TWINS TRY Working on a Farm

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Niki and Gabi

Pred 2 leti

In this episode, our producer sets us up to get dirty and work on a farm for the day. We've both never done physical labor in our lives! Watch us get down and dirty grooming horses, shoveling poop, and cleaning buckets!
Episode 3: Twins Try Working on a Farm
Episode 2: Twins Try: Having a Sleepover in a School:
Episode 1: Twins Try Teaching 8th Grade:
Welcome to the third episode of our series Twins Try! Our haters call us the diva twins because they claim we're dramatic, and high maintenance, so we figured we would make a series around that. In this series, our producer sets up something for us to try without us knowing, and plans for us to be in uncomfortable and unusual situations.
#twinstry #twins #farm

If you see this, comment "she got poop in her boot!"
only those who watch up to that point will know what this means ;)
Editor: @Lolitslea
Videographer: @Thenatewest
Producer: @Erindeangrams
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We’re Niki and Gabi! We’re twin sisters who are different with opposite fashion and styles, but we come together to make videos like for a week, style, beauty, lifestyle, swaps, fashion, comedy, types of girls, shopping videos, music, and more!

gnome Pred dnevom
I work with horses and I love it so much. I hate the girls that went to work there as well and wouldn’t clean the poop or be near the bull’s. (Not like getting paid or any thing tho kinda like volunteers)I guess they just wanted to be their to say “I went and rode a horse”
zelda's Animal World
zelda's Animal World Pred dnevom
horse girl and horse owner right here
Neli Rivera
Neli Rivera Pred 3 dnevi
I feel like they switched their personality because niki is mostly like tomboy and like not scared and not making faces and stuff mostly Gabi on the other side making faces saying ew the horse farted wearing dresses and scared but niki is like acting like Gabi and Gabi is acting like niki what I’m suprised
Alyssa Free
Alyssa Free Pred 3 dnevi
niki was so negative about it, it kinda brought me down
MHIO Family
MHIO Family Pred 4 dnevi
Do you more farm videos
MHIO Family
MHIO Family Pred 4 dnevi
Oh horse is so cute
Yoobiunicorn Roblox
Yoobiunicorn Roblox Pred 8 dnevi
Me realizing that she lives like a cottage aesthetic farm girl now: 👁👄👁
Addy Kulp
Addy Kulp Pred 9 dnevi
I wish I could do this I have always wanted to do this
leda McDonald
leda McDonald Pred 16 dnevi
What you did today is something I do all the time and war
Alyssa The equestrian!!!
Alyssa The equestrian!!! Pred mesecem
Nikis scared they are going to kick her Me and other equestrians: I can’t tell you how many time a horse has tried to kick me and actually kick me before 🤣
Alyssa The equestrian!!!
Alyssa The equestrian!!! Pred mesecem
Me as an equestrian 😂
Debbie radford-lewis
Debbie radford-lewis Pred mesecem
I am a horse rider and my mums owns a livery yard and this so funny for me
Debbie radford-lewis
Debbie radford-lewis Pred mesecem
Girls dis my life
Marisol Escobar
Marisol Escobar Pred mesecem
Gabi killed it and Niki was like “ewww I hate this” Gabi you did it girl
Kendra Wachter
Kendra Wachter Pred mesecem
Do more videos like this
Bradley Smiddy
Bradley Smiddy Pred mesecem
I would lovve to work on a farm
M Pred mesecem
"she has poop in her boot" :)
Julia Mary
Julia Mary Pred mesecem
what is this, The Simple Life?
Joslyn Coleman
Joslyn Coleman Pred mesecem
Gabi did better than nikki
Nitzia Leal
Nitzia Leal Pred mesecem
Gabi is a really a princess lol pretty, candy and dainty but will do anything for animals even if that means getting dirty lol
Kimmy T
Kimmy T Pred 2 meseci
love the simple life vibes
Pixie Studio
Pixie Studio Pred 2 meseci
I love this. I remember grooming a horse and he was so sweet.
robin merritt
robin merritt Pred 2 meseci
I used to take horse back riding lessons. Before each lesson we would groom and tack up the horse. At the summer camps we would muck out the stalls.
