as hard? she did everything gabi wanted 🤣🤣
UmmOk Pred 10 urami
I'd wanna have Gabi's style with Niki's colours. Would be cool af. Badass and chic at the same time.
Zoey Adams
Zoey Adams Pred 15 urami
She looks so much like gabi
Jade The Queen
Jade The Queen Pred 17 urami
4:18 you see da dawg❤️
슈가 Pred 18 urami
Why is most people complaining in the comments just appreciate they had the idea to do this and executed it quite well
Evaana M
Evaana M Pred 20 urami
Aarav Khoraba
Aarav Khoraba Pred 22 urami
Nikki from where you have bought that kitty layered necklace, it's so beautiful and sending you both loads of love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cutie Babie
Cutie Babie Pred dnevom
yall do to much in these comments let them be.They are the ones giving yall entertainment why yall not doing sht, so enjoy the beautiful women instead of hating.
Allyson Greene
Allyson Greene Pred dnevom
she didn't take off her necklaces lol
Jordan Sparks
Jordan Sparks Pred dnevom
LOL loved the attempt but you ended up looking more like a haunting dead character from a horror movie like the shining then like Gab 😂
Jordan Sparks
Jordan Sparks Pred dnevom
you did your makeup just like normal lol
Jordan Sparks
Jordan Sparks Pred dnevom
the dress looks like an old curtain
Jordan Sparks
Jordan Sparks Pred dnevom
the dress you’re giving Nik is hideous. The one you’re wearing is cute though
Jordan Sparks
Jordan Sparks Pred dnevom
@zoe sams that’s what opinions are for, Karen.
zoe sams
zoe sams Pred dnevom
Your annoying if you don't like it you don't have to say it
Miraya Parmar
Miraya Parmar Pred dnevom
She rocks this style
Aira Mariz Alulod
Aira Mariz Alulod Pred dnevom
Niki nailed it! 😍
DaisyRae15 Pred dnevom
Nikki killed it!
Tori Thomas
Tori Thomas Pred 2 dnevi
nobody realized gabby sprayed the note with perfume and not sanitary stuff ?.?.?.
Felicite Taylor
Felicite Taylor Pred 2 dnevi
I really love the headband on niki! But i feel like maybe a luxury style not cottage core would look bomb on niki. But i do like the yellow with the hair 🥺🥺 this was such a cute challenge they both killed it
shania Pred 2 dnevi
Why yall picking sides on this and why do all ppl sides with gabi like it's not niki's fault her hair did not match the girly vibes, atleast on the other video niki provided a hair extension for gabi but gabi didn't give any wigs or anything to niki so she didnt do anything wrong here, the jewelry is not that big a deal too, just bcs she didnt took off her necklaces doesnt mean she didnt try hard, try to open your mind you dumb bitches by taking sides and pick favoritism like this is the root of their problems in the first place, did yall even watch their video
shania Pred 2 dnevi
Plus her necklace is not that edgy bitch, its literally hello kitty wtfdym
Janel Cassorla
Janel Cassorla Pred 3 dnevi
You should have taken off the jewelry
Kendall Pred 3 dnevi
Why is everyone shitting on Niki? Gabi is the one who chose the outfit while literally joking about how it would look with Niki's red hair. Y'all will do anything to make Niki feel bad. it's annoying. When Niki gave Gabi a makeover, she sent her hair extensions...but you're roasting Niki for not choosing her own wig for a look Gabi was supposed to style?! make it make sense.
mailove18 Pred 3 dnevi
Gabby is overdoing the face fillers a bit...i dont want her to become like jaclyn,,cute vid tho:)
Da Cool Reader
Da Cool Reader Pred 3 dnevi
Niki was jealous
Lorena Mendoza
Lorena Mendoza Pred 3 dnevi
Niki looks so cute
lizzy _x
lizzy _x Pred 3 dnevi
Niki should have taken off her necklace and maybe put on a wig bc that’s not Gabi
Ashlyn Nicole
Ashlyn Nicole Pred 3 dnevi
plz swap styles for a week!
Chase Lees
Chase Lees Pred 4 dnevi
anyone know where Niki’s phone case is from ? :)
Julia Rose
Julia Rose Pred 4 dnevi
I feel like you did her dirty vs her
Samantha Rayner
Samantha Rayner Pred 4 dnevi
you guys should do a full switch with wigs and see how much alike you can look
Alexa Mandes
Alexa Mandes Pred 4 dnevi
Gabi pulled off Nikis look but niki def did not pull off gabis look! 😂 she’s just so not that girl
Guava Glenn
Guava Glenn Pred 4 dnevi
where is that cute phone stand from at 2:44 :(?? 💚💚
Maddie Mystical
Maddie Mystical Pred 4 dnevi
lmao Nikki isn’t even emo and or alt!!!
imogen swordy
imogen swordy Pred 4 dnevi
your vids really cheer me up because I just found out my bf is moving to a care home for 5 years cause he keeps on getting told off at my school
Sapphire & Amethyst
Sapphire & Amethyst Pred 4 dnevi
"Yeah ketchup and mustard b*tch" 😂I love!!
