Sisters Swap Aesthetics
Alaina Acosta
Alaina Acosta Pred 11 urami
Go shopping😝
Alaina Acosta
Alaina Acosta Pred 11 urami
My favorite part was when she put that stuff on her face it was just so funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Alaina Acosta
Alaina Acosta Pred 11 urami
That's so funny why did you do that like what the heck you guys are good by the way😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅 good job you earned another follower🤣🤣🤣🤣
glittertearrss Pred 11 urami
this sounds like it could be a b side on a blackpink album/ep just change a couple lines to korean lol
ANaughtyNuke Pred 11 urami
Tara Vlogs
Tara Vlogs Pred 11 urami
Who think that gabi and Niki would be great designers
Chaeyoungsunflowers Pred 12 urami
Okay but like they spend 100 or more per a section thats more then my own ass room
Amy Loughran
Amy Loughran Pred 12 urami
This was on the tv and the drawings just got me dead bc my mummy was watching 😂😂
Magic_ Vibes シ
Magic_ Vibes シ Pred 12 urami
Ok I get people aren’t show much hating but Gabi aplogized and took it down. Yall are dramatic, She didn’t do it intentionally. You can say what you think without knowing have manners. And yes it was wrong, but don’t be mean and jump on it when someone does something wrong. Everyone has a side of the story, please guys. We all love both. Gabi is aware, But clearly made a mistake.
Tara Vlogs
Tara Vlogs Pred 12 urami
I really whant to know what app Niki and gabi use to edit there photos if you whant to know like👇🏻
Blanca Arroyo
Blanca Arroyo Pred 12 urami
Theres somebody behind the kardashian part
Mira Jayaraman
Mira Jayaraman Pred 12 urami
ok can someone explain what all the comments are about lmaooooo 😂 idk anything about the scandal (I didnt even know there was a scandal I just thought they were taking a break) so if someone could explain to me that would be great!!!
Rumiysaa Yousuf
Rumiysaa Yousuf Pred 12 urami
Y’all they’re so close to hitting 10mill subs..
Hollie Drummond
Hollie Drummond Pred 12 urami
I'm watching this why Collin and Gabi is engaged
Chloe Freund
Chloe Freund Pred 13 urami
Piper Mayberry
Piper Mayberry Pred 13 urami
the amount of times i’ve watched this is unhealthy
nonn nonn
nonn nonn Pred 13 urami
Ummm singing😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😢😢😢😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂love this vid keep it up
dessy chan
dessy chan Pred 14 urami
I ❤ kim
Mylah Jacinthe
Mylah Jacinthe Pred 14 urami
AndI I hope your knee gets better!!
Bella Bromwich
Bella Bromwich Pred 14 urami
niki is ssssoooooooo dramatic
Sydney Rogers
Sydney Rogers Pred 14 urami
Since my name is Sydney, i was going for Sydney, but McKenna was like talking about the dogs and everything, but It was still ok
Brinley Fandrich
Brinley Fandrich Pred 14 urami
Collin is so so so so so so so so so funny. Collin: alright next lesson parent contact Kenny were do your parents touch you Kenny: they don't touch me at all.
Brinley Fandrich
Brinley Fandrich Pred 14 urami
I love this video there so funny
Xo _ chrislove
Xo _ chrislove Pred 14 urami
Niki is jealous
Misty cloud Shadow
Misty cloud Shadow Pred 14 urami
Loveeee your outfits Gabi!!😍
Misty cloud Shadow
Misty cloud Shadow Pred 15 urami
I like yours gabi but I like nikis
Think About It ASMR
Think About It ASMR Pred 15 urami
This my brothers account lol 😂
A Nguyen
A Nguyen Pred 15 urami
you guys should diffidently do the video of you guys taking pics of your boyfriends because i wanna see Nate and Collin model!
chloe Douglas
chloe Douglas Pred 16 urami
I love bile eyelish
Gruddy Pred 16 urami
Daniela Cuestas
Daniela Cuestas Pred 16 urami
2:40 that little girl looks like she wants to say hi to Nikki but is shy
Skarlett Ihim
Skarlett Ihim Pred 16 urami
Skarlett Ihim
Skarlett Ihim Pred 16 urami
my fav twin is niki sorry gabi
Katarina Kostic
Katarina Kostic Pred 16 urami
Katarina Kostic
Katarina Kostic Pred 16 urami
2020. ILI. 2021.
Katarina Kostic
Katarina Kostic Pred 16 urami
Katarina Kostic
Katarina Kostic Pred 16 urami
RAMÓN ROBLERO Pred 16 urami
Comenten aquí los mexicanos XD
Sea Swailes
Sea Swailes Pred 17 urami
THE BILLIE COSPLAY WAS AMAZING! "Do you guys like my new ✨skin care✨?"
