We threw a Fyre Festival themed Prom

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Niki and Gabi

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For prom 2019, we figured we would try to DIY and throw our very own Fyre Festival themed prom and DIY it, since fyre festival has been the talk of 2019. How are we gonna pull off this theme? Watch to see.. LOL. What do you think?
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If you see this, comment "blow pops for water" LOL
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our Fyre Festival prom video, similar to our previous prom videos we do every year! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like challenges, shopping challenges 24 hour challenges, prom, diy, style, beauty, lifestyle, swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, music, and more!

kate r
kate r Pred 25 dnevi
when u didnt have a prom
Lauren gregg
Lauren gregg Pred 3 meseci
Haha I laughed so hard when collin/Colin ran in the tent and then Gabi said watch out for the banana
Happy Fun
Happy Fun Pred 3 meseci
I love how everyone hates the theme and then Collin being Collin just loves it.
Emily Okombo
Emily Okombo Pred 3 meseci
Loved Niki's dress💖💖💖
Emily Okombo
Emily Okombo Pred 3 meseci
When Collin was announced prom Queen I literally paused, laughed for about ten minutes. Put back on and continued laughing 😂😂😂😂😂
Emily Okombo
Emily Okombo Pred 3 meseci
Casey was so funny in this video I died😂😂😂
Angel Fernandez
Angel Fernandez Pred 4 meseci
i dont know about fyre festival until i watch this, like that festival is so horrible(the real festival)
lanise law
lanise law Pred 5 meseci
jesse’s bf said water bottle Collin
Sara Fathelbab
Sara Fathelbab Pred 5 meseci
Gabi:prom queen is Collin SLpost:what is the moment that changed your life Me:seeing collin being a prom queen
Flying Rat
Flying Rat Pred 5 meseci
Who’s watching this during corona ???
Devon Lindsey
Devon Lindsey Pred 5 meseci
Niki looks like the prettiest mermaid omg bye
Devon Lindsey
Devon Lindsey Pred 5 meseci
I loooovee. Gab is hair in this I need a tutorial
Justin Garcia'
Justin Garcia' Pred 6 meseci
oh my effing god this is so hilarious
Justin Garcia'
Justin Garcia' Pred 6 meseci
Walmart's my bitch
Karis Pred 6 meseci
17:44 Go team Canada!
Pink Quartz
Pink Quartz Pred 6 meseci
I just love how I never heard about this until now
Lela Brownell
Lela Brownell Pred 6 meseci
I would definitely go to the fire festival yours
Natasha Corinne
Natasha Corinne Pred 6 meseci
Collin: I’ve blown a lot of guys so far for water 😂
Brianna Angeles
Brianna Angeles Pred 6 meseci
I love this one can you please do more❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✌🏼
emma hadley
emma hadley Pred 6 meseci
yall need burger king crowns
heart speaker
heart speaker Pred 7 meseci
After watching this video I know know about the fire festival . Did anyone else laughed their butts off when Collin was crownded queen
arianator Girl
arianator Girl Pred 8 meseci
Why does this video have barely any views
Kitty Neale
Kitty Neale Pred 8 meseci
Collin: “I’ve blown a lotta guys so far for water” 🤭😂🤣😂😅 favorite 🥰
Mirasol Banyaga
Mirasol Banyaga Pred 8 meseci
Theres something wrong in becky's teeth.
Sydney Buscemi
Sydney Buscemi Pred 8 meseci
Our prom queen is. Colin! I almost died of laughter
Maisie Hayman
Maisie Hayman Pred 9 meseci
How was this 8 months ago but I never saw it ever, !!!
Vikki V
Vikki V Pred 9 meseci
Does anyone know where Gabi got her dress from ?
Ivy Carter
Ivy Carter Pred 9 meseci
So accurate 🤣🤣🤣 I loved it♥️♥️
NAIR ISM Pred 9 meseci
gud effort btw nikis outfit was gud as compared to others
Mimi. Møchi
Mimi. Møchi Pred 9 meseci
I don’t even care it’s supposed to be trashy I love this
Meghan Fadool-Agatep
Meghan Fadool-Agatep Pred 9 meseci
This is my daughter Stella writing this comment.💗. You should do being very I mean VERY honest for 24 hours because your 24 hour challenges are the best and you guys are the best sooooooo if you do then shout my name out STELLA
Vicky VIic
Vicky VIic Pred 10 meseci
monika serdyukova
monika serdyukova Pred 10 meseci
this actually looked so cute fyre festival could never
Maria Becerra
Maria Becerra Pred 10 meseci
Ooffff my name is Kelsey it was so weird hearing it
Liv Pred 10 meseci
Thank you sm for doing this collab ILYGSM ❤❤😘😘!!!!
ava johnson
ava johnson Pred 10 meseci
please do this again but with a different theme
Avery Smith
Avery Smith Pred 11 meseci
Why go to Walmart? “cAUsE wALmaRT iS mY bITcH”
Victoria Jackson
Victoria Jackson Pred letom
Sadiya Amoodi
Sadiya Amoodi Pred letom
Dammit Dolly
Dammit Dolly Pred letom
Pls do a series of this
me losta
me losta Pred letom
The fire king k.C The fire queen is Collin 😅😅😄
kitty xo
kitty xo Pred letom
can they do more of these, I love it
