Recreating Billie and Ariana's 2020 Grammy Looks CHALLENGE

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Niki and Gabi

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We’re Niki and Gabi! We hope you enjoyed our recreation of Billie and Ariana's 2020 Grammy Looks CHALLENGE video! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like for a week, style, beauty, lifestyle, swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, shopping videos, music, and more!

Alondra Preciado
Alondra Preciado Pred dnevom
You're so right yeah Gabby was better
Patricia Boivin
Patricia Boivin Pred 2 dnevi
i love all of your vidos and my dad made sprit hallulen
Grace Amelia
Grace Amelia Pred 2 dnevi
I’m obsessed with Gabi’s green dress
James Kaselis
James Kaselis Pred 2 dnevi
Babi love Ariana grandes dress love it omg 20 miniutes that’s like so short for a huge dress
Ceceilia Burke
Ceceilia Burke Pred 4 dnevi
Literally this whole time I thought that Billie elish and Arianna grande would be their celebrity twins i dont think that they have to dress up!! Lol lmbo
Eric Matz
Eric Matz Pred 5 dnevi
Hi I like you
Letheaqimmah DosSantos
Letheaqimmah DosSantos Pred 7 dnevi
I can't believe how Niki's outfit came out
Mizyah Sim123
Mizyah Sim123 Pred 7 dnevi
Mizyah Sim123
Mizyah Sim123 Pred 7 dnevi
Ramon Ghawali
Ramon Ghawali Pred 7 dnevi
Plzzz do another celerity video
Abby Litts
Abby Litts Pred 7 dnevi
I rea.y like u giys
Mishel Inayat
Mishel Inayat Pred 8 dnevi
i love ariana grande
Allison Alvarado
Allison Alvarado Pred 8 dnevi
Lol the kind of look like them not a lot
Ally Wong
Ally Wong Pred 8 dnevi
nikis face when she finds the green glitter 🤓
Daria Sburlea
Daria Sburlea Pred 10 dnevi
if niki was European like 10000000% ...the answer is at 4:34 LIKE IS YOU AGREE!!!!!!! (im European from Romania and girl that accent cant be more Europen SPECIFICLY i feel like is a Russian accent but yeah :> )
Rachel Klarman
Rachel Klarman Pred 10 dnevi
I hope they do a SLpost only giveaway
Mariyam Nadha Naufal
Mariyam Nadha Naufal Pred 11 dnevi
maricel manansala
maricel manansala Pred 11 dnevi
tagalog challenge for 24 hrs
Blessing Miller
Blessing Miller Pred 11 dnevi
Omg im SHOOK how gabbi dress came out
Eunice Ariyo
Eunice Ariyo Pred 12 dnevi
Thank you from distracting me from my life (my life is trash)
Tatianna Cordoba
Tatianna Cordoba Pred 12 dnevi
gabi's outfit in the intro is soooo mf cute
Bailey deems
Bailey deems Pred 12 dnevi
Mystery Princess
Mystery Princess Pred 12 dnevi
Ariana Grande look wins sorry
Abby Henderson
Abby Henderson Pred 13 dnevi
Niki and gabi are so pretty
e v a
e v a Pred 14 dnevi
my fandom is the limelights for why don't we
Geneva_ Skeletonskulls
Geneva_ Skeletonskulls Pred 14 dnevi
Hi and I have school so sometimes I won’t be online to 9- 3 15
cupcake girl
cupcake girl Pred 15 dnevi
I have a question are Nikki and Gabby sisters because when they post the video twins try teaching eighth grade they sisters or friends,
jacy Pred 13 dnevi
sisters but they are the same person
jacy Pred 13 dnevi
they are identical twins so that means they are the same person split into two literally
sssniperwolf fan
sssniperwolf fan Pred 15 dnevi
Gabi: so basically I'm just going to rap rap rap to make it big big big. 🤣 Me:🤣🤣🤣😂😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣 what the Heck did she say omg I love her she is so funny
Alexandra Evans
Alexandra Evans Pred 15 dnevi
Billie knew corona was coming with her mask and gloves
Sajra Karisik
Sajra Karisik Pred 15 dnevi
Niki really looks like billie
•It's Warisha•
•It's Warisha• Pred 16 dnevi
Gabbi and Niki is sooo much like Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish they look sooo much!!!