Addi Edit’s
Addi Edit’s Pred 17 urami
poor niki🥺
Monika Galinski
Monika Galinski Pred 17 urami
Joanna Miramontes
Joanna Miramontes Pred 17 urami
I could literally stay up all night and not fall asleep 😴
Hannah Hershkovitz
Hannah Hershkovitz Pred 18 urami
I literally watch this video 20 time
Peytonpuff Pred 18 urami
This fit is cute
April Tolamac
April Tolamac Pred 18 urami
So good and beautiful voice
LORENZO PENA Pred 18 urami
coco b
coco b Pred 18 urami
Can we just talk about how well Gabbie moderated this????? Respect
Janetta Drain
Janetta Drain Pred 18 urami
Gabi was talking her picture for outdoors she was some where and everything was basically dead behind her
Itsss Emilyyy
Itsss Emilyyy Pred 19 urami
Her boyfriend looks like Ed sharen
Mylah Jacinthe
Mylah Jacinthe Pred 19 urami
OMG that is the funniest thing ever!!
Mylah Jacinthe
Mylah Jacinthe Pred 19 urami
I can't wait for the next video! LOL!
Mylah Jacinthe
Mylah Jacinthe Pred 19 urami
OMG you guys are the best i love u guys so much!!!!!
Kylie W
Kylie W Pred 19 urami
Who is the girl in the back...
Rose Clark348
Rose Clark348 Pred 20 urami
`1. Niki 2. Gabi 3. Niki
xXAnimal AshXx
xXAnimal AshXx Pred 20 urami
TIE!!! NGL you both did amazing #AMAZING
Hannah Snyder
Hannah Snyder Pred 20 urami
peep the video date is the day that collin and gabi met
Jessica Harper
Jessica Harper Pred 20 urami
You can do your friends boyfriends swop
Kaige Pred 20 urami
You guys haven't made a niki & gabi video for a month 🥺
Abigail MarquezPineda
Abigail MarquezPineda Pred 20 urami
I love it you sing good
Kori McCollister
Kori McCollister Pred 20 urami
Me:well,this was pre-covid years Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Abigail MarquezPineda
Abigail MarquezPineda Pred 21 uro
you look prety
Asthetixx rblxx
Asthetixx rblxx Pred 21 uro
The gabi and niki nahits niki and gabi
Julia Zalewska
Julia Zalewska Pred 21 uro
Niki youre so beautiful wow im amazed
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith Pred 21 uro
I love you
Debora Porras
Debora Porras Pred 21 uro
i get it
Peytonpuff Pred 21 uro
DONT STICK your Finger UP
Little Lia
Little Lia Pred 21 uro
They should recreate all the DIY clothes and make them from real fabrics and sell them (idea for maybe a video?)
Smile&Neko robloxlover
Smile&Neko robloxlover Pred 22 urami
Gabi’s were like party and niki was like HALLOWEEN
Abhay kumar
Abhay kumar Pred 22 urami
46 mins
Bobawolfje Pred 22 urami
you girls are so cool like damn you good
Asthetixx rblxx
Asthetixx rblxx Pred 22 urami
Collin pit the nine cause he didnt wanna look like he was being lovey dovey but nate was realistic
Ylenia Mae x
Ylenia Mae x Pred 22 urami
Nikki lost 100%
Josie Shea
Josie Shea Pred 22 urami
Ava's Pastel Life
Ava's Pastel Life Pred 23 urami
I stan Ari! :)
katey Pastor
katey Pastor Pred 23 urami
He said the fart smells like a connection 😂😂😂
Haley Blackburn
Haley Blackburn Pred 23 urami
We want moreeeeee
Zulaikha Pred 23 urami
Niki x lmao x even in a camera whatever the flash hits that’s the only part what stay light and then the other part goes dark xxxx xx lmao xxx I’m laughing x
sit back and relax
sit back and relax Pred dnevom
What you aren't twins that was a shocker
Giuly Pred dnevom
You are really identical to Billie Eilish
Peyton Spradlin
Peyton Spradlin Pred dnevom
Diyyyyyyy yal