Letting my Stuck Up Sister Control my Life for a Day

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Niki and Gabi

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My sister is very different than me. We've seen these trends where you say yes to someone for a day or let someone control your day, so we wanted to do our own take "letting my sister control my life for a day" this gets out of hand LOL enjoy
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If you see this, comment "that scarf tho" LOL
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our letting my sister control my life for a day video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, drive thru challenges, boyfriend swaps, pranks, twin swaps, shopping challenges 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, life swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

Natalie Carmona
Natalie Carmona Pred uro
Can we just say that they weren’t wearing a MASK 😷
Christen Anderson
Christen Anderson Pred 13 urami
she looks like coraline
Aneri Patel
Aneri Patel Pred 18 urami
8:37 the lady is like 👁👄👁
Harper Monacelli
Harper Monacelli Pred 22 urami
Niki: Why a Limo? Gabi: Because it's easier ( Easier to spend 250 $ dollars just to get a ride home from the mall in a sightly bigger car )
Emilia Leoon
Emilia Leoon Pred dnevom
if you ask me the stuck up one is nicki shes in a mood thew a temper tantrum i mean if she didnt like her telling her what to do she could have just noot agreed to the video dumbass
The C squad
The C squad Pred 2 dnevi
“Fugly” what are you a 5th grader ?
The C squad
The C squad Pred 2 dnevi
Niki stop ✋ your legit a 2 year old
The C squad
The C squad Pred 2 dnevi
Niki *throws gabis clothes on the floor* jeez Niki gabi never is mean to you
The C squad
The C squad Pred 2 dnevi
“Looks like Hillary Clinton” shut up Niki
Sarah Anaum
Sarah Anaum Pred 2 dnevi
Lauren Kocher
Lauren Kocher Pred 2 dnevi
Here in 2020: they should do this again but non-members should be able to watch both sisters do iy
Tekoa Chris
Tekoa Chris Pred 2 dnevi
What the fuck gabi
Alyssa Free
Alyssa Free Pred 5 dnevi
when gabi goes "and were gonna look like twins!" im like, Uh u are twins?
xannie chan
xannie chan Pred 5 dnevi
i thought the wig was cute
sarah honyumptewa
sarah honyumptewa Pred 5 dnevi
Why did nikki look like Angelina from Jersey shore😂😂
Shiloh Siwila
Shiloh Siwila Pred 11 dnevi
It doesn’t even look like Gabis hair.
Petra Neumann
Petra Neumann Pred 11 dnevi
niki: throws the cloths on the ground first off gabi is stuck up but its the challange niki should have expected to do weird things
Lucy D
Lucy D Pred 13 dnevi
1:38 niki looked so much like Alex omg 😮
daniela Pred 14 dnevi
I love her blue hair
AAA Amazingly AWESOME Abby!
AAA Amazingly AWESOME Abby! Pred 18 dnevi
The wig makes niki have a different mood
A Spooky Ruby
A Spooky Ruby Pred 19 dnevi
Why didn't they ever reverse it???
Itzel Ramirez
Itzel Ramirez Pred 20 dnevi
I really want to know what happened to that scarf
kaiden ritchie
kaiden ritchie Pred 22 dnevi
-looks like hillary clinton- :)
Kendyl Heyer
Kendyl Heyer Pred 23 dnevi
I love your videos so so much!
Alaina Gladden
Alaina Gladden Pred 24 dnevi
how come niki never got to control gabi
sidon musie
sidon musie Pred 24 dnevi
Gabi is actually my mom
Student Venus CHIU Kin Tung
Student Venus CHIU Kin Tung Pred 26 dnevi
i hate gabby
Kin Kkds
Kin Kkds Pred 28 dnevi
This comment is a little bit late but NIKI IT IS RUDE TO SAY GABI IS STUCK UP just because she is GIRLY doesn’t mean she is STUCK UP
Desmond A
Desmond A Pred 29 dnevi
Gabi got $3,000 on her credit card that’s what she said
Me Oop
Me Oop Pred mesecem
the title is kind of rude...