Alannah A
Alannah A Pred 5 dnevi
This is so cute and and a fun idea!! I like both of their styles too. In real life I’m like both girly and alternative.
Gacha Life my hero
Gacha Life my hero Pred 5 dnevi
I am a mix Nikki and you and Gabby
Sarah Lockhart Smith
Sarah Lockhart Smith Pred 5 dnevi
video idea: colin picks out an outfit from Niki's closet that he WANTS to see Gabi in and vice versa.
Amanda Greene
Amanda Greene Pred 5 dnevi
I actually think gabby looks better in Niki’s style and Niki looks good in gabby style
EmeraldAnnabelle Pred 5 dnevi
The CORSET omg where’d you get it Niki!!
issy Pred 5 dnevi
i don’t think they know what cottagecore is😭
Draw with Maddie
Draw with Maddie Pred 5 dnevi
am i the only one getting Ariel vibes from this? i love it tho
sujata bansode
sujata bansode Pred 5 dnevi
You look so good in this dress
PMJ Videos
PMJ Videos Pred 6 dnevi
I like the style as a whole just hate the dress
Bree Necole
Bree Necole Pred 6 dnevi
Why In every challenge Gabi got to always shade niki Or have to pick clothes that she know she going to look silly in. Like I'm starting to think Gabi is jealous of niki or don't really like her. Like why she got to make fun of her all the time smh
Makenna Milbrand
Makenna Milbrand Pred 6 dnevi
PA is the best
SunnySideUp Pred 6 dnevi
I Nicki isn't emo tho hahah
Maddison Lang
Maddison Lang Pred 7 dnevi
RIP to anyone who took a shot whenever they said cottage or cottagecore
Courtney J
Courtney J Pred 7 dnevi
Gabi did niki dirty w that dress lol that color was terrible for her skin.
jean ie
jean ie Pred 7 dnevi
Niki looks like harley Quinn in the thumbnail
brooklyn CatchesFeelingsFast
brooklyn CatchesFeelingsFast Pred 7 dnevi
why did she literally say “gabi said to take these pics when it’s golden hour, and it’s golden hour outside right now” then she took the pics in the hallway 💀
Chloe Placke
Chloe Placke Pred 2 dnevi
She said it's because the leaves outside didn't match the aesthetic of the dress like the hallway did
Janine E. V. L.
Janine E. V. L. Pred 7 dnevi
Ok here is my idea... Timed style challenge: You have like 5-10 minutes per outfit and you have to pick 3 outfits made of each like current clothing style (ex. Cottage core, dark academia etc.) and have like 4 outfits total and take pictures, upload them and see which outfit your followers like more on you
Kendall Roberts
Kendall Roberts Pred 7 dnevi
Design shoes for eachother Gabi design a pair of heels for Nik and Nik design a fair of Jordan’s or Nikes for Gabi
lira virna
lira virna Pred 7 dnevi
♠♠【foto video】♠♠ ---------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??,,
maria jvalencia
maria jvalencia Pred 7 dnevi
Just love watching u guys both me and my sister do ❤!
Sophiamma Scaria
Sophiamma Scaria Pred 7 dnevi
my fav is def when niki changed gabi to a badass way way better
Sebarin Project
Sebarin Project Pred 7 dnevi
Nikiii look so beautiful. Please more often doing this
paris trevino
paris trevino Pred 7 dnevi
okay but niki put gaby in things she felt would compliment her and gaby put niki in things to make her ‘gag’ in.
paris trevino
paris trevino Pred 7 dnevi
Nedi Ramennoddle
Nedi Ramennoddle Pred 7 dnevi
I feel like I’m in between niki and gabis style not to cuties and not to emo 🖤
HCA Malone
HCA Malone Pred 8 dnevi
For Niki that’s playing dress up, but for Gabi it’s just her everyday wear 😂
ALIZE Pred 8 dnevi
Everyone’s telling Nikki to put more effort but I also don’t think Gabi was thinking of Nikki as much as Nikki thought of her in the other video? I feel like she could’ve picked out white or pink colored clothes and suited the red hair with it all a bit better and just generally tried to smooth it out a bit you know?
Tania Guerra
Tania Guerra Pred 8 dnevi
she didn’t try hard enough.. her face expressions and poses were exactly how she does them every time but with Gaby clothes. She should’ve done a sweet pose and smile or something 🤥
hrld aeri
hrld aeri Pred 8 dnevi
Lovveeee nikiii
Mahmoud El samad
Mahmoud El samad Pred 8 dnevi
Why does niki looks like gabi but in red hair
Liz Zato
Liz Zato Pred 8 dnevi
When niki came outta the room😍that was everything
DaPotatoPerson Pred 8 dnevi
Vid idea: make mystery boxes for the whole week, out of there clothes to match the other sisters aesthetic.
