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Here's the official lyric video to our song "Make it Sting" from our EP Individual. Stream & Download Niki and Gabi's ‘INDIVIDUAL EP”:

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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our twins wear boyfriends' clothes for a week video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like for a week, style, beauty, lifestyle, swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, shopping videos, music, and more!

Bella Boo
Bella Boo Pred 7 dnevi
I have never niki wear a dress love y’all love the song
Justelene Papacosma
Justelene Papacosma Pred 12 dnevi
LilDerpCake Pred 12 dnevi
Does Gabi write these songs?
WTHnada Pred 17 dnevi
Oh ..
Addison Redmon
Addison Redmon Pred mesecem
Go on america’s got talent plz your guys singing is amazing
Sunil Bandbe
Sunil Bandbe Pred mesecem
मैने ।गाने।सुना।बहुत।टोप।है।
Sunil Bandbe
Sunil Bandbe Pred mesecem
Sunil Bandbe
Sunil Bandbe Pred mesecem
,, hello mera naam Sunil bahut Sundar Sundar
Усмонали Мирзали ев
Усмонали Мирзали ев Pred mesecem
Thank you for amazing sòng and I never forget your lovely expression face ♡♡♡♡♡ !
Усмонали Мирзали ев
Усмонали Мирзали ев Pred mesecem
Thank you for amazing sòng and I never forget your lovely expression face ♡♡♡♡♡ !
Amanda for no reason
Amanda for no reason Pred 2 meseci
Omg I love Gabi’s Ariana moment with the low ponytail! 😱😍😍
Zimal F
Zimal F Pred 2 meseci
Watching this now niki’s dress looks horrible 😂😂
kimbap kidding
kimbap kidding Pred 2 meseci
Niki looks stunning, she looks so good with the hair and the yellow dress😍😍
zoe mathers
zoe mathers Pred 3 meseci
Just another boring song about boys
Billie Jean
Billie Jean Pred 3 meseci
They go listen to something else?
Josie Roberts
Josie Roberts Pred 3 meseci
Y does it look liek they put wat more effort into gaby than niki in costume design 😂
-ooOoo Ghostly Gacha ooOoo-
-ooOoo Ghostly Gacha ooOoo- Pred 5 meseci
I love the song, but the lyrics are kinda weird, and the dresses dont match the song. BUT EF THAT GABI CAN I HAVE YUR DRESS
Luna Villa
Luna Villa Pred 5 meseci
they’re so gorgeous
Fluffy Pandaas
Fluffy Pandaas Pred 6 meseci
I love you both soo much!! How do you make sonhs so well!?😍❤💖❤💖
ana chavez
ana chavez Pred 6 meseci
Songs but ok i like that compliment tho😋
Sarah McCoy
Sarah McCoy Pred 6 meseci
Love this song
Carina Pred 7 meseci
The bandaids metaphor is having a relationship that hurts but ur willing to take it , take it off make it sting is like do it it’s worth the pain
kamal syah mohd sharif
kamal syah mohd sharif Pred 7 meseci
Me: *asks parents to listen to this* My parents: Wow they are good singers!!! Are they going to have a concert? Me: I *WISH* Edit: Thank you for 1 like, I really appriciate it! 😘 By the way, love you girls!
preethi rajan
preethi rajan Pred 7 meseci
Niki is a little over in this
Clauu Queen
Clauu Queen Pred 8 meseci
Go back on the x factor and simon will be BLOWN AWAY by this
amanda the abby fan & abby yes & sunny day no lola
amanda the abby fan & abby yes & sunny day no lola Pred 8 meseci
Wow perfect big hug from sweden ❤️❤️❤️
Subhalakshmi sengupta
Subhalakshmi sengupta Pred 9 meseci
Gabi looks like Ariana in the beauty and the beast music video. I’m obsessed with her look
CrystalGamer Pred 10 meseci
When u have captions on -you do- may the pay us make it sting
Karina Moncayo
Karina Moncayo Pred 10 meseci
Gabi and niki I love your dress omggggggg
Lucky Happy Girl
Lucky Happy Girl Pred 10 meseci
Gabi’s hair 😻😻😻😻
Telesia Niumata
Telesia Niumata Pred 10 meseci
Here before 1mil views
The Bat Girl
The Bat Girl Pred 10 meseci
I love fabi
Emy Tich
Emy Tich Pred 10 meseci
It ends..... 😶
Discover Hannah
Discover Hannah Pred 11 meseci
Gives me “The Selection” vibes, but ina good way 🙂
vassybaby94 Pred 11 meseci
It’s about loving someone who is bad for you and also being so obsessed with them that you can’t see their flaws. It’s not about band aids..
