Confronting Ex-Bestfriend from Middle School 10 years Later

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Niki and Gabi

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Part 1: Facing Middle School 10 years After Being Bullied:
Part 2: Confronting Ex-Bestfriend from Middle School 10 years Later
10 years ago, we were both bullied in 7th grade to the point where we had to transfer schools to overcome it. Now, 10 years later, we challenge ourselves to face our fears and confront our ex-bestfriend from middle school 10 years later. It's time we get closure, and find out the reason why we were being bullied, and where it all started.
#bullied #stopbullying

DISCLAIMER: If you are being bullied, or know anyone being bullied, don't hold back from telling a trusted adult and taking action. Speak up. If it's happening to you, please know that this is a temporary situation and there's so much more ahead of you to come. Don't let a small portion of your youth take away your excitement of the future.
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Niki and Gabi
Niki and Gabi Pred 2 leti
Also...Guys don't hate on our friend Jess, it's been 10 YEARS since this all went down, we can't blame her for not remembering specifics. Calling her shady is exactly what the message of this series is aiming to PREVENT. Be kind to each other always. xoxo n & g
pinkycakes Pred mesecem
Wow..... Idk what to say...
Sara Sanchez
Sara Sanchez Pred 4 meseci
And am 12 right now and it’s worse these days
Kimberly Jones
Kimberly Jones Pred 5 meseci
Wait is she J from the bullying video who started it
Danush Lesley
Danush Lesley Pred 5 meseci
This isn't the new girl who printed your whole text messages
Layla Esposito
Layla Esposito Pred 5 meseci
@eden hi. i’ve been bullied before and it was horrible. in 5th grade. if something like this ever happens to u, stand up i didn’t stand up for myself and it’s the worst mistake i ever made, my biggest regret. if i stood up for myself, it would’ve ended much much sooner. without standing up for yourself, the situation will never heal by itself
Shiloh Siwila
Shiloh Siwila Pred 17 urami
I feel like bulling is not right and not cute it’s rude petty and mean you should be nice to others I would never bully Niki and Gabi they were beautiful, in the back history I would sit by them in Lunch ask the teacher if we could be a whole partner group and we work together and be there for them and stand up for them they didn’t deserve to get bullied and there bfs have there back and there friends and so do I there whole lives I bet they were more beautiful than there classmates (bullies) and they suck they belong in the trash if you get bullied you might wanna catch Suicide so don’t bully your killing people a beautiful angel died cause she got bullied and the bullied kill people by hanging them please just not bully it’s not right when your older you might be like Omg I was a big bully to those girls Niki and Gabi then they realize that’s why they transferred schools don’t bully don’t copy don’t mak don’t laugh PEROID if you do something might come in the future I’m truly sorry Niki and Gabi sincerely Shiloh... please read this it will help. They were beautiful there whole freakin life so don’t judge and just smile From Shiloh To Everybody in the World the bullies the nice people please If you can share this comment and screenshot it send it to people the people that you send it to tell them to send it to others so everyone can see this prob not but let’s see reply back Yess Thank you! Or something else and like this comment please it’s important. Xoxo Shiloh And Others.
