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Niki and Gabi

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We've felt this way for quite some time now.. so let's have a talk.
Alone in My Car - NIKI DEMAR official music video
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If you see this, comment "no twin is better than the other"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our chat. We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, sister vs sister, photoshoot challenges, 24 hour challenges, DIY, swaps, shopping challenges, 24 hour challenges, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

Isla and family
Isla and family Pred 2 urami
I’m so sorry babes i love you guys take breaks and be strong guys. Ily. Also people yall better not hate on niki for “not comforting” gabi. They are sisters they know each other best and they both deal with it differently. Niki is still sad and yall know it so stop hating. Ily niki and gabi 🥺
Nouf Tube
Nouf Tube Pred 6 urami
#stop_bullying for just not really loving their lifestyle or appearance stop comparing each twin has her independent,different and special personality shut up haters
Giavanna Regan
Giavanna Regan Pred 9 urami
Anja Judge
Anja Judge Pred 10 urami
U both are Beautiful
Araba Mickson
Araba Mickson Pred 11 urami
You guess are completely right Love you❤❤❤
holl3390 holl3390
holl3390 holl3390 Pred 15 urami
Both of you are beautiful! You don't deserve hate. Love you!
Lps Bekah
Lps Bekah Pred dnevom
Gabi I love u so much like I am you I love to be fancy and like antique stuff you are beautiful and so pretty and gorgeous never fell hurt
Mason Jacobs
Mason Jacobs Pred dnevom
The fact gabi was dealing her miss-carrage at this time aswell just makes this video even more heartbreaking
Melanie Meijer
Melanie Meijer Pred dnevom
gabi ur so beautiful and thank you for sharing your plastic surgery now I know what I can expect if I'm gonna do something.
julia moreno
julia moreno Pred dnevom
niki and gabi are beauitful in their own way
Juliane Bernier
Juliane Bernier Pred 2 dnevi
There both beautiful
Niki and gabi are queens
Niki and gabi are queens Pred 2 dnevi
Gain is so freaking BEAUTIFUL don’t listen to the haters there just insecure
Jensyn Beltran
Jensyn Beltran Pred 2 dnevi
I know she is beautiful and Nikki and gabi there both are so beautiful I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings
Jaime Stewart
Jaime Stewart Pred 2 dnevi
I’m sorry but they are actually both beautiful and both are equally as gorgeous and never compare siblings it is the absolute worst
Athena Theophanous
Athena Theophanous Pred 2 dnevi
I love you both and you guys are so beautiful!!! Don't let anyone tell you other wide
Sarina Lockhart
Sarina Lockhart Pred 2 dnevi
This is true gabi and niki are amazing they are both amazing
L Ll
L Ll Pred 2 dnevi
Your both beautiful x don’t listen x
Evie Channel
Evie Channel Pred 3 dnevi
I’m sorry gabi I we love you. The internet is disgusting and I’m really sorry for both of you, i know a lot of people get compared 🎀
Marie Sizemore
Marie Sizemore Pred 4 dnevi
Just saying both of u guys are beautiful and you are awesome I love all ur vids and u both are the best and both of u are special in your own ways!❤️
Chelsea LeVey
Chelsea LeVey Pred 4 dnevi
I love them both 100% the same! 💖❤️
Abi Hehehe
Abi Hehehe Pred 4 dnevi
Bur don’t listen to the hate because you strong😌🥺and this is why I wach you guy’s
Kaya Wiebe Parisien
Kaya Wiebe Parisien Pred 4 dnevi
OMG Gabi you and Niki look beautiful!!!
Charlie Howard
Charlie Howard Pred 4 dnevi
There both so pretty and who ever says different needs to go to specsavers
Nichole Ebert vlogs
Nichole Ebert vlogs Pred 4 dnevi
I love you guys for whom you guys are .💓😊
Nichole Ebert vlogs
Nichole Ebert vlogs Pred 4 dnevi
I love you both 💕
Kayandrew Mcfarlane
Kayandrew Mcfarlane Pred 5 dnevi
Gabi you are beautiful just the way you are
OGMoe molly
OGMoe molly Pred 5 dnevi
Yall are beautiful don't let anyone tell u otherwise 😇💖
delainashaw Pred 5 dnevi
Don’t worry gabi u r beautiful I just started watching u guys n ur both so joyful, active n really sweet n I love watching u guys 😁😊
Sam Evans
Sam Evans Pred 5 dnevi
They are both BEAUTIFUL!! Love you both!! Stay strong and stay safe!💕💖🌹
Avleen Dhaliwal
Avleen Dhaliwal Pred 6 dnevi
I feel so sad for Gabi😢
Soheildadfar1 Pred 6 dnevi
Can I just say if you call yourself Fans and then why are you hating on the Nikki or just Gabi why don’t you stop watching the channel And I didn’t watch this video for months because when I saw the picture it hurt me
Hannah Willis
Hannah Willis Pred 7 dnevi
This is the number of people that love y’all with all their hearts equally 👇🏻
Alexandra LAPID
Alexandra LAPID Pred 7 dnevi
I love watching their videos but this fandom is so toxic. They did not sign up for this and definitely don't deserve this.
