Sisters Swap Aesthetics
Leah Minton
Leah Minton Pred 2 urami
jack ie
jack ie Pred 2 urami
202 anyone ?
Leah Minton
Leah Minton Pred 2 urami
Lol 😂
tae Pred 2 urami
normalize girls wanting these things too!!
Jayli Ruiz
Jayli Ruiz Pred 2 urami
When niki said she wanted to watch stranger things I had a hoodie on of stranger things
JayJay Castillo
JayJay Castillo Pred 2 urami
I have always wanted to be a i dont
Jean Zanoli
Jean Zanoli Pred 2 urami
wowa love it hahaha
Andrea McNamara
Andrea McNamara Pred 2 urami
Carolina Belmonte
Carolina Belmonte Pred 2 urami
Niki: Sniffs SmeLLs lIkE mY chiLdHoOd :-)
Alexis&Rose Roblox lol
Alexis&Rose Roblox lol Pred 2 urami
Gabi saying that looks like something i can name thats me
Kaylee Cusick
Kaylee Cusick Pred 2 urami
I have watched this vid billions of times like it never gets old
Haley Romo
Haley Romo Pred 2 urami
Idk who else is around my age but I’m 13 and I don’t think they should post stuff like this .. maybe on separate channel i mean ik they wanna show them selves but there are other places to do that .. j my opinion
Nina Pacheco
Nina Pacheco Pred 2 urami
I need an adult video
Tori Assise
Tori Assise Pred 2 urami
that’s my name 🥺❤️
Malia Salminen
Malia Salminen Pred 2 urami
Niki: I don't know how to cook chicken Me: It's okay, I am still scared to turn on the stove
BellaBear Playz
BellaBear Playz Pred 3 urami
You girls look so different now
Maisie Pearce
Maisie Pearce Pred 3 urami
OMG I soo sad I feel soo sad I wish I were your friends
William Hilgendorf
William Hilgendorf Pred 3 urami
But like who spends their time zooming in on the photo and stuff like just leave them alone 😂
iichxrry_ bxrryii
iichxrry_ bxrryii Pred 3 urami
I feel like if they did this at a luxury store they would go broke af
Hadley Pred 3 urami
William Hilgendorf
William Hilgendorf Pred 3 urami
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! Comment below what you're thankful for!! I'm personally thankful for Brent and Lexi's sibling rivalry. Fills me with joy 😂🙏❤️ Watch this super cut we made for you in between plates!! -
Rose Lee
Rose Lee Pred 3 urami
Leah Remini. That’s who Gabi looks like now.
Georgia Ohman
Georgia Ohman Pred 3 urami
Gabi: 2013 I could never pull Timberlins off Gabi: 2020 *can pull off anything ever*
Suzie Germanotta
Suzie Germanotta Pred 3 urami
Oh my Gaga! Did you sing "Telephone" by Lady Gaga and Beyonce? Gaga is my idol! Thank you, girls Xoxo, Suzie!
Rose Lee
Rose Lee Pred 3 urami
Is your face going to settle, Gabri? You’re naturally beautiful, but this work makes you look round and square at the same time. Niki’s work is a little much, too, but doesn’t look as swollen as it did before.
Holly Higgins
Holly Higgins Pred 3 urami
I literally love you guys ❤
diana elizabeth
diana elizabeth Pred 3 urami
Gabi doesn't have her ears pierced?
William Hilgendorf
William Hilgendorf Pred 3 urami
One Dip makeup challenge tomorrow 8:15 am 💋
Vibhakar Trivedi
Vibhakar Trivedi Pred 3 urami
Yall need to stop because some times we don't know what is happening so yall are just known just for canceling and some times yall scan the pics and make these amazing people stressed 😑
William Hilgendorf
William Hilgendorf Pred 3 urami
Gabi said “69” gives a a duh look 😂😂😂😂😂
Michelle VDG
Michelle VDG Pred 3 urami
Great now more ppl know about HCW n now I’ll never be closer to getting one online 😂
Cookiemunster Pred 4 urami
hi lovies! i’m not one to self promo a lot but if y’all are interested “adult content” vids, i have a couple review vids of some toys on my channel :)
Valery Palacios
Valery Palacios Pred 4 urami
Pls do an adult niki and gabi video 👏🏻
Kaiah Dunn
Kaiah Dunn Pred 4 urami
i want a video on adult niki and gabi
Jay Key
Jay Key Pred 4 urami
gabi youre beautiful. you guys both are. those ppl can f*%¥* offfffffffffffff like fr fr. you guys are amazing and we all love you. srsly ppl suck. u dont deserve that gabi. its easier said than done to not let it effect you. but i wish i could make that happen. ugh srsly ppl suck. u guys are beautiessss 💖
Kenzie Swindell
Kenzie Swindell Pred 4 urami
What about Christmas giveaway 😩?
