What We Got for Christmas 2019! Niki and Gabi

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Niki and Gabi

WhAt wE GoT fOr ChRiStMaS 2019!!!!
here is our annual what we got fro christmas haul, but this year we decided to open the presents on camera & react to them as well as SHOW you guys what we got (thought it'd be fun) *we also have an announcement regarding the twinter giveaway* IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO ENTER.
#WhatIGotforChristmas #Christmas
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If you see this, comment "gabi stole her gift LOL”
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our annual WHAT WE GOT FOR CHRISTMAS video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, swaps, closet swaps, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

Kiley's Life
Kiley's Life Pred dnevom
"That Santa got us" You guys are so nice for the young children watching💚💛
jacy Pred 4 dnevi
love you gabi ❤️
Liv 123
Liv 123 Pred 4 dnevi
the video that was posted after this has the comments off, it was the day gabi had her miscarriage 🥺 we love you gabi! You will get through this!
The tiny house
Jamee Edgar
Jamee Edgar Pred 5 dnevi
I can't wait for 2020! And what they will get now that they have diffrent looks😂
Sylvia Jones
Sylvia Jones Pred 6 dnevi
Niki: anything coconut is a win Gabie: I KNOW
HiRobert Hughes
HiRobert Hughes Pred 8 dnevi
Its pernounset egg noog
Mona Hanna
Mona Hanna Pred 10 dnevi
hi niki and gabi! tysm for making me happy. I love watching and rewatching ur vids because it makes me so happy and entertained, please never stop making videos! I could binge them all day. Have an amazing year guys.
VIvian Thong
VIvian Thong Pred 10 dnevi
Gabi’s jealous of Niki’s candles and bodycare gifts, when she.... buys luxury stuff all the time. I love them both, but this seemed kinda greedy
Sarah Bond
Sarah Bond Pred 10 dnevi
Omg who’s watching this in 2020 6 months in quarantine lol nope 2020 ain’t as cool as you think it’s gonna be
Anika Incera
Anika Incera Pred 14 dnevi
little did they know 2020 is not very fun
Eva Fernández
Eva Fernández Pred 15 dnevi
"is that all you got?"
Veronica Rebuli
Veronica Rebuli Pred 17 dnevi
Keila Tercero
Keila Tercero Pred 18 dnevi
Did you get the shower gel back
Maya Martin
Maya Martin Pred 19 dnevi
she looks so much as ari
jazz ces
jazz ces Pred 20 dnevi
Nikis face don’t look right
Lisa Sticks
Lisa Sticks Pred 20 dnevi
Gabby :I’m going to pick this one because it has pink tissue paper #girly Nicky:I’m going to chose this one because it’s closest #lazy Me:😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
bts forever
bts forever Pred 20 dnevi
This is a flex to the girls that bullied Gabri and nikki
Lily Brown
Lily Brown Pred 21 dnevom
Why do they look like two different races but are twins?... 😐
Ophelia Pred 8 dnevi
Because they've changed themselves so much physically. Gabi fake tans a lot, they dye their hair and get lip fillers. This is not their 'natural' look.
Juanita marylene
Juanita marylene Pred 21 dnevom
Matheesha Mcalister
Matheesha Mcalister Pred 22 dnevi
why didnt niki just give gabi the yog nog like WTF SHE LOVEES IT and niki got so much
sushama sarker
sushama sarker Pred 25 dnevi
I love seeing them get/buy expensive things which I know I wouldn’t be able to get/buy but I probably will someday..I really can’t wait for that day!!
Yuridia Chavira
Yuridia Chavira Pred mesecem
Oh hunny your not ready for 2020😶😐😥
Char Bar
Char Bar Pred mesecem
They thought they where going some where in 2020
Bella Miller
Bella Miller Pred mesecem
Why hasn’t Gabi gotten her ears pierced?
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Pred mesecem
This video made me laugh so much
I've got a pet rock
I've got a pet rock Pred mesecem
I really hope niki doesn’t still shop at dolls kill😬😬
I've got a pet rock
I've got a pet rock Pred 27 dnevi
Lara Oberlin wasn’t aware of that, thank you!
Lara Oberlin
Lara Oberlin Pred 28 dnevi
they both said they stopped shopping at dk after the whole situation
Evelyn Medina
Evelyn Medina Pred mesecem
Little did she know 2020 sucks and is the worst year ever
Cara Scafidi
Cara Scafidi Pred mesecem
YoG nOg yOg NoG
Mr. dogge
Mr. dogge Pred mesecem
They got more for gabi and less for niki
Julian Reynolds
Julian Reynolds Pred mesecem
I like how they where not trying to be sarcastic when she said “Santa” and they went ✌🏻✌🏻
banished4eva Pred mesecem
Okaaaayy so I figured out who Nikki (the left one) reminds me of: *drum roll please* Lindsey Lohan!
