Sisters Swap Aesthetics
Yara Pred 8 urami
I love seeing both of them like this
Pari jharbade
Pari jharbade Pred 8 urami
Like every time Colin has to rate Gabi on anything like legit aNyThInG he will give a 10
Desiree Ramirez
Desiree Ramirez Pred 8 urami
Anyone know the song when gabi was posing by the lamppost ??
Frida An
Frida An Pred 9 urami
Also, I’m loving this content sooo much! I love how they’re getting so real and close to us in a grown up way💓💓
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Sandra Lusiana Pred 9 urami
⋘ 𝒦𝐿𝐼𝒦 𝒩𝒪𝒲 𝐹𝒰𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝐸 ⋙ 🐧 🐧 . TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli Ši traka filma ir tik forša, tik neticama. Es tikko pabeid11
Frida An
Frida An Pred 9 urami
I love niki’s style so much, it’s obvious she’s found herself already and she seems soooo comfortable with it. She looks so good, happy and confident 🥺 I’m so proud of her 🤍
Imala Saleem
Imala Saleem Pred 9 urami
Ninkie im not a hater but you look rought today infthe intro
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Darcy Argain Pred 9 urami
I love seeing y’all being raw and sisterly and adults !!!!
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Heisy Torres Pred 9 urami
Naturally Zoë
Naturally Zoë Pred 9 urami
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Arya Garcia
Arya Garcia Pred 9 urami
I love you guys and I wish people would not bring you down. You both are beautiful and different a good different. Don’t let a bully or a hater bring you down. Because in the end they keep hating you keep on succeeding
Nadia Barbouty
Nadia Barbouty Pred 10 urami
i hate people being mean.I got hate before and im so mad by the hate guy are both are smart. and you guys are twins so if someone has a problem with gabi then you have one with niki.
Jazymine Doherty
Jazymine Doherty Pred 10 urami
I like how you guys are starting to figure out what you guys are liking more to record! Definitely enjoyed the video! Please do more like these! I also like when you guys go out of your comfort zone I prefer those vids! I also love seeing you bond more!
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Tyaisia Mason Pred 10 urami
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Tyaisia Mason Pred 10 urami
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Malavika Menon Pred 10 urami
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katie riley Pred 11 urami
you guys should do a video were you have to answer questions that your boyfriends are too scared to ask
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Gail Rideout Pred 11 urami
Okay. Why does a bunch of her videos pop up when I search up anorexia workout? I’m worried
Olivias Show
Olivias Show Pred 11 urami
I love how she says we couldn’t be any diffrent holy sh** when niki takes the boots out
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banana man Pred 11 urami
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Haley Hogan
Haley Hogan Pred 11 urami
not me wrong bitch
not me wrong bitch Pred 11 urami
ok but can we talk about how nikki had a huge glowup
Isa - Brawl Stars
Isa - Brawl Stars Pred 11 urami
Me while watching this video:BISH SPILL THE TEAAAAAAAAAA
Banufshay Pred 11 urami
11:06 random, but the pink confetti went on the same spot of their heads 😂😂
Chey Loaiza
Chey Loaiza Pred 11 urami
They drinking that like water
banana man
banana man Pred 11 urami
Niki looks like bella thorne on carpets wtf
Dripping Derp
Dripping Derp Pred 11 urami
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Banufshay Pred 11 urami
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Elizabeth Armenteros Pred 12 urami
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Daja Liina Pred 12 urami
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Caroline Kross Pred 12 urami
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Brandon Trumble Pred 12 urami
Hahaha y’all didn’t come up with this don’t you know that?
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Daja Liina Pred 12 urami
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Haley Hogan Pred 12 urami
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Madison Marcel Pred 12 urami
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yuh its ariana
yuh its ariana Pred 12 urami
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Breanna Rosas Pred 12 urami
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Alanna W
Alanna W Pred 12 urami
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yuh its ariana
yuh its ariana Pred 12 urami
stephanie nicole >>>
okayevelyn Pred 12 urami
I’ve been watching them since I was 13 I am now going to be 18 I’m so glad I got to grow up with them and their content has changed over time because they grew up too I love it
Brooklyn Ashanti
Brooklyn Ashanti Pred 12 urami
i’m living for nikki’s hair 😍
Jocelyn Hemus
Jocelyn Hemus Pred 12 urami
Who else was like why aren’t they wearing masks?
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positions topic Pred 13 urami
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Qaqamba's Diary
Qaqamba's Diary Pred 13 urami
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victoria blackford Pred 13 urami
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Arya Garcia Pred 13 urami
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Syeda Gardezi Pred 13 urami
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savannah silbernagel
savannah silbernagel Pred 13 urami
I like this raw kind of content but I feel like yall are trying to be like call her daddy or something with the numerous sex jokes and idk it makes me uncomfy ****personally*****
Ariana smith
Ariana smith Pred 13 urami
why is nobody talking about niki’s face and the botox
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Ï chocolater ï Pred 13 urami
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Ï chocolater ï
Ï chocolater ï Pred 13 urami
Mummy and Brooke
Mummy and Brooke Pred 13 urami
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Alondra Preciado Pred 13 urami
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Taiga Aisaka Pred 13 urami
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Taiga Aisaka Pred 13 urami
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Taiga Aisaka
Taiga Aisaka Pred 13 urami
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Mia Pred 13 urami
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yuh its ariana Pred 13 urami
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Nina Maria Sarza Jorge Pred 14 urami
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yuh its ariana
yuh its ariana Pred 14 urami
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Faith Cervantes Pred 14 urami
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Malia Hilburn Pred 14 urami
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Dianna Peters Pred 14 urami
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