Raeley Dukes
Raeley Dukes Pred 2 meseci
yall our city girls and i´m an 9 year old country girl! love you guys
Brooke Hadfield
Brooke Hadfield Pred 2 meseci
She got poop in her boot
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken Pred 2 meseci
Gabi should learn to ride:0
NynyDaravy Pred 2 meseci
hospital 🏥 school 🏫
Pinkunicorn Playz
Pinkunicorn Playz Pred 2 meseci
that was looking hard good job and btw i started watching your channel in 2020 love u!!!
Tehillah Hancke
Tehillah Hancke Pred 2 meseci
You guys did so well
Ella Hodge
Ella Hodge Pred 2 meseci
The thing is I have to do this everyday
Sam Pred 2 meseci
Lol my name's Sam too!
RemovingThunder Pred 3 meseci
The producer should have at least told you about what to wear
Patty Brooks
Patty Brooks Pred 3 meseci
Horse can smell your fear’so do not be scared
Anika Andrews
Anika Andrews Pred 3 meseci
i don't think farmer's get paid enough...
Harley Hensley
Harley Hensley Pred 3 meseci
I love you guys videos so much
OhNoItsNoe Pred 3 meseci
Horses and big animals are majestical but they could trample u at any moment
Braylon Brown
Braylon Brown Pred 4 meseci
Gabi was soooo like cooolll
BranS. Pred 4 meseci
this felt like an episode of “the simple life” with Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie lol except Niki & Gabi edition
ROSA REYES Pred 4 meseci
Who misses twins try’s they where so much fun to watch
Isabella Mace
Isabella Mace Pred 4 meseci
Being an equestrian, I thought I was going to be constantly screaming at the screen and critiquing their every move....but.... I'm happily surprised by their effort and skills. Good job girls!
Maya Sasha
Maya Sasha Pred 4 meseci
You would think niki would be the one who would get her hands dirty. But if you think about it most Disney princess like animals so makes sense I guess lol
Jeromy Bergman
Jeromy Bergman Pred 4 meseci
Omg there are almost at 10 million
itsmemayraxx Pred 5 meseci
Gabi was the best !! Are we even surprised 😂🤷🏽‍♀️
Lili li
Lili li Pred 5 meseci
I live at a farm and work at one so I am basically just used to it.
Just emjay 101
Just emjay 101 Pred 5 meseci
Because I have horses and I take care of them myself I was literally dying watching this video
IAmSydney! Pred 5 meseci
I ride horses, so I’m always at a barn! It’s pretty fun-!
حمده الرميثي
حمده الرميثي Pred 5 meseci
Gabi she did very good
حمده الرميثي
حمده الرميثي Pred 5 meseci
Piinkstar17 Pred 5 meseci
you guys actually were pretty good sports and did great!
Piinkstar17 Pred 5 meseci
"emerge ourselves"? do you mean immerse...girl...
Erin Metcalfe
Erin Metcalfe Pred 5 meseci
hey my name is erin too
Kyra Demmon
Kyra Demmon Pred 5 meseci
U guys got it much better then it relly is And u were still dramadic about it
Aleena antony
Aleena antony Pred 5 meseci
Was this video a personality swap?
Bree Layden
Bree Layden Pred 5 meseci
I’m so much like gabi I like being fancy and glam but I fine going messing and dirty
nina aishling
nina aishling Pred 5 meseci
as an equestrian this was so funny and cool to watch, they were both trying so hard!
Andreana Adamita
Andreana Adamita Pred 5 meseci
2020 anyone?
Raya Wiles
Raya Wiles Pred 5 meseci
Hi kiki and gabi I have a farm and do some chores and plant stuff too
VI Vi Pred 5 meseci
They switched personalities in this lol
Elizabeth strathman
Elizabeth strathman Pred 5 meseci
I want to meet Buck, he may buck my ass if I try to ride him.
Milton Quammie
Milton Quammie Pred 5 meseci
You did wouderful I always one to try that and do it
Luna And Painting
Luna And Painting Pred 5 meseci
I do that every weekend and it’s how I was able to own my own horse that my instructor gave me now I work there for lessons and would never give that up horses will trust you as long as your nice to them and trust them they know when your scared, sad, happy, or mad that’s why that horse was nudging gabi but then when Nikki walked him he didn’t know what to do
Fire Adara
Fire Adara Pred 5 meseci