Claire Pred mesecem
omg I couldn’t stop laughing when she started trying on the clothes and she’s like “it’s a T-shirt” and just looked so pissed i was dying 🤣🤣
Ally Judy
Ally Judy Pred mesecem
Niki: “I’m getting her a purple mullet” Niki 5 seconds later: “I would never make you wear hair like this” The wig actually looks gold on Niki, she so stuck up
Jocelyn Salinas puga
Jocelyn Salinas puga Pred mesecem
We’re is the video that Nikki controlled gabi day
Lexie DeAngelis
Lexie DeAngelis Pred mesecem
With that wig Niki looks exactly like Kendall Jenner
Areeba Malik
Areeba Malik Pred mesecem
Niki looks like Billie Eilish
Mahjabeen Mamun Kamy
Mahjabeen Mamun Kamy Pred mesecem
But they never did the opposite vdo :(
independent izzie
independent izzie Pred mesecem
Why was this in my recommend a year late
Anniina Anjuska
Anniina Anjuska Pred mesecem
That scarf tho
Allison Tweney
Allison Tweney Pred mesecem
like when is the other video going to come out? I want to see niki do this for gabi
aly Vee
aly Vee Pred mesecem
Looks like Hillary Clinton 😂
Ivana Raščanin
Ivana Raščanin Pred mesecem
Gabi is soooo pretty in this video!
Daisy Morales-Garcia
Daisy Morales-Garcia Pred mesecem
Did they ever film niki's video to make the same video
Ivana Raščanin
Ivana Raščanin Pred mesecem
You have to become a channel member to watch that one
Kookie Monster
Kookie Monster Pred mesecem
niki was so annoying here istg she agreed to do this video so she should’ve been prepared for all of this
Ruhaani Prashad
Ruhaani Prashad Pred mesecem
I love them #fav youtubers
Nusaybah karim
Nusaybah karim Pred mesecem
Let nikki control gabi for a day lmao she would go so extra just for revenge
Aimee Samut
Aimee Samut Pred mesecem
I want to see this video reversed so bad plssssss 💓💓
A J Pred mesecem
Omg I wish Niki had more fun with the video, the wig was funny but she acted so uptight with it. Wasn’t this their video idea..? Why do a video doing what the other person asks you to do if you’re going to just hate it? Lmao
magnificent mare
magnificent mare Pred mesecem
3:04 that cardigan is in the video opposite twins DIY each others outfits
magnificent mare
magnificent mare Pred mesecem
Gracie Adams
Gracie Adams Pred mesecem
Lol Gabi truss on t shirts
Casey Jordan
Casey Jordan Pred mesecem
Niki was being annoying
magnificent mare
magnificent mare Pred mesecem
imagine saving up just to waist it on a bag you dont even get to wear
Kamila Lara
Kamila Lara Pred mesecem
Niki and gain please do this again
Grace Liz Bugarini
Grace Liz Bugarini Pred mesecem
Yo did niki and Gabi ever post the part 2, to this video where gabi says yes to what niki says?
LowKey Bored
LowKey Bored Pred mesecem
how do you become a chanel member?
Megan Laurence
Megan Laurence Pred mesecem
Mid 2019 , niki looks like Billie eilish more than now and 2018-
Issey Eaton
Issey Eaton Pred mesecem
Where’s the other video 😣
Fatima Leon
Fatima Leon Pred mesecem
yes a purple mullet
Katie Sharp
Katie Sharp Pred mesecem
Yo I feel you for you Niki my younger sister is exactly the same
It’s me Emily
It’s me Emily Pred mesecem
The scarf tho 😌😂
Rylee Rivers
Rylee Rivers Pred 2 meseci
That hair though
Lucy Nivison
Lucy Nivison Pred 2 meseci
Neither of them are stuck up; notice how Niki used quotations in the intro
Grace Nordic
Grace Nordic Pred 2 meseci
I feel like Niki got happier after they left that one department store (I don’t know the name)
Mrs.RoyalPrincess Pred 2 meseci
Anyone else get Billie vibes from Niki in the thumbnail? Such a mood lol
Marta Sudar
Marta Sudar Pred 2 meseci
Real title of this video "Gabi being a bitch and Niki overreacting and being dramatic" I loooove what quarantine did to their relationship cuz' nobody can stand them in this video
Mikka Hermann koester
Mikka Hermann koester Pred 2 meseci
Where is Nikki's video?
Alex Pred 2 meseci
Little DevilMaker
Little DevilMaker Pred 2 meseci
Why does niki looks like Jenna Marbles without makeup???????????
Mushu The Dragon
Mushu The Dragon Pred 2 meseci
Niki’s acting like the sibling where if someone asks her to do something she gets annoyed and stuck up but she will be happy if someone does something for her when she asks.