ESTHER GOH YI WERN Pred 16 dnevi
Can I just say that they absolutely DON’T look like celebrities, especially big eyed gabi. She is a copycat!!!😡😡
Evanr123 Pred 16 dnevi
hi gabi i love your stile i have that same stile i just dont have that expensive stuff you have your my role model
Cathrine Patshad
Cathrine Patshad Pred 16 dnevi
Cathrine Patshad
Cathrine Patshad Pred 16 dnevi
I love your outfit
its finja
its finja Pred 16 dnevi
Niki:"she's probably being pissed" Gabi:"I'm pissed" 🤣
Aleshia Reyes
Aleshia Reyes Pred 17 dnevi
• jjk •
• jjk • Pred 17 dnevi
niki wants so badly to be billie. like she subtly hints it in their vids 🙄😬
Riddhi Kapuria
Riddhi Kapuria Pred 10 dnevi
Shut up ! Get a life 😑
Alyssa Free
Alyssa Free Pred 17 dnevi
gucci exposed
Philip Lowe
Philip Lowe Pred 19 dnevi
I just want to know if Arianna grande and bille Irish is watching this
• jjk •
• jjk • Pred 17 dnevi
ofc they arent
Jason Stone
Jason Stone Pred 19 dnevi
Omg gabby is Talented she did that all by herself 😱
Kayla Wolfe
Kayla Wolfe Pred 19 dnevi
I need it . but I do not have istgram
Abdelkader Cherouan
Abdelkader Cherouan Pred 19 dnevi
Abdelkader Cherouan
Abdelkader Cherouan Pred 19 dnevi
sorry I spelled some stuff wrong bc I'm dumb
brie hays
brie hays Pred 19 dnevi
Now im going to make a ariana grande dress just like gabbys
steph gulas
steph gulas Pred 20 dnevi
Cheyenne George
Cheyenne George Pred 20 dnevi
Aleesya Sanghera
Aleesya Sanghera Pred 20 dnevi
OMG.... gabi is a diy QUEEN😮😮😂
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande Pred 20 dnevi
HVTV #13
HVTV #13 Pred 20 dnevi
I love you guys 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
tom reigns
tom reigns Pred 20 dnevi
hi gabi
Arcade Dad
Arcade Dad Pred 21 dnevom
Are you sisters
Amy Nicol
Amy Nicol Pred 21 dnevom
I love your videos
Evita Pred 23 dnevi
Gabi dress looks so goooood!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕👼🏼🦋💗❤💗❤❤💗❤💗❤❤
Harbir Singh Batth
Harbir Singh Batth Pred 23 dnevi
I mean Gabi
Harbir Singh Batth
Harbir Singh Batth Pred 23 dnevi
Yes Babi and niki did a good job
Kelly Valenzuela
Kelly Valenzuela Pred 23 dnevi
I’m 11 and I don’t have Twitter
Eshal Nasir
Eshal Nasir Pred 24 dnevi
Billie already ready for corona with her mask and gloves lol 👏🏻 👁👄👁
Coco gold !!