Alma Carrillo
Alma Carrillo Pred 4 dnevi
Aww i am crying you guys are nice Niki and Gabi
Monserath Mena (Student)
Monserath Mena (Student) Pred 7 dnevi
wait is this "J "
Bunnyz gaming hazel
Bunnyz gaming hazel Pred 12 dnevi
Thank you guys so much 😭
Kate Jack
Kate Jack Pred 22 dnevi
that’s why i always say, “boys are assholes, and girls can be evil”
unicorn impossible
unicorn impossible Pred 25 dnevi
The bullies must feel stupid for bullying you I bet they are not anywhere close to your subscribers as you like what do you earn from bullying
Evelin Castro
Evelin Castro Pred 25 dnevi
Yes never bully someone I have been bulled but seeing this helps a lot
Hannah Kouadio
Hannah Kouadio Pred 29 dnevi
the eco
Aleeza Razzak
Aleeza Razzak Pred mesecem
Words hurt more then rocks
Danica Truchanowicz
Danica Truchanowicz Pred mesecem
Funny I’m in 7th grade and going tho a similar thing
Alayna Pearson
Alayna Pearson Pred mesecem
Is jess jay
Huda Almidan
Huda Almidan Pred mesecem
I got bullied throughout my childhood and I totally feel for niki and gabi
bea williams
bea williams Pred mesecem
your so over exsaderated i nevver or eny one else did eiher and im not a fan
RJQ Priest
RJQ Priest Pred 2 meseci
more people need to watch this
Miss Bunny Blogger A Lim S L
Miss Bunny Blogger A Lim S L Pred 2 meseci
Those girls are probably even more jealous now. You guys are amazing. 😊👍✨thank you for sharing positive messages to us
AZAT Pred 2 meseci
I don't understand anything in this video
AZAT Pred 2 meseci
Our boyfriend Stalin liked that lol
Anastasija Gruevska
Anastasija Gruevska Pred 2 meseci
Props to you for being so nice to her. If that was me I would yeet that girl on the other side of the planet
zim zimaraki yt
zim zimaraki yt Pred 2 meseci
Thats happend to me but i did not have a sister so it hit me really hard as well im srry it happend to u people like us try to stay strong
ally kenny
ally kenny Pred 2 meseci
I never comment on videos but I have to say this video should never have been made. It feels wrong to sit an old friend down and suck old gossip out of them and confront when she left them in front of an audience in their favour.
XxJaxlyxX Plays roblox
XxJaxlyxX Plays roblox Pred 2 meseci
Mean girls: ugh there like not cool there weird twins like don’t sit with them 10 years later... Niki and gabi : congrats you have 9.54M subscribers!!
Juliana Diaz Wildcat
Juliana Diaz Wildcat Pred 2 meseci
im 8 I love you guys if you went to my school and if you were 8 I would definitely stand up for you cause im not about that stuff look who you grew to be so don't be sad cause it hurts your fans when you feel hurt
ImEmmaLuv Pred 2 meseci
Ohhhh! That’s why girls were leaving your friend group. It’s because they were being bullied to be your friends. So, i guess they were trying to keep themselves from being bullied, but if they were your friends, why would they just leave you? Wouldn’t they help you? Edit: im looking back to fourth grade now. These two boys were being targeted and these “popular kids” would make fun of them both and now i just feel so sad and feel like that they should have treated them better. I know i wanted to be the kind one, but the problem was peer pressure. I in fact was being bullied a lot at that time by that SAME GROUP OF PEOPLE. The first day they came up to me and my friend at recess, they were all in this “line” around us and this girl and her friends (i wont say any of these kids names) would just target me. And only me. I remember having a meltdown at that lunch table because there were all these kids surrounding me and yelling. I couldn’t feel my hands anymore. I also was called a show off because at that time i like doing gymnastics and flips. At that lunch line, these girls were like “your a huge show off” and i started crying. I said i would punch them in the face, but of course i didnt mean it, i was just so upset. Then i talked to my teacher (she had to be one of my favorite teachers ever) and i started being honest about what i said and what she said because i wanted to tell the truth. And at recess, SWEAR TO GOD SHE STARTS TELLING EVERYONE ABOUT WHAT I SAID TO HER. THE THING THAT I SAID ONLY OUT OF ANGER. Then these group of kids are surrounding me (why do i feel like i wanna cry rn) and they were surrounding me against a fence and this girl (i wont say her name even though, i really want to) slams me against the fence. My two friends saw me and they were telling me to come over with them. Thank god i got out of there. The worst part, NONE OF THOSE TEACHERS TOOK ACTION ON WHAT WAS GOING ON...we told my math teacher and she said that me and my friends will have one side and those kids would have the other. She separated us. I was so thankful that they showed up. I could have been hurt worse. I can’t imagine what would happen if my friends didn’t come over to help. Btw, I RAN OUT OF THERE. (Ok ill move on) Then, she tried coming over to me with these other three girls and my math teacher stopped them from going over to us. I can’t explain how thankful and relieved i am that i had survived that year. Though it was a great school, it was just the kids. I actually became friends with them! Well, sorta. Kids will always be mean to me at some point in every year, but this was different. So different. In first grade, this kid threatened to stab me with a pencil. I told my mom and the teachers would always do this lol: my teacher moved seats and it never happened again. I wasn’t bullied this year thank god. Im still get kind off hurt when i speak of those moments. The school is amazing, its just the kids...
iiMxnisha Pred 2 meseci
Oml now I'm scared I'm literally starting middle school tomorrow and my old elementary school was already horrible..