Leah Soloveoff
Leah Soloveoff Pred 7 dnevi
Your guys (both) are amazing kind beautiful don’t believe those fu**king stupid hate moments you guys are amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Malina Murgic
Malina Murgic Pred 7 dnevi
I get so excited when it’s a Sunday because I get to watch Niki and Gabi and not just Niki and not just Gabi.
liilzz Pred 7 dnevi
don’t listen too them. they are just jealous. they are stupid. oh and you dropped this : 👑 fix your crowns queens ♡♡♡
Brianne Davis
Brianne Davis Pred 7 dnevi
Gabi you are a beautiful person and have a great personality love all your Content and how you power thru your struggles and Niki powering thru all your mental health problems and rocking your life you guys are the Inspiration that help me turn my life around from a dark place I love yall a lot thank you guys you rock
Audrey Wile
Audrey Wile Pred 8 dnevi
I like Nikki and Gabby equally they both have their own personalities and I like them both they are Great SLpostrs subscribe to Nikki and Gabby
Lyla Sturm
Lyla Sturm Pred 8 dnevi
Gabi is so pretty and its just sad that people wanted to bring someone down to make them self happy you both are super pretty:)
Unicornkitty Plays
Unicornkitty Plays Pred 8 dnevi
I cant believe this, I've watched the channel for a few years but I've never had a favorite. :(
Alisha M
Alisha M Pred 8 dnevi
They don't deserve all this hate. They are really nice and sweet. Niki and Gabi are both beautiful and cute.
Jimena Meza Gomez
Jimena Meza Gomez Pred 8 dnevi
I love both you girls I’ve been watching since I was like 14 during the freshman year of high school I am now 19 and I’m still here 🌸🌼
Ava Delorey
Ava Delorey Pred 8 dnevi
I like how niki had to go through years of being shit on and she felt w it but now that gain gets shit on the video automatically gets taken down like come on
Taylor Ann
Taylor Ann Pred 9 dnevi
You both are insanely gorgeous. People are just hating. You two are beautiful in your own way🖤
Alexis Sparagowski
Alexis Sparagowski Pred 9 dnevi
You should do a trendy shein haul where you and gabi do outfits based on your esthetics. It would be fun to see the different things and sizes that come from shein!!! 🧡🧡🧡but let Nate and Collin choose the stuff!!
Camille Mayte
Camille Mayte Pred 9 dnevi
Both of you are perfect the way you are, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I can’t even imagine how hard it is for someone to compare you two.
It’s your girl Bri
It’s your girl Bri Pred 9 dnevi
They should both be respected and treated better and like princess 👑 they are both gorgeous I support both of them they have inspired me so much and they should never get hate I know they will never read this but you guys both have different personalities and that’s ok I just want to say you guys deserve more and don’t let anyone bring you down I love you so much 💖🙏🏻✨🥺👑
Lauryn Hensgens
Lauryn Hensgens Pred 10 dnevi
I love Gabi and Niki so much neither should get hate,Gabi is beautiful and so is niki 💞
Monica Rosas
Monica Rosas Pred 10 dnevi
I love how sweet Niki 💖is defending her sister. Stop hating just let them be themselves.
Tanaja Sanford
Tanaja Sanford Pred 10 dnevi
Girl now u know people are HATINGGGG HARD AF.. Y’all r both cute af
Shaganaa Gunarajan
Shaganaa Gunarajan Pred 10 dnevi
you are beautiful honey. got that. dont listen to those bit**s.
Sofia Selvaggi
Sofia Selvaggi Pred 10 dnevi
Gabi crying made me cry🥺😭
Karina Gamarra
Karina Gamarra Pred 10 dnevi
I’m lost... what happened ?