Coco gold !! Pred 25 dnevi
Am I the only one going to old videos and watching them
Maddie Tv
Maddie Tv Pred 25 dnevi
Gabby totally won Do you think ⏬ ⏬ ⏬
Maddie Tv
Maddie Tv Pred 25 dnevi
I love Gabis Dress Me💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Maddie Tv
Maddie Tv Pred 25 dnevi
Why is gabby not wearing a mask
Maddie Tv
Maddie Tv Pred 25 dnevi
Oh my god
Joyce Muneria
Joyce Muneria Pred 25 dnevi
Jakeelah Cowart
Jakeelah Cowart Pred 25 dnevi
I love your videos❤
Zion.D Gratz
Zion.D Gratz Pred 26 dnevi
niki - with a mask me- u were ready for 2020 (even tho this was made in 2020 :)
Sarah Ephrat
Sarah Ephrat Pred 27 dnevi
It’s so crazy how much gabi looks like Ariana when her hair is like that😯
Josue Barrera
Josue Barrera Pred 27 dnevi
YOU guys are so good at this
Josue Barrera
Josue Barrera Pred 27 dnevi
Soha Shah
Soha Shah Pred 28 dnevi
I find it funny how they said with anyone but clothes and Gabi bought a bunch of toddler shirts which is clothing💀 period queen💅🏽😌✨
mnhb Pred 29 dnevi
AbbeyOMGfun Pred 29 dnevi
Me pls me
Charli Rose
Charli Rose Pred 29 dnevi
ariana's designer watching this - so I could have just done that????
sarah james
sarah james Pred mesecem
I liked gabi's the most sorry niki i just thought that gabi did much better niki yours was good but not better than gabi sryyyyy 😞
Audrey Bohman
Audrey Bohman Pred mesecem
I love you guys bingeing all your old videos
Lois Griffin
Lois Griffin Pred mesecem
THIS changed her life.
猫の頭Lily Pred mesecem
What shop/store they go?
Fire Rockin Jones's
Fire Rockin Jones's Pred mesecem
I can't believe ur twins lo, u look nothing alike!!!
Rebecca Josten
Rebecca Josten Pred mesecem
I love niki 👒
Maddison PINCRE
Maddison PINCRE Pred mesecem
Are you guys sister or friends
kelsey Newell
kelsey Newell Pred mesecem
Pepol how think thay are slaying the outfit ♡
Micheal Brown
Micheal Brown Pred mesecem
What the heck
Melody Madina Habibani
Melody Madina Habibani Pred mesecem
Wow gabi
kate r
kate r Pred mesecem
gabi really looks like ari lol
Camilla Eriksson
Camilla Eriksson Pred mesecem
Niki and gabi im sorry but i gonna unsubscribe to your channel because i totaly love sssniperwolf and sssniperwolf make me laft everyday byebye
mith Leffler
mith Leffler Pred mesecem
i love billie my stuf is ol Billie and my poster
Nyali M
Nyali M Pred mesecem
Can you pls stop Swearing kids watch you to
Gloria Meza
Gloria Meza Pred mesecem
My mom is named Gaby to gaby you look like Ariana💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎
Kimberly Ayala Trejo
Kimberly Ayala Trejo Pred mesecem
I like niki outfit
maram channel
maram channel Pred mesecem
Isabella Hammer
Isabella Hammer Pred mesecem
Làm mẹ Thật tuyệt
Làm mẹ Thật tuyệt Pred mesecem
Not to lie but Gabi is very girly and Nikki are tomboy-ish
Lexi Davis
Lexi Davis Pred mesecem
Lisa Lmao
Lisa Lmao Pred mesecem
How are you guys so good at this? Love you so much❤️❤️❤️
ally tsui
ally tsui Pred mesecem
“moment of silence for the haters rn” - niki demar 2020
Lily Cooper
Lily Cooper Pred mesecem
Gabi : we cant use clothes * ten seconds later * Gabi : i am using a tube top
Vanessa Whata
Vanessa Whata Pred mesecem
Rap rap rap rap rap big big big big hig
Mia Angel
Mia Angel Pred mesecem
Ha Billie new about miss corona and didn’t tell us she was wearing a mask!!!!
M L Pred mesecem
Im a tru Billie fan omg girl
Brittney McCabe
Brittney McCabe Pred mesecem
Danah Hafez
Danah Hafez Pred mesecem
niki you look cute i love you guys
Danah Hafez
Danah Hafez Pred mesecem
gabi you look like ariana when i saw you at the bigining i thought you were her i swear
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