Baby horses are called fiilies and colts
Heather n Abby
Heather n Abby Pred 5 meseci
_I wish I was their triplet_ 😔
Aricochat Pred 5 meseci
f gadi she is so sassy niki was just scared
Sierra Alexis
Sierra Alexis Pred 5 meseci
I wish I could ride a horse the last time I rode one was on my 13 birthday and I got a really bad allergic reaction and I looked like I lost a fight
Alana llama
Alana llama Pred 5 meseci
This reminds me of the simple life with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie 😆
Jayla Hunt
Jayla Hunt Pred 5 meseci
y did the fart sound like a buzzing bee ?
Jennifer Van Buuren
Jennifer Van Buuren Pred 5 meseci
A love horses
tilly eqq
tilly eqq Pred 5 meseci
I’m an equestrian lol
Emma McC
Emma McC Pred 5 meseci
Never wear shorts at the stables. U will get a serious farmers tan, like if u understand 😂 😂
Wolfie Wolf
Wolfie Wolf Pred 5 meseci
I love gabis shirt 👚 so cute
Tyler Minch
Tyler Minch Pred 5 meseci
Omg I cringed so bad when gabi said a baby horse is called a calf
AM Vlogs
AM Vlogs Pred 5 meseci
Gabi did really good but niki was complaining a lot and not doing as much as gabi
Milana Solomeina
Milana Solomeina Pred 5 meseci
Niki: the horse decides to fart in my face Me: girl, you were just in the wrong place at the won't time don't judge the poor horse! 😂😂😂
Toni Orr
Toni Orr Pred 5 meseci
I would die lmao,I'm not an animal person but I do have mad respect for anyone who works on a farm 😂💖
Issy May xxx
Issy May xxx Pred 6 meseci
love how involved gabi was in this💗
Shelby Boudrie
Shelby Boudrie Pred 6 meseci
Well..similar..but I love Gabi’s excitement!!
Shelby Boudrie
Shelby Boudrie Pred 6 meseci
This is my literal daily life and it’s awesome!! 😂
Deleesha loren
Deleesha loren Pred 6 meseci
I would love to be there 🥰
Lilly Werner
Lilly Werner Pred 6 meseci
Niki is just farted Me hahaha
Emily Staley
Emily Staley Pred 6 meseci
5:47 was so cute when gabi shook her head along with the horse 🥺
OofNichole41 Johnson
OofNichole41 Johnson Pred 6 meseci
Not trying to hate on Niki but Gabi did a lot of work
Grace Woodford
Grace Woodford Pred 6 meseci
Who is watching this during quartine 😂
Leah Torzilli
Leah Torzilli Pred 6 meseci
why is gabi watching horse birthing videos on youtube?
Esther Vera
Esther Vera Pred 6 meseci
Gabby. Oh my god my boot Nikki. Whatever
DCB ASSASSIN Bainz Pred 6 meseci
Gabi:a lover Niki:a shyer
Ok... I understand why they used that tack for getting the water off but that tool was for when horses shed not meant to get water off. The tool that is meant to get water off kinda looks the same as a tool to get water off of shower walls.
Maria Mejia
Maria Mejia Pred 6 meseci
I can see gabi working at a farm🐎😘
Tilly Antonello
Tilly Antonello Pred 6 meseci
I just have to say I’m an equestrian and I stand in horse poo every day🐴😀
Gen S
Gen S Pred 6 meseci
Omg I'm a full on cow girl and I love getting muddy and I love horses and doing all that stuff
A’Kela Gang
A’Kela Gang Pred 6 meseci
Lela Brownell
Lela Brownell Pred 6 meseci
Nikki stop being so scared I thought you were gonna be happier and gabi is having fun
《 Cassidy 》
《 Cassidy 》 Pred 6 meseci
My school is an animal school and we work on the farm RIP my shoes
Kylee Wallace (STUDENT)
Kylee Wallace (STUDENT) Pred 6 meseci
You sucseded yes!
Vika Pilat
Vika Pilat Pred 6 meseci
Gabi did good Niki did not
Raeley Dukes
Raeley Dukes Pred 6 meseci
I am 8 and I love doing that stuff with my horses. You guys didn't do an amazing job but not a horrible job I wish I was you guys this second cause I can't do it in the rain!!!
Stella Schmocker
Stella Schmocker Pred 6 meseci
Come to my house and work with the cows 😃🐄🐄
s g
s g Pred 6 meseci
So entertaining ❤️❤️
Elizabeth Yang
Elizabeth Yang Pred 6 meseci
Sorry niki
Elizabeth Yang
Elizabeth Yang Pred 6 meseci
I pick gabi she try really hard
Gacha_ Devil
Gacha_ Devil Pred 6 meseci
You did well my horses always love to be clean and they would love you
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