Abbey Cam
Abbey Cam Pred 11 dnevi
Leave me a comment that means you are a sad person leaves to alone and are both beautiful
Rubinoruso Denalos
Rubinoruso Denalos Pred 11 dnevi
Sorry for the people who said this things . You are both gorgeous and beautiful
Katherine Del sordo
Katherine Del sordo Pred 12 dnevi
I thing both off you two are gorgeous and funny , both off you are twins but at the same time are different that’s what is nice to watch and gabi i thing if you did something that made you happy that the is the all important thing , people are so jealous 🤯..
Frederque Jackson
Frederque Jackson Pred 12 dnevi
Start blocking people who post such hate.
Noor Pred 12 dnevi
Theres lotssssssssss of hate
Shana Lee
Shana Lee Pred 12 dnevi
I could really tell how much fun you guys had during the assumptions video. It was one of my favorite videos. You guys are both so beautiful, and something I love about both of you is how transparent you guys are. I loved seeing your sister relationship grow, and I felt your genuine love towards each other throughout the years. I never think it’s anyone’s place to bash your values or choices because it’s YOUR life and you guys have a choice to do whatever you want. It’s okay if someone doesnt support those choices, but they shouldn’t criticize you for YOUR decisions.
LPS angel pearl
LPS angel pearl Pred 12 dnevi
People bully other people because they’re insecure don’t let nobody take you down
Kelley Vazquez
Kelley Vazquez Pred 12 dnevi
Well I love you both! You both are beautiful girls! I as a recent viewer feel like I relate to both here and there!
Sanam Milani
Sanam Milani Pred 12 dnevi
U guys are the realest and I’m not even kidding the most beautiful twins ever and u guys have beautiful souls. Thank you for making this video and keeping it 100% with ur fans!! Especially when everyone is being fake these days, love u guys so much.
MELANY PEREZ Pred 12 dnevi
Gabi❤️ I love your stuff please don’t let this get to u you are my QUEEN❤️✌🏻
anime drawings of anime cartoons ovo
anime drawings of anime cartoons ovo Pred 12 dnevi
Listen both of you guys are queens and don't listen to the haters their just jealous of your guys beauty, when I was 5 years old I scrolled downed in my recommended and I saw you guys and ever since I've been watching your guys videos I've been putting thumbs up and subscribed because of both of you girls fun personality and how honest you girls are and just block those hate comments their just jealous of both of your personality and my whole life I've always depended on you girls and looked up to you so just wanted to say u got our support 💗💗💗💗 Go Nikki And Gabi 💗💗💗💗 And for those haters get a stupid damn life , periodt
Lianny Rodriguez
Lianny Rodriguez Pred 12 dnevi
Ok I’m say something both of you guys are beautiful
Loretta Stanley
Loretta Stanley Pred 13 dnevi
Because years are both different people but both beautiful in different ways people shouldn’t be doing this to you
Alice Couture
Alice Couture Pred 13 dnevi
And both of you guys are both really nice and I love you both
Alice Couture
Alice Couture Pred 13 dnevi
You are pretty don’t believe in the ones that be rude to you
Grace Thomas
Grace Thomas Pred 13 dnevi
Neither of you deserve this you are both gorgeous 💞
kate r
kate r Pred 13 dnevi
there is nothing wrong with either of you both of you are beautiful like yes i like niki a little more only because i have a similar aesthetic but i love you both you dont deserve this hate
emma 1103
emma 1103 Pred 13 dnevi
After watching the video of them talking ab the issues they had with eachother, to this one, nikki has been the one getting so much hate and she was upset about it and all gabi had to say was SHES JEALOUS OF ME SHE DOESNT CARE ABOUT ME! Gabi gets hate and Nikki agrees to make a video telling people to stop and CARES and now gabi cries? I don’t get it.
Gabriella Massey
Gabriella Massey Pred 13 dnevi
You're both pretty. It dose not matter how other people think you look. It matters how you think to yourself.
Anet Navarro
Anet Navarro Pred 14 dnevi
YouToria Pred 14 dnevi
People need to love them for who they are individually. It’s not fair to constantly compare the two because even though they’re twins they are completely different people. They each have their own styles that are unique and awesome and they deserve to have their own bright lights without dimming the other’s.