Juju Downes
Juju Downes Pred 2 meseci
Image how your bully’s felts seeing gabi in the thank you next music video
Brenna castilleja
Brenna castilleja Pred 2 meseci
Usually bullies bully bc they're jealous of you or they obviously are insecure so they take it out on others, it's really sad but its true
Ella Wilkinson
Ella Wilkinson Pred 2 meseci
I almost cried watching that 😞.......,Nikki so it’s ten years later 😑
Emma Jane
Emma Jane Pred 2 meseci
My school has long tables. Plus one single table at the end of the room
nene 51
nene 51 Pred 2 meseci
Liliana Dirlik
Liliana Dirlik Pred 2 meseci
Who thinks the girl they were talking to sorry I don’t know her name but she felt kind of awkward and she kept laughing I don’t know but like if you agree
Rebecca Renee
Rebecca Renee Pred 2 meseci
Ok you can tell Jess feels bad and I’m surprised that she agreed to do that
Valeria Gonzalez
Valeria Gonzalez Pred 3 meseci
i dont know why but in the last vid hen they were visiting there old school i kinda fellt how Gabie felf any body else?...
Josh Olson
Josh Olson Pred 3 meseci
I went to my Elementary school to vist because my teachers saw me go though a rough path I ended up homless bagging for money
Roasting Royalty 2
Roasting Royalty 2 Pred 3 meseci
So basically she was a follower
Ely M-B
Ely M-B Pred 3 meseci
Bullying sucks affects can last a lifetime Gabi and Nicki are so strong they still rose above the bs
Bxbybears 1
Bxbybears 1 Pred 3 meseci
I feel like she was hiding something but idk and she wasn’t saying everything but it was hard for her too
•_외로운 보바_•
•_외로운 보바_• Pred 3 meseci
doreen vol
doreen vol Pred 3 meseci
ill be honest, I feel like we've all been mean to someone or picked on them or have done something mean like that before. but now I realize that it's so wrong. it's so wrong to pick on people for their appearance, its so wrong to be mean to someone because you think it's cool. it's really really wrong.
Uchechukwu Amaechi
Uchechukwu Amaechi Pred 3 meseci
I know..I might be a late viewer...started watching this series, since last month..which I know I still a lot of vids to watch..but out of all I have watched..this one put tears in my eye...I really love you guys...rock on
tabitha Pred 3 meseci
Is it ok I was crying @ this - ?
Robyn3061 Hughes
Robyn3061 Hughes Pred 3 meseci
I just found your channel yesterday I didn’t know what happened.I love your channel you are my new favourite SLpostrs.i love you😍🥰
OhNoItsNoe Pred 3 meseci
I had to wait 3 years/graduate to leave my school
Alex Pred 3 meseci
Thank you guys so much for sharing your story I know how hard it can be to talk about this kind of stuff so thx a bunch for sharing! love you!❤️😊
Kaylie Baltazar
Kaylie Baltazar Pred 3 meseci
This is to similar to m story 😔
Lara Fitzpatrick
Lara Fitzpatrick Pred 3 meseci
Lol are u guys serious ? Grow the fuck up
Holly Munro
Holly Munro Pred 4 meseci
So I have always watched you guys but I never saw this video or heard this story...I have the exact same story I got I played from my friend group pretty much from jk to grade 5 I ended up having to leave that school with only 2 months left of the school year...I wish I could do a video like this I’m glad you guys got some closure I hope I can do that one day with my old friends
Anam Kazi
Anam Kazi Pred 4 meseci
They were jealous of u guys and u guys showed them by your youtube that the made a big mistakes i m really proud of u guys u all r amazing😘❤❤❤
Episode TV
Episode TV Pred 4 meseci
watch every single Niki and gabi video the beginning voice over is always niki, never gabi
Chelsea Johnson
Chelsea Johnson Pred 4 meseci
The circle tables was exactly like my highschool experience... I went from having an overcrowded table to just my best friend and I sitting alone from bullying
Kyle Tunstull
Kyle Tunstull Pred 4 meseci
Who's watching this that was a bully to them?