Lise’s Life
Lise’s Life Pred 2 meseci
I like niki hair wig
Jenna Harriss
Jenna Harriss Pred 2 meseci
Gabi is acctuly stuck up 🙄
I am milan
I am milan Pred 2 meseci
Then don't sign up to do the video if u take issue with everything 🙄
rice pixie
rice pixie Pred 2 meseci
niki w the yellow jacket & wig looks like coraline
Monica Maine
Monica Maine Pred 2 meseci
i am surprised niki and gabi dont do more mary kate and ashley looks
Elaine Mansour
Elaine Mansour Pred 2 meseci
But you guys are literally famous
Wolf Wolf
Wolf Wolf Pred 2 meseci
Why niki’s so mean? I just don’t get it🤔
Jess Xo
Jess Xo Pred 2 meseci
Niki: Tomorrow I’m going to control Gabi’s day and I’m going to make her wear a purple mullet.... Me 1 year later: ...........
Jungle aka Jungkook
Jungle aka Jungkook Pred 16 dnevi
Indurani Byju yeah seriously. It’s just a way to get MORE money 🙄 like aren’t they rich already
Indurani Byju
Indurani Byju Pred 23 dnevi
@Sarah Samman ooh shit
Sarah Samman
Sarah Samman Pred mesecem
only the channel members can see it
i have a voice
i have a voice Pred mesecem
omg yes i was looking for this comment
Ray S
Ray S Pred mesecem
Ikr like where’s the video guys 😂😂😂
Rozy 21
Rozy 21 Pred 2 meseci
They never did gabi saying yes to niki for 24 hours
Marvel Potier
Marvel Potier Pred 2 meseci
Can they please do were niki controls Gabi
Hana Delmundo
Hana Delmundo Pred 2 meseci
Gabi is like the spoiled brat sister
Evie Heart
Evie Heart Pred 2 meseci
Where is Nikis side of spending Gabis money
Kady GB
Kady GB Pred 2 meseci
The wig wasn’t bad tho
Amileth Lopez
Amileth Lopez Pred 2 meseci
They never did the video for niki
ella Chambers
ella Chambers Pred 2 meseci
Why have they not done it the other way
Ava Kate
Ava Kate Pred 2 meseci
8:35 the lady in the back was like wtf is going on ✨😂
Denise Bradshaw
Denise Bradshaw Pred 3 meseci
Niki: Your next video you should control gabi and make her buy you the most expensive thing in gucci
Fahimah Begum
Fahimah Begum Pred 3 meseci
gabi gets her a designer bag every Christmas and nikis complaining about one bag-
Vlogs by Asude
Vlogs by Asude Pred 3 meseci
When you realize that nikis video never came out...
iconic luv
iconic luv Pred 3 meseci
Why is Niki calling Gabi stuck up. Niki was acting so stuck up.
Merritt Tyler
Merritt Tyler Pred 3 meseci
Still waiting to see Gabi saying yes to Niki for a day
Gaming With Juli
Gaming With Juli Pred 3 meseci
Literally the king of Prussia mall in pa
Phoebe Williams
Phoebe Williams Pred 3 meseci
We didn’t see niki control gabi for a day 🥺
•Gacha Plays•
•Gacha Plays• Pred 2 meseci
Phoebe Williams I know you have to be member
Phoebe Williams
Phoebe Williams Pred 2 meseci
•Gacha Plays• they get more money for posting
•Gacha Plays•
•Gacha Plays• Pred 2 meseci
Yes but it’s money
libbyroseo Pred 3 meseci
Niki: gabi is so stuck up Also niki: being hella stuck up and throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of the mall
Victoria Donnell
Victoria Donnell Pred 3 meseci
Me still waiting for niki video
Simone Hamilton
Simone Hamilton Pred 3 meseci
That scarf tho
J Linaweaver
J Linaweaver Pred 3 meseci
Learn how to save Gabby so you don’t use Nikki‘s money because she saves money
Zainab ussene
Zainab ussene Pred 3 meseci
If anybody watched the second one were gain said yes to niki can you please tell us what happened
Weplayrobloxhere Jackie
Weplayrobloxhere Jackie Pred 3 meseci
At 8:35 the women in the Back
Weplayrobloxhere Jackie
Weplayrobloxhere Jackie Pred 3 meseci
Niki got mad bc u acting like u have personal assistant that’s why she got mad 😆❤️
Kaila Smith
Kaila Smith Pred 3 meseci
They never did the video for gabi
Marvel Potier
Marvel Potier Pred 3 meseci
They never made niki controlling gabi day
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