Emma Belanger
Emma Belanger Pred mesecem
This is how many time niki said dolls kill l V
Twistie Lyons
Twistie Lyons Pred mesecem
Niki: organised and ready for the year 2020 Me: little did they know what would happen in 2020
D Hodgson
D Hodgson Pred mesecem
...was "Santa" doing some organization foreshadowing?
Lise Beynon
Lise Beynon Pred mesecem
little did they know corona was coming
Mya the Mercurian
Mya the Mercurian Pred mesecem
it’s the end of August 2020 why am I here
Khloe Lynn
Khloe Lynn Pred mesecem
Yea niki you are gonna be a ready and organized to travel in 2020
Pau Pred mesecem
Srushti Vasisht
Srushti Vasisht Pred 2 meseci
omg lttle did they know they would be facing 5 months of quarantine
Tru J.
Tru J. Pred 2 meseci
Gabi just stealing the yog nog shower gel. Bahahaha
A Stupid human being
A Stupid human being Pred 2 meseci
Why do they dress like if they were opening presents oitside
Sophia Pred 2 meseci
niki saying bisalm is so satisfying
Sophia Pred 2 meseci
collins reaction to niki saying bisalm is priceless
Tony Chatz
Tony Chatz Pred 2 meseci
Hearing niki and gabi say good for travel in 2020 is like well what is travel again
Rory O'Connell
Rory O'Connell Pred 2 meseci
i couldn’t stop laughing when having stole to yog nog showed gel 😂😂
Naina Talwar
Naina Talwar Pred 2 meseci
The people who are talking about the weird lil tension between the two and now they uploaded the video "why we don't get along" which was filmed around this time , omg y'all are literal geniuses
Drina Lozano
Drina Lozano Pred 2 meseci
Why did Nikki get more then gabby not trying to hate love you both ❤️
ShiroXDandi Pred 2 meseci
everybody else : i am so thankful for my family and friends this christmas niki: i am thankful building a relationship with dolls kill
just vilia
just vilia Pred 2 meseci
Im not like other girls 👇
Nova Gaming
Nova Gaming Pred 2 meseci
Niki: -gets excited when shes sees the cup for her coffee- Also Niki: "Oh.. its a hyrdo flask"
Miss Chill
Miss Chill Pred 3 meseci
I feel bad for Gabi because it’s obvious Niki got way more gifts then her
Jess Illingworth
Jess Illingworth Pred 2 meseci
Yeah I don’t get it gabi seems a lot more grateful as well where as Nikki just looks at the brand
Bzks Jsisososo
Bzks Jsisososo Pred 3 meseci
Rylee Helquist
Rylee Helquist Pred 3 meseci
spoiled much
Wareesha Fatima
Wareesha Fatima Pred 3 meseci
i lost it at 3:28 GABI QWEEN U SAVAGE ASF
Rae Blanchette
Rae Blanchette Pred 3 meseci
I used to have a ariana grande backpack and I can't find it
dankysubsandwich 18
dankysubsandwich 18 Pred 3 meseci
One of them : *opens something* The other one : *You know i had the same on--*
Shannon Mccrudden
Shannon Mccrudden Pred 3 meseci
There outfits are everything
Layne Stone
Layne Stone Pred 3 meseci
I cant stand Nikis eyeliner im sorry but it just made me uncomfortable
ShiroXDandi Pred 3 meseci
girl you can not be ready for 2020 bc its a MESS
Mariam Pred 3 meseci
Niki : so I can be ready for 2020 Little does she know what’s going to happen
Frida Martin
Frida Martin Pred 3 meseci
Niki looks so pale 👻👻👻👻
meg hob
meg hob Pred 3 meseci
I don't have my ears peiced to gabi because I have a heart defect and I could get endocarditis if I have them pierced so I always have magnetic earrings thet are rely good you can get them from clairs or amazon you should so try them
Kyoko Kirigiri
Kyoko Kirigiri Pred 3 meseci
sadly 2020 won't have one-
Daintyx Pred 3 meseci
When Colin’s clip came on I died 💀💀💀😂😂
Ida Posavec
Ida Posavec Pred 3 meseci
Does enybody see how Niki got more presents than Gabi. Niki was good, Gabi not so much😂😂😂
Lindsey Clemons
Lindsey Clemons Pred 3 meseci
"That reminds me of Collin..." "How does this remind you of Collin?" Lol!