Audrey Buchan
Audrey Buchan Pred 4 meseci
Wait you bullied them?
Eve Kirkaldy
Eve Kirkaldy Pred 4 meseci
Imagine those girls watching this saying “omg those girls I bullied are famous now with more then 9 million subs!!!”
Molly Kate
Molly Kate Pred 4 meseci
I wish I had a twin. Because when your a twin even if all your friends leave you, you will always have your twin 🥺🤍
Addison Pred 4 meseci
In their bullying story they said one of their friends they called “ J “ was the one who started all of the bullying and her name is Jess 😱
Ali H
Ali H Pred 4 meseci
This breaks my heart to see my fav SLpostrs get bullied and I just wanted to say you guys are so strong and try not to let anything get to you and I'm going to middle school next year and i love your videos sm and this series broke my heart💞💫🌊
Starbucks Sistas
Starbucks Sistas Pred 4 meseci
This girl says like a lot bruh
Sara Sanchez
Sara Sanchez Pred 4 meseci
I know were you guys are coming from. I have circle tables at my school and it’s inclusive. And people ate just talking about you it’s like telephone ear to ear the gossip and I feel bad for you guys. And from those circle tables I lost lots of friends. 🥰love u guys
DeliaBesgorl Pred 4 meseci
Starting junior high in two months and I don’t plan on going. Idk maybe I’ll just hide in the bathroom or something lol
연준 죄Is_ma_bias_
연준 죄Is_ma_bias_ Pred 4 meseci
I'm only 11 years old and I'm already showing suicidal thoughts and got sent to an mental facility because of bullying. In the state in the United States that I live in is Ohio. Suicide is currently the 2nd main cause of death. My friend's mom committed suicide years before she had me.
katie morgan
katie morgan Pred 4 meseci
your ex best friend just keeps laughing at serious things? dont blame u for not being friends with her anymore lollll
that's so sarah
that's so sarah Pred 4 meseci
some people laugh at serious situations because they are uncomfortable and don't know how to act.
Amy D
Amy D Pred 4 meseci
i can't relate so much. 6th grade was my absolute worst year ever. i was soooo alone i'd hide in the bathroom
shira harrison
shira harrison Pred 4 meseci
I hope the bullies see where they are now
Isabella Montresoro
Isabella Montresoro Pred 4 meseci
Jessica seems so nice. At least they had SOMEONE to help them get through these situations
black nast
black nast Pred 4 meseci
i feel you, im going truth it (sorry for bad englisch, i live in german)
Joy’s Vlogs
Joy’s Vlogs Pred 4 meseci
Hi guys I needed this i still get bulled at my house and at my school I’m sorry you guys had a bad 7th grade but I’m happy to see you happy and I do think I will be stronger when I’m older and I wanna be just like you guys stay safe 🤕
Vegancatlady 101
Vegancatlady 101 Pred 4 meseci
Awh. It seemed like the other girls were jealous and envious of you both for being twins and then ambitious too with making a band
M & S Holmes
M & S Holmes Pred 4 meseci
Who is watching this during quarantine 😐😅❤️
Camilas Wonder land
Camilas Wonder land Pred 4 meseci
Niki was chill but gabi and Jess you can see the nervousness it was kinda akward to watch
brey Lee
brey Lee Pred 4 meseci
I don't understand why they are asking this poor girl abt middle school 12 yrs ago like I can't remember what I had for dinner last night
Toni Castle
Toni Castle Pred 4 meseci
I want to get mad at her but I won't if you don't want me to it just makes me sad for you I'm so sorry about what happened I'm sorry
Milagros suarez chavez
Milagros suarez chavez Pred 4 meseci
litterally the bullys of niki and gab8 in 7th grade are there fans now niki and gqbi:its funny how b!ches turn into my fans
Milagros suarez chavez
Milagros suarez chavez Pred 4 meseci
Dania Rivera Martinez
Dania Rivera Martinez Pred 4 meseci
i know how you feel it feels so bad
Dania Rivera Martinez
Dania Rivera Martinez Pred 4 meseci
i feel bad for yall you got more bulid than me like thats sad that almost made me cry.