J K Pred letom
Another trash song...
Billie Jean
Billie Jean Pred 3 meseci
Tymberry Pred letom
*I’m OBSESSED with the song*
Aegyo 진Smile
Aegyo 진Smile Pred letom
The World of Hannah
The World of Hannah Pred letom
MONTHS later, after forgetting this existed I still remember all the lyrics
rat Pred letom
Ur voices are so unique yet with the trends?? Idk it's unique but what people want 🎶✨
Kayleigh Bentley
Kayleigh Bentley Pred letom
I am sorry I put this do you doos
Kayleigh Bentley
Kayleigh Bentley Pred letom
Hope we are ok
Sama Wael
Sama Wael Pred letom
I’m obsessed with all of your music niki and gabi 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Bojana Trajkova
Bojana Trajkova Pred letom
Play at 2× speed
S G Pred letom
I love this song !!!!!
Leslyyy Pred letom
This just sounds like sex to me or am i going crazy shiz i probably am
Lexie Stokes
Lexie Stokes Pred letom
did anyone see that gabi's dress looks similar to the one Ariana worn in beauty and the beast when she sung it
Sarah Melo
Sarah Melo Pred letom
Niki and Gabi are the best you tubers and the best you tubers who can sing
tt k
tt k Pred letom
Niki and Gabi u slay in those dresses especially niki
Nhien Nguyen
Nhien Nguyen Pred letom
“Rip it off, make it sting” Lol is this about waxing
EmJay Pred 3 meseci
when i read this that part cam on ;-;
K • 55 years ago
K • 55 years ago Pred 6 meseci
@lauren smith r/whooosh
ana chavez
ana chavez Pred 6 meseci
Lol im ded😂😭💀
xoxvicky Pred 6 meseci
Nah, its about taking off a Band-aid 😂
lauren smith
lauren smith Pred letom
Nhien Nguyen it’s about a boy hurting girl like tell me the truth just tell me
Younger Kids: Why do they make bandaid songs..? Me (Also Pretty Young): Oh my gosh..Just wait till you're older kids you'll know what it's really about... The Young Kids: WE ALREADY KNOW THAT ITS ABOUT BANDAIDS!! Me: ~FacePalm~
kamal syah mohd sharif
kamal syah mohd sharif Pred 5 meseci
So true, I have little sister and she does this to me..
Emy Tich
Emy Tich Pred 11 meseci
I'm young and I know it's not band AIDS (all tho it seems like it)
E I L M A R A B B E E Pred letom
I have been watching them since 00remake girls, I'm gonna be honest, they weren't the best, but I kept watching, and I'm so proud of them for getting here, good job guys!! love ya
Amadeusz Pred letom
Why is this still underrated
Katelin Rudolph
Katelin Rudolph Pred letom
what is ur song about
bxtch Pred letom
go back on X factor and sing this 💗
Ruth Roño
Ruth Roño Pred letom
KawaiiShadowWolf Playz
KawaiiShadowWolf Playz Pred letom
U guys are awesome at singing😘
Olivia Bonner
Olivia Bonner Pred letom
"Rip it off, make it sting" is what goes through my head when I'm trying to fight the habit (but failing) of picking scabs sksk
Giorgos Mitsopoulos
Giorgos Mitsopoulos Pred letom
why all those dislikes? these girls have amazing voices which match perfectly 👀💞
Breanna Edits
Breanna Edits Pred letom
Am I the only one who loves gabi’s dress
J Smith
J Smith Pred letom
Keep it up guys you guys are so good keep going
Caroline Seaford
Caroline Seaford Pred letom
I wish you could hear Gabi’s voice more she has the voice of an angel! Nikki sounds great too!
i like this song
AIMEN Musa Pred letom
A Why 730 k views deserve minimum 5 m likws atleast 2m
Princess Pred letom
biggest fan, love you girls!