Tessa Bowen
Tessa Bowen Pred 4 meseci
Niki:anything coconut is a win. Gabi: I KNOW
dog lover101
dog lover101 Pred 4 meseci
Niki: anything coconut is a win Gabi: I KNOW
Alyssa Dana
Alyssa Dana Pred 4 meseci
About to go on the grill lmao
Kalsoom Fatima
Kalsoom Fatima Pred 4 meseci
You both used to look so beautiful but not so much now
Sereny Areniego
Sereny Areniego Pred 4 meseci
Gabi is mean she was a bad girl she tried to steal!
Georgia Ohman
Georgia Ohman Pred 4 meseci
When Niki does air quotes on Santa 🤣 sorry you had to find out this way kids
Rachel And freckles
Rachel And freckles Pred 4 meseci
Not to be late to this or whatever but dollskill is such a crusty dusty brand. Like they're really the epitome of fast fashion. Stolen art and designs, racism, awful customer service, and far from "made to last"
jULia Pred 4 meseci
Niki and gabi: we’re here in our pajamas Me: 👁👄👁
Yoongi._tears Pred 4 meseci
throw that dollskill shit out
Yoongi._tears Pred 4 meseci
jacy Pred 4 meseci
3:00 😬
Melody Valerio
Melody Valerio Pred 4 meseci
Melody Valerio
Melody Valerio Pred 4 meseci
Why did you stel
Gumbo Gals
Gumbo Gals Pred 4 meseci
I feel poor watching this... But I love them!!! ✨💚✨
kshk multi
kshk multi Pred 4 meseci
"Oh it's hydro flaskskskskskskskksks"
Emma Connolly
Emma Connolly Pred 4 meseci
Niki definitely got more presents than gabi and gabi is not happy about it
Margherita Silano
Margherita Silano Pred 4 meseci
Why doesn't she just get her ears pierced ????
Eva Rosales
Eva Rosales Pred 4 meseci
When Gabi took the yog nog I was dead and then Niki found out about it
Takitafu 10121
Takitafu 10121 Pred 4 meseci
I feel like there're other girls that're just like Niki
Val Pred 4 meseci
Let’s throw it back 🍑
Heloise Isselstein
Heloise Isselstein Pred 4 meseci
i love niki and gabi soooo much
Caroline VonBergen
Caroline VonBergen Pred 4 meseci
Me watching this during COVID: honey you got a big storm comin.
Random Things
Random Things Pred 4 meseci
They both really improve Good job you guys So love ya guys❤️
Layan Alshammari
Layan Alshammari Pred 5 meseci
I feel like gabi is jealous of niki’s presents 😂, jk
Ava Ruby Sulton
Ava Ruby Sulton Pred 5 meseci
Gabi just awkwardly staring at her twin when she pulls out her under armor sweatpants and the other things lol
Rani Tamang
Rani Tamang Pred 5 meseci
"Gabi stole her gift lol"
Elliott Machacek
Elliott Machacek Pred 5 meseci
gabi: So yeah Are you- niki: Dolls killDolls killDolls killDolls killDolls killDolls killDolls killDolls killDolls killDolls killDolls killDolls killDolls killDolls killDolls killDolls killDolls kill
Liza Dat Videos
Liza Dat Videos Pred 5 meseci
Niki always says that she's not like the other girls but all the girls i know says " i don't like dresses or pink" and they got Niki's style! That's the proof that Gabi is not like the other girls!!!!!! Love them both! (Comment what stule is your fav) Mine: Gabi!
Blathnaid mythen
Blathnaid mythen Pred 5 meseci
Everyone stop hating on them. They are literally 25 and are so succsesful
Blathnaid mythen
Blathnaid mythen Pred 5 meseci
You guys are both soo inspiring
Hannah 31
Hannah 31 Pred 5 meseci
Why do they have to buy A WHOLE OTHER HOUSE to film videos. What's wrong with sitting in front of the christmas tree at home?
Lara Oberlin
Lara Oberlin Pred 28 dnevi
this isn't uncommon for youtubers to do lol
Oliviaxxxmoonxlight Pred 5 meseci
ok but in the 2013 clip niki acctally looks like alex like completly
Wild Stallion
Wild Stallion Pred 5 meseci
Niki u say u got fillers but ..... where did they go? 😂
Martina Cappuccio
Martina Cappuccio Pred 5 meseci
“I’m not like the other girls” 85% of the girls has her style. 🙄
Emma Hawk
Emma Hawk Pred 5 meseci
Martina Cappuccio it’s a joke calm down. She’s literally making fun of herself
Chezka Luistro
Chezka Luistro Pred 5 meseci
I wish our Christmas will be like that. Giving and opening gifts... Didn't even experienced that with my family. Guess only some filipino families do that...
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