Sisters Swap Aesthetics
Kaberi Gurung
Kaberi Gurung Pred 22 urami
Happy birthday you guys love you allllllllllll love you 🎉🎊🎁🎂
The Ish Thing
The Ish Thing Pred 22 urami
Their thumbnails recently 😍
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez Pred 22 urami
Niki are you the one who was in close vid the trying spicy food underwater challenge she kinda looks like u
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez Pred 22 urami
IOANNA VARINOS Pred 22 urami
Niki did WHAT on the bar???
Niven Lim yu
Niven Lim yu Pred 22 urami
Istg SLpost shadow banned them a little
IOANNA VARINOS Pred 22 urami
Happy Birthday. I am so glad for them
Amy Louise
Amy Louise Pred 22 urami
Niko and Gabi are glowing happy birthday girls🔥🔥
Avni Vijay
Avni Vijay Pred 22 urami
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKI AND GABI 🎂🎁💕 my birthday is on may 30 and my brother's tomorrow
Kokkkyy Ammon
Kokkkyy Ammon Pred 22 urami
Niki just like emo girl but with glow up 😂😂
Ananya Rayaprol
Ananya Rayaprol Pred 22 urami
Alisha has gotten everyone to drink 1942 in their truth or drinks😂😂😂 niki and gabi and lauren are the ones i have seen except for alisha
Anushka Limaye_08
Anushka Limaye_08 Pred 22 urami
istg i loveedddd this lmaooo also its my bday tom 7th may istg the reaction were priceless!!💕❤😂😘🎉
Irlina Pred 22 urami
Happy birthday 🥰🥳😁
Gail Pereira
Gail Pereira Pred 22 urami
I share birthday with Niki and Gaby❤️
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace Pred 22 urami
Instagram is hannahaudas omg I would love to twlk
barb playz
barb playz Pred 23 urami
happy birthday queens
Salty Lemon
Salty Lemon Pred 23 urami
U should put captions on ur vid
Fatma Yusuf
Fatma Yusuf Pred 23 urami
I love these videos
Fatma Yusuf
Fatma Yusuf Pred 23 urami
I love your video, s but can you mack your videos that every one can watch
Family Bughediwala
Family Bughediwala Pred 23 urami
Happy birthday🎉🎉🎉🎁
bianca H
bianca H Pred 23 urami
Comment poggers
RIAA SHAH Pred 23 urami
I am excited for the show!!!❤️
Bazila Riyaz
Bazila Riyaz Pred 23 urami
I could watch this video all day and not get tired!!
Emily Hendrix
Emily Hendrix Pred 23 urami
the fact that they can open up to there fans and be honest. this is why i watch you all, you guys are so amazing keep living it up queens!!
pinkcandy08 Pred 23 urami
Niki and Gabi unfiltered and raw being real with us rlly hit me tbh 🥺
Lore Olsen
Lore Olsen Pred 23 urami
Happy Birthday!🌻
Kaytie Broadhurst
Kaytie Broadhurst Pred 23 urami
You guys actually seem like you enjoy each other's company again. It's really nice to see
La Guerita
La Guerita Pred 23 urami
Why can't I watch your Awesomenesstv Reality Show???? Where did they all go🤔🤔🤔
Nitya Nair
Nitya Nair Pred 23 urami
this year's gift exchange has to be my favvvvv hands downn!!!!!! love u both
Naomi George
Naomi George Pred 23 urami
Omg I love their content. They have really become more open with their content😁 Ig: noams829
Hxney Fxxth
Hxney Fxxth Pred 23 urami
Happy Brithday
Feehan Scott
Feehan Scott Pred 23 urami
SEVEN AMYRA Pred 23 urami
Becflix Pred 23 urami
My 19th birthday was on 2nd 🥳. Taurus gang ♉️
Jess Makeupart
Jess Makeupart Pred 23 urami
Guys I loved this video! Your energies; the new setting; the editing; everything!
Paige Lauer
Paige Lauer Pred 23 urami
Nikis hair gives me winona ryder vibes
Nutsa Chubinidze
Nutsa Chubinidze Pred 23 urami
Niki is soooo cute in this yellow dress
EDITS FOREVER Pred 23 urami
At the start you can see up nickis dress
Raven. B.