Akinboro Sunday
Akinboro Sunday Pred letom
Dindin dindin
Dindin dindin Pred letom
the backsound sounds like ari
YourUltimate Wonder
YourUltimate Wonder Pred letom
I appreciate your work and its just for us
Yumeko Aoi
Yumeko Aoi Pred letom
When I started watching your Channel I loved it! Your videos always make me smile when I’m down luv you guys and keep up the good work for your viewers!
Crazy Elephant
Crazy Elephant Pred letom
2m when i started watching but now 8.6 million , i love you guys
najmul hassan
najmul hassan Pred letom
Mariah Rosas
Mariah Rosas Pred letom
play this at 0.5 speed
Elyse Eriksen
Elyse Eriksen Pred letom
Niki and Gabi are so awesome! They are so underated! Keep it up guys!
hirva shah
hirva shah Pred letom
I've watched all your music videos like a 100 times
chanelle reeve
chanelle reeve Pred letom
I love Niki and Gabi so much
Kami KCD
Kami KCD Pred letom
I heart ❤️ Nikki and gabby
Saeed Shah
Saeed Shah Pred letom
I love Gabi’s solo parts
Saeed Shah
Saeed Shah Pred letom
Does niki sing the 1st verse or is that Gabi??
Chloe Kim 101
Chloe Kim 101 Pred letom
This is one of my favorite sings
Emina Spahić
Emina Spahić Pred letom
this song always gets me shaking
Liam Cassidy
Liam Cassidy Pred letom
Your my favorite channel
deepti singh
deepti singh Pred letom
U are not singing but good
Beverly Gutierrez
Beverly Gutierrez Pred letom
I loveeeeeee this songggg niki and gabii❤️ btw I'm a subscriber from Philippines
Ella-Grace Parry
Ella-Grace Parry Pred letom
i actually am obsessed with this song everything about it! omg 🥰💖
Khadija tarig
Khadija tarig Pred letom
Gabi's voice sounds like ariana grande voice who agrees with me?
Sophia Hidalgo
Sophia Hidalgo Pred letom
This song sounds really wrong😂😂
cherry blisstudios
cherry blisstudios Pred letom
Ahh swear word sorry heh’ I love u niki and gabi who watching in2019
Jungkook's euphoria
Jungkook's euphoria Pred letom
Wow love it 😍💕❤️💕😍
200yasmin Orsini-Castrodad
200yasmin Orsini-Castrodad Pred letom
The last time I saw this video is said 2 weeks ago and now it says 5 months ago. Oml times going by so fast 😭😌❤️
Aiden Ziewsk
Aiden Ziewsk Pred letom
Look at them X-factor
astroscientist Pred letom
Why do I get disney channel classic movie prom vibes
Wan Fetrah
Wan Fetrah Pred letom
This song was released on my birthday! ♥♡♥♡
Marsi Pred letom
soooo prettyyyyy i love it
Roxanna Thomas
Roxanna Thomas Pred letom
I love niki” s dress
Giselle :3
Giselle :3 Pred letom
If you're dirty minded you hear this song as dirty
Rosemary Pred letom
1.25x speed is radio material
Lil Turtle
Lil Turtle Pred letom
Not tryna be mean but Nikki put to much makeup or that's what it looked like
Lucija.cotic Pred letom
Nicolla is disgusting ughhh ewww🤢😖
Sunflower _eyes
Sunflower _eyes Pred letom
Really bicth
Roberta Bacilio
Roberta Bacilio Pred letom
I like it
GamingKitty Girl
GamingKitty Girl Pred letom
This isn't the real Niki and gabi channel btw
Sunflower _eyes
Sunflower _eyes Pred letom
Yeah it is
XIZ ST3PH3N XIZ -ST3PH3N77 Pred letom
Niki looks like a princess
ZelriJacobs ZelriJacobs
ZelriJacobs ZelriJacobs Pred letom
This song is bomb😍😍😍😍
Lesly Tello vlogss
Lesly Tello vlogss Pred letom
Omg NIKI'S HAIR I love so much! SHE LOOKS GOREGOUS! AND GABI omg I love your dress YES QUEEN! THIS OMG IS THE BEST! Vibing and living for it🙌🕶👏❤😰
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