Sofia k
Sofia k Pred 4 meseci
All Niki and Gabi can say is " it's funny how bitches turn to my fans" 😂😂 this is the perfect time to say that
Johanna Reyes
Johanna Reyes Pred 4 meseci
They say “like” so many times that was all I could focus on
Ariana Sanchez
Ariana Sanchez Pred 2 meseci
Johanna Reyes stop why did u do this to me
Copito González Llaca
Copito González Llaca Pred 4 meseci
So I'm been bullied with12 years and it was terrible and I didn't want to go to school
Sandra Leon
Sandra Leon Pred 4 meseci
We didn’t call it A.I.M we called it aim
Shannon Pred 5 meseci
I got bullied pretty bad 2years later one girl moved school and she was the biggest bully and now is the 3rd year later they grew up and apologized except 1 who moved school and I didn't talk to her even tho my mom and her mom was so close so will it be continued will I see her and confront her after lockdown
_marley_ Pred 5 meseci
u r not alone:) i have been through it:)
Elizabeth Sutton
Elizabeth Sutton Pred 5 meseci
2020 anyone?? lmao
Jessica Wann
Jessica Wann Pred 5 meseci
Giana's Vlogs_
Giana's Vlogs_ Pred 5 meseci
I was actually bullied in school they were saying bad words behind our backs and they even once said they wanted me to die and that word really hurts my feelings and before this all drama happened of me being bullied I really thought that they are my real friends but atleast I have my best friends who I really trust even If I am being bullied until this time they're always there for me and helping me....... 😔
Celia's Life
Celia's Life Pred 5 meseci
This wasn’t J is the bullied video was it?
Mia Yeoman
Mia Yeoman Pred 5 meseci
so sad it can't watch any more i am not bullied but I used to get bullied
Justin Morris
Justin Morris Pred 5 meseci
Did anyone see in the back ground it’s dark
Brooke Shiber
Brooke Shiber Pred 5 meseci
That same thing happened to me last year but it wasn’t the whole school and I didn’t switch schools but it was still really bad.
Maddie Currey
Maddie Currey Pred 5 meseci
The way I felt in school I will never forget
iiiLxvelyii i
iiiLxvelyii i Pred 5 meseci
Weird means different, we are all different. So therefore we are all weird.
Rian Allyzen
Rian Allyzen Pred 5 meseci
8:54 (this is for me lol)
Ella Gatti
Ella Gatti Pred 5 meseci
Wait the same thing happend to me lol not EVEN KIDDINGGGGG 🥺🥺
1234 Fc
1234 Fc Pred 5 meseci
Quarantine life got me watching this 🙄
Halide Mercan
Halide Mercan Pred 5 meseci
I feel so bad and I already watched this but I am watching all niki and gabi videos. But I feel like everybody was just trying to find reasons to bully Niki and Gabi.
Neer Sidhu
Neer Sidhu Pred 5 meseci
2 0 2 0 anyone?
sad stranger
sad stranger Pred 5 meseci
Jessica seemed so nervous I feel bad because she looked so sad.
Arielle Reader
Arielle Reader Pred 5 meseci
This made me cry omg )): :(( ((: :))
R U B Y Pred 5 meseci
"I'm not cuz they FANS" period Niki!!!
Matt Cafiero
Matt Cafiero Pred 5 meseci
Who feels like so bad for Niki and Gabi Like this comment if u agree with me
Sandy TheSquirrel:3
Sandy TheSquirrel:3 Pred 5 meseci
Watching this made me cry.. 🥺
Chloe's Channel
Chloe's Channel Pred 5 meseci
Jess seems like an art teacher 😂 Like if u agree.
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