Raven. B. Pred 23 urami
I love Gabi's outfit :)
Daniela Guzman
Daniela Guzman Pred 23 urami
I loved this video!!!
Ibaiahunlang Shabong
Ibaiahunlang Shabong Pred 23 urami
Yessenia Lopez
Yessenia Lopez Pred 23 urami
Lynn Harrison
Lynn Harrison Pred 23 urami
Why did thay hug so much
Darcie Belle Ashdown
Darcie Belle Ashdown Pred 23 urami
Happy birthday 🥳
Parjanya Pred dnevom
aww happy bday guys
Your local Simp
Your local Simp Pred dnevom
Karen Pred dnevom
diane brought me here
She Crockett
She Crockett Pred dnevom
I see London. I see France I see Niki's underpants!!! 😄
Phoebe Eglinton
Phoebe Eglinton Pred dnevom
Could you put twinning out on youtube
savannah stefas
savannah stefas Pred dnevom
we have the same b day
Sky Walker
Sky Walker Pred dnevom
Happy birthday
Diego Del rey
Diego Del rey Pred dnevom
But with Snapchat that means the episodes won’t be long....
VI Vi Pred dnevom
Happy birthday to my favorite twins
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Pred dnevom
IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY................ WE OLD, YUP!
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr Pred dnevom
Lucy Dream
Lucy Dream Pred dnevom
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Sara Helps
Sara Helps Pred dnevom
Ximena Aguilar
Ximena Aguilar Pred dnevom
Unwxnted_ Bxddie
Unwxnted_ Bxddie Pred dnevom
OMG it is my birthday too
Katelyn Belanger
Katelyn Belanger Pred dnevom
i love sharing a birthday with y’all bc there’s always a video to look forward to 🥺
Princess Cupcake
Princess Cupcake Pred dnevom
Can niki sit with her legs together? Like free show? So unprofessional girl- tf
Ellah& Ashlynn
Ellah& Ashlynn Pred dnevom
Them taking one shot
thesunthemoon thetruth09
thesunthemoon thetruth09 Pred dnevom
Happy birthday to you both ! 🥺😘
Ginauriis Pred dnevom
Am I the only that thinks they have been closer then ever lately we love thattt 😩💗
Charlene Lee
Charlene Lee Pred dnevom
Its my bday too
# Peekapower
# Peekapower Pred dnevom
What’s the Snapchat thing?? How do I watch???
Keita Lekse
Keita Lekse Pred dnevom
love u guys
zahara's life
zahara's life Pred dnevom
U guys are so close to 10mil subs
v Cat
v Cat Pred dnevom
can you only watch the reality show on Snapchat or will you be posting it on youtube too?
Michelle Xiong
Michelle Xiong Pred dnevom
Happy birthday!!!
Claire Pred dnevom
Where do I find these episodes
Anaiese Pred dnevom
How long do I have to use the gdblack code for duvovle?
Amanda Quiroz
Amanda Quiroz Pred dnevom
Happy birthday you guy's 🥰💜
R P Hewawasam
R P Hewawasam Pred dnevom
Happy birthday guys....😘😘😘💓💓💓💓
Janelle Knowles
Janelle Knowles Pred dnevom
Best birthday gift swap video. You both seem so genuinely happy and have a better relationship.
Mykeal Rose
Mykeal Rose Pred dnevom
Happy birthday
Briana Alexis
Briana Alexis Pred dnevom
Does anybody know where that glittery wrapping paper is from ? Lol i NEED
Leanna Rivera
Leanna Rivera Pred dnevom
I got my cleaner brush what a steal thank you gabiii 🥰🥰🥰
Sophia Sager
Sophia Sager Pred dnevom
you guys did not get drunk😭😭
ASMR Comet
ASMR Comet Pred dnevom
Love this video! 💖💛
Jhendielyn Permalino
Jhendielyn Permalino Pred dnevom
IG Handle me being totally me: should i give my ig handle or not? me again: i'll just give it since vacation started my IG handle is: jhendy.permalino