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quinnie lapeña
quinnie lapeña Pred 14 urami
I have like so many things know dress,clothes, jewelrys that I want to buy but I don't have money tho
I'm falling
I'm falling Pred 14 urami
Lady Gaga my favorite💖
ᗰOOᗪY ᗷᗴᗩᖇ
ᗰOOᗪY ᗷᗴᗩᖇ Pred 14 urami
Did u see that little girl in the background staring at niki at 2:40
Isobel Pred 15 urami
First one- gabi Second one- niki Third one- niki
Evelyn Moodie
Evelyn Moodie Pred 15 urami
who else watching this in 2021?
Jermaine Chestine Bacaycay
Jermaine Chestine Bacaycay Pred 15 urami
Nang mo sya oh oh like kung masaya ka sa piling nya
Eanna Cybelle Lustre
Eanna Cybelle Lustre Pred 15 urami
Adeline Chow
Adeline Chow Pred 16 urami
Tanisha Mehta
Tanisha Mehta Pred 16 urami
waist trainers are actually not bad corset is waist trainer is used when your body has expanded and when you are losing weight you wear it to contract the expanded skin
Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown Pred 17 urami
You could pay for your brother's college
KEVA Pred 17 urami
Man, I relate to niki so much. She is a beautiful person. ❤
Tim Lau
Tim Lau Pred 17 urami
This goes to show how not worth luxury brands are 🤣
Neave Perry
Neave Perry Pred 19 urami
I never thought they looked similar until this 🤣
Aatiyah Carelse
Aatiyah Carelse Pred 19 urami
The wedding dress Niki where was so pretty because she is pretty
• TheGabbyVids •
• TheGabbyVids • Pred 19 urami
The damp can systematically prick because criminal conservatively knot from a giddy algebra. cruel, standing baboon
Līva Leite
Līva Leite Pred 19 urami
i like when you bond
Eliannah Nguyen
Eliannah Nguyen Pred 19 urami
I don’t even have school uniforms but my mom wouldn’t even let me cut my shirt anyone else’s parents like this? I’m not even allowed To go out if a shirt doesn’t over my butt if I’m Wearing leggings
Eliannah Nguyen
Eliannah Nguyen Pred 19 urami
Laurdiy who? 😆
Eleanor Reyes
Eleanor Reyes Pred 19 urami
Jessie: aN oStRiTch
Jasmine Dichiera
Jasmine Dichiera Pred 19 urami
Fernidokie Pred 20 urami
“Them,buying things that are almost 1000 dollars” “Me,shopping at dollar tree”
Eliannah Nguyen
Eliannah Nguyen Pred 20 urami
Wait lol just noticed niki said she never made RAW chicken from scratch lol nobody makes raw chicken from scratch they cook it not make it lmfaoo this made me laugh
Eliannah Nguyen
Eliannah Nguyen Pred 20 urami
They should have cooked the same foods and then did not say who cooked what that way it’s not bias not saying they were but it would be more interesting that way
CEL Gutierrez
CEL Gutierrez Pred 20 urami
Who the heck is in the back I love you like friends but there's like someone in the back
Ema Brozova
Ema Brozova Pred 21 uro
SIMPLE ASH Pred 21 uro
IN REAL LIFE niki look like billie and gabi look like ariana
_Aesthetic_ Pred 21 uro
The workers that they went through watching this be like: 👁️👄👁️
patricia Pred 21 uro
yall #erinneedsaraise
Morgan Fleming
Morgan Fleming Pred 22 urami
I’m so much like niki and she’s a taurus I’m a Virgo if anyone knows anything about astrology then you will know that Taurus and Virgo are best friends
Madison McDermott
Madison McDermott Pred 22 urami
The fact that Nikki could have got Stranger Things stuff at Party City
Elizabeth Ko (Grade 4)
Elizabeth Ko (Grade 4) Pred 22 urami
Niki: super jealous Gabi: proud of her bf
Devon Tatarek
Devon Tatarek Pred 23 urami
really good idea I wish more people fell for it lol
حور العنزي
حور العنزي Pred 23 urami
Izzy Cookie
Izzy Cookie Pred 23 urami
Ok they really look like Ari and Billie
allie Pred 23 urami
This video is addictive to watch what drug is in this video LMFAO
OyaOyaOya Pred dnevom
10:10 that was so smooth🤣🤌👌
Emma smith
Emma smith Pred dnevom
At the beginning Nate was just throwing shade at niki. LOL!!!!!!! Also at 12:01 is foreshadowing
Jenny Ammari
Jenny Ammari Pred dnevom
Beep Bloop Bop
Beep Bloop Bop Pred dnevom
Who else sees the girl in the back behind "Kris" not eating anything
ولد حوريا
ولد حوريا Pred dnevom
Emerald Bristol
Emerald Bristol Pred dnevom
i am doing it
Luid Vsco
Luid Vsco Pred dnevom
wait so Gabi/Hannah Ann said she was 23, and her description thingy said she was 22...1:30
Madison Belanger
Madison Belanger Pred dnevom
my birthday is Valentines day
Sadie Goldberg
Sadie Goldberg Pred dnevom
When we can actually go out again they should do another style swap because I re-watch these every day
Alexis Myers
Alexis Myers Pred dnevom
your older sister when she was lady gaga she was SOOOOOOOOO funny
Ashley Brown
Ashley Brown Pred dnevom
That could be a hundred nuggets in a order
Jasmine Dichiera
Jasmine Dichiera Pred dnevom
I don’t really like your outfit Nikki
Ferbear Pred dnevom
This video made me laugh so hard
Lana Ballsrd
Lana Ballsrd Pred dnevom
Did anyone catch on where Nate said we're actually having a baby like like he wasn't talkin for the video like he was being serious????????