Stefanie scandizzo
Stefanie scandizzo Pred letom
You where there me too
Stefanie scandizzo
Stefanie scandizzo Pred letom
ThatSophie95xX Pred letom
Here from The Sorry Girls - this was frickin fantastic 😂
Massylia Hidra
Massylia Hidra Pred letom
Kristin Bracht
Kristin Bracht Pred letom
“WATCH OUT FOR THE BANANA! “ I died inside😹😂😅🤣😆
Aurelia Tropea
Aurelia Tropea Pred letom
I feel like everyone else got like island colours or island themed dresses 👗 expect Gabi who had a wedding 👰🏼 themed dress 👗
Emilia Modrusan
Emilia Modrusan Pred letom
Fyre fest is the funniest prom theme😂😂😂😭
Ayesha Mirza
Ayesha Mirza Pred letom
12:27 “gabi’s dress catches on fire”🤣
Lirissa Allie
Lirissa Allie Pred letom
Collin is hilarious
Danica Smith
Danica Smith Pred letom
When gabi said the queen was Collin I was cracking
Wendy Morrison
Wendy Morrison Pred letom
What the hell is the Fyre festival? The video is great but legit what is it?oh, after watching the video now I get it. I mean, I probs should have watched it before writing that comment.
Andrea Vintage
Andrea Vintage Pred letom
This was amazing!!!!!
Sydney Stephens
Sydney Stephens Pred letom
Loved Gabi’s hair
H I Pred letom
wtf did i just watch😂😂😂💞
yolimar cruz
yolimar cruz Pred letom
The best ever DIYer's
Jessica Contreras
Jessica Contreras Pred letom
why the fuck did this flop, this is the kinda humor i like lmaooo sick invite
Amalia Rosa
Amalia Rosa Pred letom
Do another one with another theme
Luciana Krstic
Luciana Krstic Pred letom
This video is very cool
Tia Shepherd
Tia Shepherd Pred letom
What’s the tune they used for the prom vid?
Analise Hernandez
Analise Hernandez Pred letom
14:27 Collin’s reaction was the best 😂
Analise Hernandez
Analise Hernandez Pred letom
the Fyre Festival is basically TanaCon 2.0 lol
Sophia Stesha Gilo V.
Sophia Stesha Gilo V. Pred letom
Gaby you look diffrent today you look more like a cowgirl
Ashley Martinez
Ashley Martinez Pred letom
Part 2
Shxn_txiya Pred letom
When niki went “😑” I felt that 😂
Princess Jaanai
Princess Jaanai Pred letom
I bet you when they were done filming they were like “alright let’s get fucked up now” lol
Tania Ferrao
Tania Ferrao Pred letom
This was hilarious🤣 I died
chelsey garrett
chelsey garrett Pred letom
When you move to PA and you're forced to get creative with your content. I love it!
Cattibree Dailey
Cattibree Dailey Pred letom
BWAHAHAHAHA Collin was so hyped to be queen! Good job girls!
- sunflower peach -
- sunflower peach - Pred letom
Aisla Jennings-Gerlings
Aisla Jennings-Gerlings Pred letom
in the prom photose who is who
Elias Monteiro
Elias Monteiro Pred letom
Do more of this videos
yolimar cruz
yolimar cruz Pred letom
u are so creative and it was the best and who cares what the other ppl said about the fyre festival love u!
Clara Ghansah
Clara Ghansah Pred letom
what does "blow for water" mean?
Kristin Kozlik
Kristin Kozlik Pred letom
Do 2nd one
Sydney Junot
Sydney Junot Pred letom
okay but who else wants to know what the other theme options were
cienna brown
cienna brown Pred letom
can u guys please make another one with a different theme again that would be awesome
Shelbi Idk
Shelbi Idk Pred letom
I can't relate.... CUZ I DON'T HAVE PROM✌✌
2233 Pred letom
McKenna Klooz
McKenna Klooz Pred letom
Omg I love this
Cat Owens
Cat Owens Pred letom
Please do another one!!!!! I loved this
leo zozzo
leo zozzo Pred letom
How I ended up here?
Sally Anano
Sally Anano Pred letom
I love you guys
random user9099
random user9099 Pred letom
I love Collin is just so happy dancing with Casey and Casey is just like 😑😒🖓
Wierd But Cute Gacha
Wierd But Cute Gacha Pred letom
Da boys dancing
Wierd But Cute Gacha
Wierd But Cute Gacha Pred letom
Tommy Nolan
Tommy Nolan Pred letom
The way Collin talks at 14:30. Lol
Wendy Sorenson
Wendy Sorenson Pred letom
You should do more videos like this, it was my favorite video.
Kate Radha
Kate Radha Pred letom
Niki I love your mermaid dress your so beautiful and cute.
The Asian Unicorn
The Asian Unicorn Pred letom
Why didn’t Nate come
عباس العراقي 07809361615
عباس العراقي 07809361615 Pred letom
Ginger daan
Ginger daan Pred letom
Omfg 😂 at 7:56 Niki is picking a wegie why is that meee
olivia sutts
olivia sutts Pred letom
Who watched the Netflix documentary 🙋‍♀️
rut maria perozo panicello
rut maria perozo panicello Pred letom
They should have gotten Burger King crowns lol
p a m n e s h a
p a m n e s h a Pred letom
what the song they kept talking about ?
Jess.04 Pred letom
please do more like this ahhh
Elisha Vaughan
Elisha Vaughan Pred letom
Nikki's boyfriend wasn't there
Storm Biscuit
Storm Biscuit Pred letom
4:26 expecting for a high-five
Suri Rodriguez
Suri Rodriguez Pred letom
These is good
Sancia Ferrao
Sancia Ferrao Pred letom
Niki looks amazing though!
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