Londyn Taylor
Londyn Taylor Pred 8 dnevi
If niki hair was dark brown she would have KILLED THIS
pr3ttyface._shortyyy Pred 8 dnevi
video idea: recreating each others instagram posts **twist** using clothes from scratch (diy)
I N D I E E D I T S Pred 6 urami
Ilene Soltero
Ilene Soltero Pred 8 dnevi
Ok not everyone in the comments hating on Niki! Like dam yall need to chill Niki you did great you look so good, please dont let the comments discourage you. 💛
JULIA Pred 8 dnevi
The moment she walked in i thought it was gabi
Vikki Pred 8 dnevi
❁𖠌𝕄ơຖเเ 𝔹ᥙຖຖ𝕪❁❦︎
❁𖠌𝕄ơຖเเ 𝔹ᥙຖຖ𝕪❁❦︎ Pred 8 dnevi
I love the half up half down on Niki, it was so so so cute 💕✨
parris jackson
parris jackson Pred 8 dnevi
Makeover Nate and Collin into girls plz !!!!!
FAN Fan Pred 8 dnevi
Gabi looked better than Niki but uhh can't say the same about Niki,niki looks funny but gabi she looks good on the Elmo side and girly side
Daniella Pred 8 dnevi
where did you get your hello kitty necklace from?? i love it!
Sydney Allen
Sydney Allen Pred 9 dnevi
Y’all should do a video where you literally dress the same like twins❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Sarah King
Sarah King Pred 9 dnevi
gabi is not cottagecore- i’d describe it more fancy w a cottagecore flare. also, niki is not alternative. wonder if she even knows 1 pink floyd or nirvana song
Sarah King
Sarah King Pred 9 dnevi
also this is not a hate comment. love them both. just don’t think that those words are their stules
laur Pred 9 dnevi
the jewelry blows it
Emma Garwood
Emma Garwood Pred 9 dnevi
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Azaidreia Pagano
Azaidreia Pagano Pred 9 dnevi
Do another boyfriends shop for us challenge i love those videos and always re watch the old ones
The Seas Secrets
The Seas Secrets Pred 9 dnevi
I neeeed niki and gabi to react to their old "wheel of fashion" videos!!! 😂
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Pred 9 dnevi
Wow Courage nice job
Michele Makas
Michele Makas Pred 9 dnevi
You guys are giving Nike so mush hate and you don’t give Gabe any hate there both cut and don’t give any hat plz give me hat I don’t care but do not give them hat
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Pred 9 dnevi
You guys should also do a video where Nate and Collen choose your outfits for the week 🥰🥰
RylieKeenoy Pred 9 dnevi
I came from a 2014 video i found my on saved for later videos from when I was 13 and I am so shocked how different y’all look 6 years later. You guys look gr8 then and now
Alexis Hale
Alexis Hale Pred 9 dnevi
it looks amazing. Nikki needs to do that more you did a good job Gabi ❤👑👑
Gabby Garner
Gabby Garner Pred 9 dnevi
nikki looks sooo good without makeup on like she’s just naturally pretty !
Cricelplays Pred 9 dnevi
Cat Valentine's 😂😂
SIYA K Pred 9 dnevi
You actually killed it NIKI!
emmanuelle mashipu
emmanuelle mashipu Pred 9 dnevi
you guys should do storytimes !!!
Isabella Chu
Isabella Chu Pred 9 dnevi
Ngl it def wasn’t as good as Gabi’s
Tyqual Hogan
Tyqual Hogan Pred 9 dnevi
I don’t think nikki tried
doire aintu
doire aintu Pred 9 dnevi
Can we just agree that these girls are KILLING every aspect of SLpost? They're doing soooo unbelievably well for themselves, congrats girls! Xx
Mahdi Samaha
Mahdi Samaha Pred 9 dnevi
Ok i see what alot of you guys mean, i feel the same too but some of you guys are low key hating, like chill, it's just a video 😬😬
Starlise Jun.from.17
Starlise Jun.from.17 Pred 9 dnevi
This was really cute tho
Britta Lunde
Britta Lunde Pred 10 dnevi
haven’t they done this??? multiple times??? (eg. their style swap videos)
Brittany Lynn
Brittany Lynn Pred 10 dnevi
Niki you overall look more naturally feminine than Gabie
doire aintu
doire aintu Pred 9 dnevi
people! these "fans" always have something to criticize! STOP.
It's Crystal
It's Crystal Pred 10 dnevi
You guys should also do a video where Nate and Collen choose your outfits for the week 🥰🥰
Ivanka Owls
Ivanka Owls Pred 10 dnevi
niki looks more like alec with her hair half up
It's Crystal
It's Crystal Pred 10 dnevi
You guys should do a recreating disney princess outfits challenge!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼♥️
It's Crystal
It's Crystal Pred 10 dnevi
You guys should do a 2 part of recreating our favorite emojis!!! Love your videos so much!! 🦋🦋♥️
Breanna Nicole
Breanna Nicole Pred 10 dnevi
the outfit gabi gave niki wasn’t even good.. i feel like niki put more effort into picking the outfit for gabi. she made sure it was at least somewhat in her comfort zone which gabi didn’t dk
Shaganaa Gunarajan
Shaganaa Gunarajan Pred 10 dnevi
"I'm going to head over to the love shack fancy SECTION " lol luv them
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