Isabelle Campbell
Isabelle Campbell Pred 14 dnevi
It’s so hard to watch gabi upset, I’ve been subscribed for years and always liked them equally xx
Danisha Lozada
Danisha Lozada Pred 14 dnevi
I’m so sorry guys you’ve faced hate now and in the past you don’t deserve it! Live your lives any way you want
Itz Cori
Itz Cori Pred 14 dnevi
I actually really like gabi her outfits are so cute and niki’s style is so cute they are both beautiful
Adriana Solano
Adriana Solano Pred 15 dnevi
Nikki you’re so strong
Autumn Kaupp
Autumn Kaupp Pred 15 dnevi
You both are so beautiful I’m a fan of you both ❤️❤️❤️
Preda Babakhani
Preda Babakhani Pred 15 dnevi
Love you guys both but when niki was getting nasty comments for years did you guys take those videos down too? I’m just curious
Urooj den smukke
Urooj den smukke Pred 15 dnevi
I love both of you you both are amazing cool sweet and every thing a girl wants to be
Kennah Robertson
Kennah Robertson Pred 15 dnevi
You’ll both are so gorgeous don’t Liston to the haters
Lai W
Lai W Pred 15 dnevi
I love you both equally. Stay strong ❤️
daniela Pred 15 dnevi
I still can’t believe their twins. like they’re identical but they’re like not lmao.
daniela Pred 15 dnevi
I didn’t sign up for this
Mrs. Liz
Mrs. Liz Pred 16 dnevi
Whenever I’m bored I always watch you guys your my idols I love y’all. Whoever comments like that is so mean and I’m so sorry cause it’s not true.
Nia King
Nia King Pred 16 dnevi
As a twin I genuinely understand what this stuff is like going to school
Scarlet Graves
Scarlet Graves Pred 17 dnevi
You both are the prettiest girls in the world and i dont understand why your getting bullied i hope things get better just know i appreciate you and like you for who you are
The 3 Mochas
The 3 Mochas Pred 17 dnevi
You girls are both gorgeous don’t listen to anybody!
Raelyn Donna
Raelyn Donna Pred 18 dnevi
Niki looks like toreli from monster high with the hair
Walking dead Fan girl 1
Walking dead Fan girl 1 Pred 18 dnevi
You are both literally gorgeous in your own way!
Sana Wadhwa
Sana Wadhwa Pred 19 dnevi
Zsuzsa Valkenberg
Zsuzsa Valkenberg Pred 19 dnevi
QueenAllie Pred 19 dnevi
Keep your head up it’ll get better! I’ve always wanted to meet u guys! U guys are beautiful how u are
brylie is hotter than you
brylie is hotter than you Pred 19 dnevi
YALL ARE SO PRETTY AHHHHHH💖💖💖 edit:my name is not targeted to yall it's an inside joke
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Pred 19 dnevi
I know you probably won't read this Gab but just remember people do love you for you. I hate to see you cry, you are so beautiful. Just remember you will always have Alex, you will always have Niki and you will always have us subscribers. You look amazing with or without plastic surgery and what you do with your body is up to you entirely. Always remember you are worth it and so beautiful. (I am a woman btw just trying to inspire and uplift other women)
draco malfoys wife
draco malfoys wife Pred 19 dnevi
both niki and gabi are so gorgeous they don’t deserve all this hate 🥺🥺 what is wrong with you guys ?!?
Joe Mommy
Joe Mommy Pred 20 dnevi
You both are so pretty! Don’t listen to them🥺
Reaghan Leah
Reaghan Leah Pred 21 dnevom
I love you gabi❤️ don’t worry i love niki too but we are here for you gabi
Gina Belezos
Gina Belezos Pred 21 dnevom
Nikki that was a great quote you signed up for entertainment not to be a role model. You both are stunning truly. In your own ways you express yourselves and it’s so fun to watch! I don’t even understand people who expressed such negative comments you can think what you please but to put it out there is a whole other form of being insecure about yourself and cruel. I get that comment can get to you, I’ve been through cyber bullying and it’s a very dark place but do your best to keep your head up and know that you have other fans and family and friends who are there to always support you and you can’t please everybody so just be as happy as you can be with yourself❤️❤️
Gina Belezos
Gina Belezos Pred 21 dnevom
Nikki that was a great quote you signed up for entertainment not to be a role model. You both are stunning truly. In your own ways you express yourselves and it’s so fun to watch! I don’t even understand people who expressed such negative comments you can think what you please but to put it out there is a whole other form of being insecure about yourself and cruel. I get that comment can get to you, I’ve been through cyber bullying and it’s a very dark place but do your best to keep your head up and know that you have other friends and family and friends who are there to always support you and you can’t please everybody so just be as happy as you can be with yourself❤️❤️
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