Deondra Persaud
Deondra Persaud Pred dnevom
I cannot stop watching the celebrities videos like they are so funny🤣🤣🤣😅
Deondra Persaud
Deondra Persaud Pred dnevom
Gabi Rock the style I would be jealous too and when Nikki said I feel like a mom it remind me of something.....🙁gabi I am so sorry I love you I love you both and wow that's how high school Gabi used to look
Rhyan Johnson
Rhyan Johnson Pred dnevom
You guys are beautiful 🤩
Deondra Persaud
Deondra Persaud Pred dnevom
Nikki doesn't like bad but it was weird see her pull off that style and Nikki does have a girly face 😱But with Gabi nothing really change she was just wearing darker clothes and a little bit more🤨 revealing🤣
• ᗩᒪIᔕᔕᗩ •
• ᗩᒪIᔕᔕᗩ • Pred dnevom
Amelia Myres
Amelia Myres Pred dnevom
Yasmeen Gum
Yasmeen Gum Pred dnevom
OMG I love Lady Gaga‘s music I listen to it all day do you want just like that please
Mia Vlog
Mia Vlog Pred dnevom
Palm Tree
Palm Tree Pred dnevom
Ayn Ru
Ayn Ru Pred dnevom
you said march 1 new niki and gabi video where is it its march 4?!
Lexi Martin
Lexi Martin Pred dnevom
Who's the chick in the trunk
Meagan McCracken
Meagan McCracken Pred dnevom
skip to 12:01 if you’re watching in 2021 & a niki fan 🖤👀
Lina Mango
Lina Mango Pred dnevom
It’s my dream to be Billy
Elliott Shepherd
Elliott Shepherd Pred dnevom
I’m dying ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha oh my God😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😄😃😀😊
Lina Mango
Lina Mango Pred dnevom
My dream is to be Billie Eilish
Shawriya #vi4life K.
Shawriya #vi4life K. Pred dnevom
Every girl probably has some kind of shopping problem
Quet'zali Castillo
Quet'zali Castillo Pred dnevom
9:16 niki: bïtch why u touching me
Ruby Gallegos
Ruby Gallegos Pred dnevom
Joelle Reay
Joelle Reay Pred dnevom
you should do a challenge but not 24 hours and the same category for eachother!
Adam Halaska
Adam Halaska Pred dnevom
Sooooo corect, remember when we could hang out with freinds!
Isabelle Eley
Isabelle Eley Pred dnevom
Nikki with the mask didn’t realise she was way ahead of her time 😭
Adam Halaska
Adam Halaska Pred dnevom
Loveaaaa! One of your best videos!
Courtney and Brooke Zeifman
Courtney and Brooke Zeifman Pred dnevom
Gabby you know there’s Poor people out there that don’t have money so appreciate what you have
Galaxy_ CookiesXD
Galaxy_ CookiesXD Pred dnevom
When gabi put the Playdo on her face she lowkey kinda looked like Voldemort😂
Jazzy Jazz
Jazzy Jazz Pred dnevom
Wow she is very pretty btw I like both styles I can’t pick at alllll I also love Ariana Grande and I’m more like a girly girl so I am just like gabi also Ariana Grande is my idol lollll I am going to be a singer just like her
Sasha Rojas
Sasha Rojas Pred dnevom
Why do they both look so pretty in the intro???!!! 😍😍😍
A Person
A Person Pred dnevom
This is weird, it’s two sisters singing about BJS
Cheryl Hard
Cheryl Hard Pred dnevom
I love you guys I have watched this like 20 times and I still don't not board..
Lucy Isom
Lucy Isom Pred dnevom
Did Gabi get plastic surgery
Emma smith
Emma smith Pred dnevom
People take things to seriously and they should know that you guys like to prank or trick your followers. I love this video and people cannot take a joke sometimes