Addison Branyan
Addison Branyan Pred 4 urami
We need a adult video
izabella Hernandez
izabella Hernandez Pred 4 urami
I love that niki hype up gabi when she brings herself down
Kenzy Ramy
Kenzy Ramy Pred 4 urami
Love the music video
Codie Freeman
Codie Freeman Pred 4 urami
I’m 13
Gabrielle Staley
Gabrielle Staley Pred 4 urami
roshni luhana
roshni luhana Pred 4 urami
Niki is more cute
Rand Alkahlifah
Rand Alkahlifah Pred 4 urami
I’m 8
Kenzy Ramy
Kenzy Ramy Pred 4 urami
Sisters i don't now that
Reyna Yara
Reyna Yara Pred 4 urami
I'm totally down for an adult Niki and Gabi vid!!
Mataya Spraggins
Mataya Spraggins Pred 5 urami
WAIT PLEASE DO A ADULT SLpost VID... also i purchased the clitorial sucker thing!!
Wolfgirl Pred 5 urami
I would probably wear nikis outfits
alexia tilton
alexia tilton Pred 5 urami
Yes an adult video
Marissa Gutierrez
Marissa Gutierrez Pred 5 urami
Y'all are so fun and have awesome personalities love how different the two of yall are makes for great content 😊 PayPal : @MissusTophies
Emma Sohovich
Emma Sohovich Pred 5 urami
but i just got the phone 11 pro
Emma Sohovich
Emma Sohovich Pred 5 urami
i have literally have had my old iPad for 8 years😒
Anna Ryan
Anna Ryan Pred 5 urami
ADULT NIKI AND GABI! Or even a video of answering girly or adulting questions.💖💖💖💖💗❤️💕💕💕💕🥰🥰😘😍
Olivia Kaaber
Olivia Kaaber Pred 5 urami
wait, do gabi have a onlyfans??
Earl Blessett
Earl Blessett Pred 5 urami
Chloe Gasper
Chloe Gasper Pred 5 urami
gabi last year: "im budgeting at 1,000 dollars gabi this year: *buying shoes that cost 1,000 dollars
Gracie Vanzany
Gracie Vanzany Pred 5 urami
Who else is watching this in 2020 to get ready for the holiday season and have some joy
Sxɴғʟxᴡᴇʀ_ʀʙʟᴏx_ᴀxsᴛʜᴇɪᴄ Sxnflower
Sxɴғʟxᴡᴇʀ_ʀʙʟᴏx_ᴀxsᴛʜᴇɪᴄ Sxnflower Pred 5 urami
Natalya Miller
Natalya Miller Pred 5 urami
gabi looks so different in 2016
Reece Soost
Reece Soost Pred 5 urami
yes adult video pls
Reece Soost
Reece Soost Pred 5 urami
adult niki and gabi
Madison Patrick
Madison Patrick Pred 5 urami
when Collin said wow niki is a good a shopper I cringed because gabi did kinda poorly she normally does really well at these challenges
camille r
camille r Pred 5 urami
is it just me or do you think gabi looks sooooo good in nikis clothes?
Cat's world
Cat's world Pred 5 urami
She looks like Molly from after
Pink.princess10 Pred 5 urami
How did niki not try as hard? she did everything gabi wanted 🤣🤣
Cherilyn Sara Marie
Cherilyn Sara Marie Pred 5 urami
i thought the “adult things “ were gonna be like window cleaner or something
Daniela Pred 5 urami
Gabi did not really get a chance to say what she feels to nikkis face
Taylor Judge
Taylor Judge Pred 6 urami
Gabi was the best
Erika Jean
Erika Jean Pred 6 urami АDULТ Оnlу :18+🔥 un modo essa minuti dieci di distanza qui in segreto , lei insieme contrastanti sentimenti ❤️ słuchać został udostępniony swoje własne
celia magnone
celia magnone Pred 6 urami
Y’all are so beautiful and you deserve so much more love and never listen to what they say P.S they are just probably jealous so go girls👑👑QUEENSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS👑👑👑👑❤️❤️❤️
Mairi’s_puta Pred 6 urami
Where did Nikki buy that sweater 😍😍
Elizabeth Romero
Elizabeth Romero Pred 6 urami
Omg these are figgin awesome
Phyllis Giardina
Phyllis Giardina Pred 6 urami
Niki looks GREAT...
Dalal Abdullah
Dalal Abdullah Pred 6 urami
3:36 GABI Sounds just like Ariana grande 😱😱😱😱
Johnnie Johnson
Johnnie Johnson Pred 6 urami
period yes marrissa they should do that bc niki like to wear ya know boy type stuff she like a tonboy
MaiseyKleinmaier Pred 6 urami
They both look so stunning omg 🥰
Mylaylee HD
Mylaylee HD Pred 7 urami
When you didn’t have to wear masks:(😕😔
Abby Myers
Abby Myers Pred 7 urami
“Like.Comment.sUbsRIbe.🥴” -Niki
Alvia chacon
Alvia chacon Pred 7 urami
the look Gabi gave Nate was priceless when Nate said it looks beautiful
Sophia McGovern
Sophia McGovern Pred 7 urami
who is watching this in 2020 to pass the time
mark garcia
mark garcia Pred 7 urami
She literally does not look like Ariana Grande....
Aubrey Auxt
Aubrey Auxt Pred 7 urami
Nobody: Niki : smells like my childhood